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I love them both too much, can't they just be friends? :<

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Yes, and you should feel bad about your opinions. Capullo's Bats is sublime.

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Snyder has a problem with endings. He's not very good at them. Everything else he does fairly well. Examples? The Court of Owls ends with "the Court's still out there, we have to track them down!" followed by it never being referenced again. Death of the Family had great build-up and made the Joker a frightening threat... until the end, wherein we get a non-ending in which nothing is resolved (and remains unresolved, for the most part). I haven't read Zero Year so I can't talk too much about it, but from what I've been seeing around this series of tubes, it suffers the same problem. Great run, bookended by a bad, bad ending.

Anyway, the Court arc is the best that Snyder has done in his New 52 work (again, I say this without having read Zero Year).

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New 52 Hush is Thomas Elliot. New 52 Hush is definitely not a petite redhead. When you see him in the reveal, it is clearly a large and very male frame. The girl was probably reintroduced so that she can serve as a McGuffin.


Or something to that effect.

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Seriously, buy this piece of garbage or the $25 dollar Capullo Bats from their signature line that is GORGEOUS.

Your call.

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It disappoints me that the Batman board is flooded with "WHO IS BEST WAIFU FOR BATS?" and "IZ LUTHR SMURTER DEN BATS?" but when an honest-to-god mystery surfaces for us to solve, nothing. One post, nothing else. Come on, Bat-fans. Is this what Bruce would want from you?

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I wouldn't pay $20 bucks for a figure that ugly.

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Who knows? Certainly no one in this thread.

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@_atomikill_: They already did this with Joker's Daughter. It didn't go well.

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Lee is easily better than Fabok, but that doesn't mean he's the best Batman artist. Personally, I don't like either of their styles all that much. There's just not much to it. It serves to tell the story, but not with much flair. Greg Capullo is a much better Bats artist.