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Posted by PowerHerc

Shithead, Codpiece and Cesspool (not to mention a few others); wtf? 


Posted by Rusty_Irons

Sun flower. Don the Lobster. Dirt nap. Slapstick.

Posted by Icarusflies

LOL, what excellent characters.

Posted by Inverno

The characters are hilarious by themselves, your comments made it even more so xD

Posted by name_already_chosen

I have to disagree with you about Brother Power the Geek. I think the character has a lot going for him and in some ways works better as commentary than Ambush Bug ever did and has far more charm than ever did Impy the Impossible Man or Impy's New Mutants counterpart Warlock.

First, turning Brother Power into a naive "doll elemental" is not only sweet, but it has far more mythic resonance than most people realize. A number of studies have investigated the complexities of how people respond to puppets, mannequins, statues, and other humanish simulacra (just think about how many "living ventriloquist dummy" / "living felt American" / "living Puppetmaster puppet" / "living toy" / "living mannequin" / "living statue" stories have been written over the centuries!). Not only is Brother Power now the living elemental of such complexities, he is now the living elemental of the "uncanny valley" phenomenon, a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly relevant in these first decades of the 21st century.

Second, a number of authors have used Brother Power to tease DC (and Marvel indirectly) whenever they become too proud to remember the awkward childhood of comics or the unabashed tomfoolery of the early Silver Age. Batman fans aren't true Batman fans, it seems to me, if they are going to cower in shame every time someone mentions Adam West and Burt Ward.

Third, Brother Power's return in the 1980s was astonishingly prescient when it described just how much the hippies of the 1960s had sold out in the 1980s until becoming in the 2010s the very greedheads and powera addicts they had mocked in their youth. How many characters can claim that level of prophesy?

Finally, there is whimsy and playfulness and silliness even in real life, so why shouldn't there be in superhero comic books? Shakespeare had his comedic figures and his holy clowns in his great plays without embarrassment, and no one tries to edit Mercutio out of Romeo and Juliet or Puck out of A Midsummer Night's Dream -- in the same way, DC should not try to edit Brother Power the Geek and his holy fool peers out of its superhero universe.