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@FourthDeity said:

I give it to thanos for a bunch of other reasons but I'm wondering

how do omega beams actually work? how long does it take to shoot it?

When DS wills it to shoot... Batman has been shown to evade the omega beams and redirect it. Superman managed to deflect it with his heat vision.

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@Dex_Starr said:

I know, Zeus not only doesn't have enough feats, and there isn't anything to indicate that he's Odin's equal either like some people claim. So there isn't any reason why Darkseid couldn't wreck him, he has better feats than Zeus does.

Darkseid came back to life because he's the negative charge in the universe. Honestly Odin doesn't have any defense against the OE either, and he can't put down Darkseid, so it's very plausaible that Darkseid would thrash him also. Espeically when he uses Thanos as a decoy to take another @$$ whipping from Odin.

I'm giving it to team 1.

Superman countered the OB with his heat vision...

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@cliffrice said:

Omega because he froze abstract beings solid.

The abstract you're talking about is Oblivion. Well it only appeared that Iceman defeated Oblivion but Oblivion was only acting to get the attention of his daughter, Mirage.

@BigCimmerian said:

@Killemall said:

Wolverine could probably hurt Lobo, dont see most hurting Lobo.

with out Phoenix and no Legion or other omega that i know of in the picture Lobo FTW!!

Lobo can heal on molecule level, if bfr is allowed than X men wins, if not Lobo slaughters them with ease

When did that happen? Can you please show me because as far as I'm concerned his greatest regeneration feat is regenerating his whole body from blood... not on a molecular level.

Well anyways, Cannonball can probably stall Lobo while the others think of a plan on how they are going to defeat him. I see Nightcrawler teleporting Elixir right next to Lobo and can turn him to something he wants...

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@beatboks1: Hell yeah! Alan Scott FTW!

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1. Batman Vs Spider-man: Who has the most/stronger willpower?

- Spider-man. As much as I like Batman, I've always seen Peter as a really strong willed person. Peter has lost many loved ones in his life that greatly affected his life and still has the strength to carry on and do good instead of turning insane and killing other people. The same also goes for Batman but really... most of the time, Batman has the situation in hand whereas Peter is... well you know... improvising when the times get rough.

2. Superman Vs Captain America: Who is more inspiring to the hero's of his universe?

- If there is one thing Captain America has taught me one thing... well it's not just one. But it's a whole lot of things really. It is to risk your life for the ones you love. Even though you are far outgunned, even though you are far outnumbered, even though the odds are against you... You still must go on. Even Olympians, Asgardians, etc. were inspired by Captain America.

3. Killer Croc Vs Lizard: Who is more feral?

- I don't know really

4. Ms Marvel Vs Wonder Woman: Who has the bigger sense of duty?

- I could say a lot of reasons on why Wonder Woman has the bigger sense of duty... but let's just say that Carol's burden is puny when compared to Diana's. Let's have 52 for example where Diana's conscience was troubled when she killed Maxwell Lord. She felt that she was no longer like a role model as a hero... that is one heavy burden.

5. Catwoman Vs Black Cat: Who is the better thief?

- I don't know... maybe they're both on equal levels?

6. Nightwing Vs Bucky Barnes: Who is more loyal to his mentor?

- Steve treats Bucky as a friend and as an equal but Bucky sees Steve as a big brother he can never be...

7. Deadpool Vs Joker: Who is the most psychotic?

- Deadpool has some sane moments but Joker? He's nuttier than Darth Vader's robotic nuts.

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I think this would get ugly...

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@Strider92 said:

Witchblade, Jean Grey, Fantomex, Shadowcat, the Darkness, Batman 1million, Prince of Orphans, Invincible

Fantomex misdirects them all into killing each other while the rest sit back and eat lunch lol. Jackie manipulates the darkness inside everyone and kills them. Theres quite a few ways for this team to win that's just a couple.

Good team I have to say... I think you could switch Invincible with Obsidian so that it will be a combo with Jackie. But yours is a good team nonetheless...

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  1. Fantomex
  2. Midnighter
  3. Longshot
  4. Black Cat
  5. Callisto
  6. Domino
  7. Cypher
  8. Moondragon
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  1. The Great Evil Beast
  2. Saint of Killers
  3. God Spawn