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After the Universe's hero were befallen from the hands of another COIE Anti-Monitor but was Fury infused, all the most powerful forces in the omniverse were channeled by Odin to a human being. An unnamed baby boy was chosen as its host and eventually there was a big blinding flash of light across the multiverse. Giving birth to a new hero, a protector of all realities. Wielding the last hopes of all the most powerful forces of the universe... Nova Force, Phoenix Force, Enigma Force, Omega Effect, Power Cosmic, Odin Force, and the speed force. Along with that, Odin granted the boy knowledge and wisdom about everything that there is to know.

He then defeated the Anti-Monitor by using all the forces he acquired and banished his remains to a tear in time-spice. He then calls himself the Emperor and served as the Omniverse's greatest hero. He could lift a 100 sextillion tonnes of kinetic energy using only one finger without straining. Displayed speed going up to 1,000,000 times faster than hyperspace itself easily. Mindraped Moondragon with Mind Gem (they were toying around with each other). He could generate intense phoenix flames that would incinerate anything, even the fabrics of the universe. Traversed the omniverse 100 times in a split nanosecond.... And has a complete control over the source through his Omega Effect. He can physically augment himself by making himself RuneEmperor... a being that is said to be a centillion times stronger than Rune King Thor.