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Everything about this looks incorrect, cheesy, and unnecessary..

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the red trunks were part of who Superman was. I only put my opinion on the matter after they changed it. Also all star superman embodies who Superman is as a truley iconic character. I think he should be gentle and powerful all the time. That's what I meant when I said that. Not every Superman book should be drawn by Frank and Written by Morrison, but they created a true masterpiece of what Superman should act like damn near all the time. And speaking on the whole him being young thing, I feel like they wasted time going back to the beginning of his career like that..

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They tried to Modernize the character. Something that shouldn't have been done visually. And many others the same, its not only Superman. He no longer feels classic. Yes, wearing red trunks on the outside of your tights is kind of ridiculous, but everyone in the whole world had grown accustom to it, so it was normal to us. The fact that hes no longer kind hearted and brave but more of an asshole and a jerk is fuel to the fire smh...

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The fact that he mentioned that he would split the worlds tallest building in half when trying to stop it from falling in Superman Unchained with out even using maximum effort made me stop reading, and look up to the sky and question New 52 Superman. I just feel like the DC writers in general (but Geoff Johns mostly) tries to make the characters "cooler" and in a lot of ways ruins them. Perf. example is Captain Marvel. Him changing his name to Shazam and removing his classic attire made me loose a lot of interest in the character. I love the fact that Superman can be the incredibly strong but that mixed with them changing his whole suit around, and the fact that Jim Lee always draws him super-pissed makes me loose interest in New 52 Superman also. Superman should be how he was in Allstar Superman. He was the strongest hes ever been, but also as emotional and human as hes ever been... Now that's the essence of th Worlds first and Greatest Superhero.

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@allstarsuperman: Yeah, I think that the origin would be better with the planet being destroyed because it gives Jor-El more of a pivotal role in the the history of krypton. Also, I think that Zods crew should involve Faora, instead of Ursa, especially if the codex is somehow responsible for the creation of Chris Kent. MoS made me fall in love with Faora as a character and honestly if Ursa isn't being used as Chris Kent's Mom, there's little use for her.. Oh and good call going with the pre-flashpoint power level of Superman. He is amazingly overpowered in the New 52. Even the MoS power level would be nice.

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Good answers. I really like the fact that you wanna stay classic, while modernizing the character at the same time..

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Let me start off by saying how much I enjoy your love for my fav. Superhero Superman! This origin is great, but some of the plot lines that have been included here wouldn't quite make sense when you mix the stories. For example,: (and some of theses are just Curious Questions)...

  • Where does Zod come into the story if you're using the codex aspect of MoS. That would also call into question where Chris Kent came from if in MoS it was extremely untraditional for them to make babies the ole natural way.
  • Supergirls origin would be completely butchered. Was she in the ship that landed on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago like in MoS, or was she rocketed to Earth like Clark in her own ship-like thing.
  • Are Zods crew with him? If so, is it Ursa and Non, or Faora and Non?
  • If you want Lex to be a loner in his lab all day, when did he make the transition to becoming CEO of Lexcorp and doing his Warsuit demonstration?
  • Was Krypton destroyed by Braniac, a dying Sun, or the Planets Core?
  • Was the relationship between Jor-El and Zod as strained as it was in the movie, if the had a real relationship at all?
  • How did Clark find out about the Phantom Zone? Did Jor-El create it?
  • Is Jimmy Olsen a key character is Clarks life?
  • Is he overpowered like in the New 52, or is his power level comprehendible?
  • What suit does he have?

I like your origin idea,.. I just don't want their to be holes throughout like the New 52 smh..

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Can't Sinestro just catch her with his ring and throw her outer space ? I choose Sinestro then:P

This... that beats damn near anything WW can do..

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Gambit is pretty sick, but what happens when Kurt teleports him into the sky and lets him meet the pavement in a whole new way, not high enough to kill him, but high enough to knock him out. Nightcrawler takes this one...

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I think about this a lot actually. The back of the knees makes him feel more nice, and less of intimating, but the cape at the heel does give him a more royal look which I like. Idk, it's a toss up.