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"This is utterly childish,"

Doom kept seated, viewing Yashimora's interruption of a perfect Elysian afternoon as little more than the inane yammerings of a child throwing a petty temper tantrum. He had no need of addressing the deviant directly, no matter what SWORD meant to the world at large. Doom meant something more, something fundamental, and it would be his iron will that would change and bend the universe and beyond to its knees. SWORD was just that - a tool used to implement a wider spectrum of goals. And, like swords from medieval times, Yashimora's organization had outgrown its one and only function.

"You waste valuable time and resources on this pitiful 'invasion,' most important of which belong to Doom. I have heard your drivel and nothing will change my mind. Not you, not your supposed 'galactic law,' and certainly not your meaningless outburst you have staged with the intent of debunking my plans. At this point, it's of no consequence that you know. In fact, I'm glad you figured it out so late, you sluggish worm. If you had the mental faculties with which to actually provide me with a suitable challenge, you would have figured this out before it was too late,"

With but a gesture, the Omnipotent Overlord halted time and space within his throne room, altering the fabric of reality in the process. Everything that constituted life and death hovered around his fingertips, with Yashimora as the appointed target. Forces beyond the realm of mortal creatures dwelt within Doom's unfathomable wit and mental prowess. The armies of SWORD, nay, the entire world were not even a concern. Doom already commanded five of the six Infinity Gems as well as some of the most priceless magical items and technological advancements in human history. His intellect, however, proved to be his most invaluable weapon, and Yashimora could never truly contend with the power he wielded - no matter how hard the little director tried.

"I have already programmed the shielding around Elysia to dissuade any further idiocy you are capable of shoving my way in your asinine attempts to muscle into my territory. You have one of two options: surrender to me,"

His iron gauntlet glowed with the eldritch powers of a distant dimension, each fiber resonating with the energies capable of erasing gods.

"Or die."

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Course, I could just draw it out, make the wait even more painful :P

...Which is something I'll have to end up doing.

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What are you gonna do? :P

I got five Infinity Gems and a Godzilla, what you got?

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Doom is going to be attacking Asgard, you sure you want to be on his side when that happens?

Granted, any amount of reinforcements is welcomed...

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Doomwar has really taken off. I'm glad people are liking it :)

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Looking forward to seeing more of Pantheos in the future :)