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The uncontested monarch of Elysia, Otto von Doom is the scourge of all civilized life on Earth while simultaneously maintaining one of its most promising superpowers.



A Game of Thrones


Collected artifacts include (but are not limited to):

  • Five of the six Infinity Gems (Space, Mind, Power, Time, and Soul) along with a functioning Infinity Gauntlet The Infinity Gems are all destroyed, and so is the Gauntlet.
  • Thousands of mass-produced Cosmic Cubes which are used to power his Doombots
  • Millions of ancient books related to magic and absurdly powerful spells

Powers include:

  • Cosmic-level energy, radiation, element, molecule, graviton, and electromagnet generation, projection, and manipulation
  • One of the most brilliant minds on Earth and, possibly, the universe
  • Masterful inventor and scientist
  • Unrivaled sorcerer, geneticist, surgeon, and roboticist
  • Diplomatic immunity