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The uncontested monarch of Elysia, Otto von Doom is the scourge of all civilized life on Earth while simultaneously maintaining one of its most promising superpowers.

Elysia - homeland

Skellbrieg - in the process of conquering

Doomwar - Doom's quest for the Infinity Gems, the Siege of Asgard, and the Gems' destruction

A Game of Thrones - Doom's revenge against Amora and his acquisition of the Cosmic Cube

Doomworld - a planetoid Doom conquered and brought from an alternate reality

Collected artifacts include (but are not limited to):

  • Five of the six Infinity Gems (Space, Mind, Power, Time, and Soul) along with a functioning Infinity Gauntlet The Infinity Gems are all destroyed, and so is the Gauntlet.
  • Thousands of mass-produced Cosmic Cubes which are used to power his Doombots
  • Millions of ancient books related to magic and absurdly powerful spells
  • Ebonfrost and the armor of the Overlord of the Damned

Powers include:

  • Cosmic-level energy, radiation, element, molecule, graviton, and electromagnet generation, projection, and manipulation
  • One of the most brilliant minds on Earth and, possibly, the universe
  • Masterful inventor and scientist
  • Unrivaled sorcerer, geneticist, surgeon, and roboticist
  • Diplomatic immunity


Clovis Hammerstein - his Impenetrable Shield; Clovis grew up an Elysian in Croatia (one of the Elysia's neighbors and enemies) and was bullied relentlessly until his family moved back to to their ancestral homeland. They did not survive the trip, and Clovis had to crawl his way to Doomstadt. Doom rewarded his bravery and strength with a comfortable life. Overwhelmed by the kindness, Clovis swore his life to Doom and worked diligently in order to become the perfect bodyguard. Perhaps even more importantly than a new start, Doom gifted Clovis with a new family that was still growing.

Sebastian Crawford - his Unwavering Gaze; an Elysian native, Sebastian always prided himself on fixing things. A technical genius, he would repair everything from farming equipment to computers in the blink of an eye. He had the spark of knowing exactly how everything worked just by looking at it. One day, his parents grew ill and did not recover. He went to Doom, saying that he could not fix them, but it was too late. Doom adopted the orphan and gave him a place to exercise his talents, but more importantly he gave him a home.

Anastasia Stravinski - his Undeniable Voice; a musical prodigy, Anastasia did not know her parents. They abandoned her on the streets of Elysia before leaving the country. She had to endure a childhood wrought with heartache and loneliness until one day, she found her calling in music. Joining the marching band responsible for orchestrating the parades in Doom's honor, Anastasia grew bored with the monotonous drone and wanted to spice it up. This only got her in trouble, as her teachers did not think an orphan girl had any say in the matter. She was thrown out, but on the next performance, Doom asked where she had gone. He tracked her down to an alleyway in the middle of Doomstadt and - as if to apologize for the arrogance of others - gave her a place to stay as his Grand Conductor. Needless to say, she accepted wholeheartedly.

Ortaeus Schwarzwald - his Unbreakable Sword; born blind, Ortaeus strove to be the best swordsman in the world after reading a braille version of Miyamoto Musashi's The Book of Five Rings. He fought his entire life, trained every day, even after his parents were killed in one of the many attacks Croatia and Romania launched against Elysia during the Cold War. Never once did he forget them, and only became stronger in his resolve to be the best. Soon, his talents became known to Doom himself. In a duel to test his skills, however, Ortaeus made one mistake and lost. He outclassed his opponent in every other regard, however, and Doom saw through the technical victory and picked out Ortaeus personally. Not a stranger to adopting orphans, Doom offered Ortaeus a place to call both dojo and home. For the first time in his life, Ortaeus shed tears of joy. Later, Doom would give Ortaeus sight.

Basil Nathaniel Hawthorne - Doom's vampire butler and oldest ally; long ago, Basil was once known as the Red Death, a ruthless vampire warlord who terrorized the Old World. The first emperor of Elysia, Charles von Doom, met the Red Death in combat and managed to trick him into a deal where if he should lose, then the von Doom family would be his new masters until their last drop of blood is shed. The Red Death became a mere butler that day, and for generations he served the von Doom line. Over time, he became accustomed to the task and rather enjoyed each new successor to the throne. He became particularly fond of Otto, whom he called the greatest since Charles himself. Time and again, this has proven true, but Basil worries for his emperor, considering how many times he has come close to complete annihilation.

Helen von Doom - "daughter" from an alternate timeline and his Invincible Willpower; a deceptively simple young woman, Helen von Doom is not of this reality. She grew up on a different Earth, one in which the acting emperor of Elysia was a weak and paranoid man named Ludwig von Doom. He frequently abused his power and to him, Helen was little more than a punching bag to take out his aging frustrations on. One night, those beatings became too intense and Ludwig nearly killed her. His strikes only stopped once Otto von Doom arrived and saved his estranged blood relative from her angry father. Confused at first, Helen understandably stayed her distance from Otto at first once they arrived back on Vine Earth. Otto did not push the subject. One night, she had a night terror about her real father returning to murder her. She woke up screaming, alerting Basil who told Otto. Rather than in rage, Otto hurried into Helen's room like a father should and gently cradled her shivering form. She asked if she was truly safe in Otto's Elysia, to which he replied an adamant yes, ensuring her safety beyond a shadow of a doubt.