Scott Pilgrim : Murderer ?

Most of us are familiar with Scott Pilgrim and his epic adventures, how he won the love of Ramona Flowers and defeat the League of Evil Exes. But I wondered, what happened to the exes, we see them turned into coins. But are they dead? If so , why isn't he wanted for murder? There were plenty of witnesses to him "defeating" them. Is no one curious what happened to a famous actor, rock star, or mogul? I'd like your thoughts on this.

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…This seems like a very reasonable assumption.

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Didn't they, for the most part, attack him first?
Could be self defense if that's the case.

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@Decoy Elite: In some cases like Matthew Patel or Roxie Richter, but others he struck first
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" @Decoy Elite: In some cases like Matthew Patel or Roxie Richter, but others he struck first "
Hurm.....maybe no one noticed they were dead.
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@Decoy Elite: There were plenty of witnesses 
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" @Decoy Elite: There were plenty of witnesses  "

 Erm....the defense has nothing to say further...
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Maybe they were just KO'd, or Knocked into a Vegitable state...
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LMAO This thread is great. 

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They probably just re-spawned in 30 seconds.

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I wonder what happened to them too....

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i like the respawne idea

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well, matthew patel attacked him. self-defense
lucas and scott never fought in the books.
Scott did attack todd first, but after being attacked by matthew and told by lucas that the league was going to kill him, it can be called self-defense. loop-hole.
roxie attacked first.
the twins attacked him with robots... so....
gideon was the one who organized the league and therefore would still qualify for self-defense. especially after gideons taunting/threatening phone call at the end of volume 5

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Um, none of them died. It was all metaphorical. Scott's life as a video game. He didn't actually kill anyone.

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For what i understan, he was the only one that can get back from the grave for the 1 Up.
That means, the rest get a Game Over or need more coins for the Continue.
The Last Evil Guy, is not dead he talked with Scott for the Evil Scott thing, that also, could mean, that he only destroy their bodies, but their minds are still there, just looking for a new body.

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cool question.
In my review of the movie I compared Scott Pilgrim to Grant Morrison's Invisibles and if that is the case, Pilgrim's life is a hologram and those enemies were not real in the first place.

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They were evil, so he probably got some kind of reward from the Canadian government. Canada does stuff like that, right?

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I don't even know why I watched that movie, I didn't like it at all.

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" Um, none of them died. It was all metaphorical. Scott's life as a video game. He didn't actually kill anyone. "
Exactly. It's almost like asking if the Super Mario Bros are murderers. 
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they probaly respawn
while it is never stated,it is hinted by Lucas Lee that the exes will eventualy respawn upon losing
Lucas asks Scott to give him money in exchange of throwing the fight,right? he states ``i`ll tell Gideon you defeated me`` or something similar
now,assuming the defeated Ex would die,how exactly would Lucas be able to tell Gideon what happened?
judging from the fights,damage that would merely KO the Exes actualy ``killed`` then (ie,Patel was punched in the face,Todd received a head-butt,etc....),so it can be assumed  that        defeat = aparent death 
assuming this theory is correct,Lucas Lee would need to respawn in order to tell Gideon about his defeat,thereof,it can be safetly assumed that every ex-boyfriend is alive

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This would be a totally legitpoint IF they were dead. Everytime Ramona has a ne boytoy her exes come back so they can't REALLY be dead. Where they actually go is up in the air. Some people think they just go in subspace, other people think they go poof for a while. But either way its not murder on Scotts part =)