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Posted by Silkcuts

I think Wolverine is better, but since he is an X-man his kill count had to calm down.  If we mark them at a fair start time, since assuming Wolverine would of been killing hundreds before Frank was out of diapers, then Frank would have the larger kill count since his purpose is to pile them up.  Overall over their life time, then Wolverine, but he had the head start.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
@Silkcuts: I know Wolverine has offed dozens of brands of henchmen 
Hydra agents 
AIM scientists 
Hellfire Club soldiers 
Hand ninjas  
just to name a few
Posted by Silkcuts
@Emperor Gonzo Noir:  So maybe Wolverine does have the volume even with the same start time.  I just think Frank had a bigger one with the friendly fire kills with the toys he likes to play with like RPGs and claymores.
Posted by bringdeath

Punisher's murders have been said to be around 2000,but wolverines been around since FOREVER punisher my fav but wolverine gets this one.
Posted by kev17

wolverine has lived longer, but the punisher has never stopped killing for a good 25 years. Wolverine has decided not to kill for long periods of time, so i say the punisher. And on most days, he only kills as a last resort, killing is the punishers first and primary action.  
So The Punisher has the higher number of kills. If its max, its over 2000, if its MU, we must assume its significantly higher.

Posted by kev17
@Silkcuts: The punisher has never had a friendly kill, even in the army. He goes out of his way not to kill anyone but his targets.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
@kev17 said:
" @Silkcuts: The punisher has never had a friendly kill, even in the army. He goes out of his way not to kill anyone but his targets. "
That's very true, in the "Girls in White Dresses" arc of the Punisher MAX book, Frank almost blows his own head off when he believes he's killed a civilian.
Posted by thegentlemanrogue

Wolverine had 1,800 confirmed kills in the eleven weeks after he went of the grid post EotS when he was looking for the body of his friends child. That stretch alone is probably higher than Punisher's totally body count and doesn't account for 99.99999% of Wolverine's appearances.

Posted by kev17
@Emperor Gonzo Noir: Yeah man i remember that story. Not that great, but that was a decent issue. I got the trade last october.