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so exactly how long witl he be writing ? when will someone else replace him thats a question i've been meaning to ask.

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wow,she misses him but I feel like he's pushing her away !!!! it's obvious she wants to be with him but seriously Bendis is making her kind of beg!

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@ApatheticAvenger: Do you have scans ?

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Sorry for the title misspelling I copied and pasted it from another website thought it was a good question should have read over it first,my apologies !

Honestly I haven't read ANYTHING since Bendis started writing,before he started writing I seen a lot of things that people were saying and they were predicting how he would take her downhill but I didn't base anything on that but after a interview was posted and I found out about Scott and Emma braking up and her telepathy going out of whack I decided I wasn't going to read anything until someone else starts writing her....I seen a couple of scans and I do admit she seems to have a little more depth to her character but not what I'm use to,what's your opinion ?

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I swear I hate Jean Grey fans that can't execpt that fact THESE ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CHARTERS ! JEEZ! everytime Jean is mentioned Emma's name is right behind it...just seperate the two characters then everyone can be happy! ^_^

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@god_spawn: Oh My RA!!!!!!!!!!! do you think she will get it back ? I mean she has lost it before and it stayed away for a while but when she really told herself she didn't need it bamn it was back.....and it took sean I think correct me if i'm wrong to help her!

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What's new with her anything on her telepathy coming back yet ? the last issue I read was consequences !!!

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Regardless of what people might say Emma was a wonderful girlfriend to scott and I'm not going to bash Scott because we don't know if he is going to end it or she is going to end it I just feel like right now is not the time for them to break up.
Firstly because Emma has put in a crap load of time,energy and not to mention millions lol into their relationship and the x-men she has proven herself time & time again to be faithful to Scott & her team even though at times I don't agree with some of the things she does but I know her heart is in the right place when it comes down to it,Emma deserves to be happy like anyone else and Scott makes her happy..He even help her let down her gaurd if you notice Emma was always a gaurded cold woman and some of the things she does with scott would have never happen,for example when kitty was sent to space or shot Emma ACTUALLY CRIED! she is a complete different person YES I miss the bitchy Emma but her being with Scott keeps her & him in check they balance each other...i'm making this forum so we can all admire there past relationship :) so post scans of your fav. scott & emma moment! Yes scott took the phoenix force from her but at the same time maybe he was doing it because he seen she couldn't handle....their relationship has survived WORSE...MUCH WORSE! that's crap bendis said they did things they can't come back from!!! If he was saying that because of her being with namor first the phoenix force pushed that & look how they started off a mental affair behind jean greys back.....I'm just hoping this doesn't lead to Emma being with Namor that would never work he is a huge flirt!

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@god_spawn: Oh Thank You, I Was About To Pull My Extensions Out Like OMG!!! Lol!