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EmmaGrace... Weird.

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It feels weird being on this account....

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Milan Evening

A cool October breeze carried its way into her office, ruffling some papers as it passed by. The room was organized to perfection and styled with excellent taste and expensive pieces, giving the room a swanky design. However it held no warmth, just a cold and uninviting feel. Drumming her French manicured fingernails against her desk, Emma Holland sat contemplating a potential business investment. Things had been quite in as of late, the hallways of the Hellfire Club growing more deserted with each passing day. Although not her usual taste, she was enjoying the lack of activity. It allowed her to focus more on business and family; the two not always mutually exclusive. Peering out the window, she gazed upon the spectacular view. Luscious green hills spanned as far as her eyes could see, painting a picture while the glowing afternoon sun began to set. She had been working a larger portion of the day, stopping only for a lunchtime meal and workout. She jotted down some important factors on a sticky note, pasted it on her computer, and began preparing to leave her office. As she stood and flattened her black mini skirt, a buzz from her BlackBerry resting on her desk broke the silence. Picking up her phone she checked the message, raising her eyebrows in disbelief. She knew it was due sometime soon, but it still came as a slight surprise. Heading out of her office and to her car in the mansions parking garage, she began the drive to a small private jet scheduled in advanced for the short notice departure. Stepping up the jet’s stairway and into the plane, she settled in a luxurious chair; champagne awaiting her. As she sipped her drink the engine roared, and she almost found herself smiling in anticipation.

The Next Day

The island was luscious, tropical foliage spanning from all around her. A relaxing humid climate seemed to slow time, giving the whole island a surreal and relaxing atmosphere. Her stilettos clacked against the flagstone leading to the small house that seemed to be a natural part of the island. It sat back in the trees, the architecture flowing in perfect smoothness with the island’s greenery. As she approached the high security safe house, Emma felt strangely excited for the day to come. She had never been particularly close to Cass, yet she felt close to her in an odd way. They had never spent extensive amounts of time together, nor had they opened up on a deep personal level. Yet whenever she and Cass had interacted, there always seemed to remain an unspoken level of respect. They both shared qualities that had caused them to clash from time to time; protectiveness, pride, and intelligence rivaled by few. Looking back on her more active days in the Hellfire Club, Cass may have been one of the few people she could come close to calling a real friend.

As the sun set on the gorgeous island, Emma reflected on the day. It had been tranquil, the mood of the tropical paradise reflecting the women’s conversations. They joked about various topics, had mutual viewpoints on some, and enjoyed the peaceful silence when neither could find anything to say. The day had not brought on any particularly exciting or dull moments, just calmness between the two. The more time she spent with Cassidy the more her respect grew for her, she possessed a confidence for herself and a passion for her loved ones that Emma couldn’t help but recognize. And as she left the island the same way as she arrived, Emma was positive that Cassidy Starks would make more than the perfect mother.

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Bleh, babies.

Great post, I'll have something up soon.

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@The Dark Huntress said:

I don't even know who's using what anymore...I feel like I don't know the majority of the active RPGers.

This. But always remember, Emma uses Emma ;)

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Been a long weekend, so ready to be home.

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@cyberninja: Gracias.