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Name: Emma Grace Campbell

Aliases: Silver Queen, Silver, Paragon


Emma Campbell was born to CEO/mob lord Conrad Campbell and wife Eleanor two years after her brother Nathaniel. Emma grew up with the pleasures of being a member of one of the richest and most powerful families in America. Her sharp wits and the fact that she was a psychic prodigy gained her great attention, acclaim and quickly made her Conrad's favorite child. With psychic abilities running far back in the family on her father's side, Emma was the perfect daughter. Much to the sympathies of her mother, Emma's brother Nathaniel never displayed the level of psychic abilities and skill as his younger sister. This quickly made him a disgrace to their father, and Conrad often ignored Nathaniel while focusing all training on Emma. Her father began raising her as his true heir from an early stage, taking her into his confidence and grooming her in politics and business.

Even from a young age, Emma showed her strong talents, along with her tendency of malice and perfection. She always holds her calm and collected demeanor, masking any emotion. With very strong manipulative skills, Emma often got her way without even having to use telepathy. In school, if other girls could show talents that she did not posses she would often embarrass them in cruel ways, showing glee in others pain. Emma's sadistic nature continued to grow through adolescence.

A true megalomaniac, Emma's thirst for power was unquenchable. She always rules through fear, finding trust for fools. A calculating and tactical opponent, Emma was able to destroy opponents in mental and physical confrontation. Her psychic powers continued to grow, along with armed and unarmed abilities, under the careful guidance of her skilled father. But her mother favored Nathaniel in her mind, leaving her without a nurturing mother figure throughout childhood. This only fueled her desire to please her father more, and drove her further to become the cold apathist she is today. With a complete lack of empathy, Emma has grow to be her father's perfect heir. Now she fights all that stands in her way for complete domination.

Being the daughter of a very rich and powerful family, Emma always received only the best of everything; including education. A very cultural and intelligent young woman, she was tutored to excellence in art, math, science history, etc. She has a very strong knowledge of the world and the people in it.


Telekinesis - The genetic mutation for psychic abilities runs deep in the Holland family. Telekinesis being one of the mutant abilities Emma Holland inherited, she uses it skillfully and lethally. From throwing small items such as knives or daggers, to larger ones such as furniture, cars and even small houses; Emma is a fearful telekinetic opponent. She also utilizes her telekinetic powers to create forceful blasts capable of breaking through even the most concrete of barriers. She can also create nearly impenetrable telekinetic force fields.

Telepathy - Another ability gained through bloodline, telepathy is Emma's favorite power. Used to pry information painfully, or strike fear into her servants, Emma frequently uses her telepathy as a sadistic toy. An extremely powerful and skilled telepath, Emma can read minds, exchange information, control minds, etc.

Teleportation - A secondary mutation not found on either side of Emma's family tree, teleportation has made her all the more deadly. A quick and fatal striker, teleportation has helped increase her natural agility and unarmed combat skills. Her teleportation has only been used in short-range situations, and has not been tested for long-range capabilities.

Psychic Daggers - As a psychic prodigy, Emma has developed a skill that she uses quite often. By syncing her telekinetic and telepathic powers, Emma is able to hurl powerful psychic dagger that cause physical and mental pain upon contact. These daggers are extremely effective in rendering her targets immobile, and more powerful daggers have even proved to induce comatose due to intense psychic damage.


Agility - Emma is highly trained in ballet and gymnastics, making her quick and light on her feet. She can easily scale a building without powers being necessary, and can quickly adapt to environmental changes as needed. She is very gifted in using the environment around her to move quickly and gracefully.

Reflexes - Although not at superhuman levels, Emma's reflexes have reached the peak of human capability. She can respond to any form of attack quickly, and precisely respond. Her psychic powers are also in sync with her reflexes, allowing her to put up a telekinetic shield or hurl a psychic dagger as a subconscious response.

Unarmed Combat - Trained by the best in the world, Emma's unarmed combat skills are not rivaled by many. From martial arts to street brawling, she has mastered almost every technique available. She is a formidable fighter, often using the best offence as a good defense.

Weapons Mastery - Similar to all other aspects of her combat training, Emma has been masterly trained in the use of weaponry. Although this is a skill she rarely uses due to a preference for her psychic powers.

Flirtation - Emma is a known flirt, often to gain what she wants out of men she has no real interest in through the use of her sexuality.

Intelligence - Perhaps her greatest asset is Emma's high level of intelligence in combination with her sadistic, manipulative and power obsessive disposition. She is a highly skilled tactician, leading many of her social and political wars to victory. Her telepathy allows her to get inside the minds of her opponents, revealing their greatest insecurities and fears. She knows exactly how to play her rivals, quickly learning their habits and taking advantage of weaknesses. She knows how to use the world around her to turn all situations in her favor. One of the greatest minds of her generation, she is a force to be reckoned with.