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Steph Brown x Tim Drake!

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In terms of best girlfriend, I'd say Tam Fox would make a perfect fit for Tim. But for the girl he loved the most, it has to be Stephanie Brown. He was gaga over her.

Cassie? Neither of these.

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Are you sure the 'fight' doesn't end up in a bedroom? Just saying. All the UST needs to be channeled somewhere.

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Bumping again.

Bryan Q. Miller mentioned on his twitter that he wasn't allowed to make a reference to her adopted child in Steph's Batgirl series. Blame it on editorial control.

And back during Dixon's run in the Robin series, there were early plans to make the Joker find out of Steph's pregnancy (who mistook it to be Robin's) and kidnaps her as hostage. Steph then experiences a miscarriage and Tim blames it on himself which causes him to go on an impromptu Paris trip to evaluate his role as Robin and what Steph means to him. The idea was scrapped immediately (who wouldn't scrap it? It was total bullshit) and we got the (much better) adoption storyline instead.

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Oh come on, Stephanie doesn't even have to be in Teen Titans and she is much more popular than some of the members themselves. Does any of the Teen Titans female members (besides Supergirl, who was just a temporary member) ever held an acclaimed solo book for 2 years? No? Case closed.

Frankly she doesn't even need to be a member -- almost all of the female Batclan members stay away from superhero teams and are better off working in their Gotham bases. Even so, Steph would do much better in Birds of Prey or a younger Young Justice line-up.

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I voted for Steph, yes, it will always be Steph. People might not like the ship, but it's undeniable that Steph is to Tim like Babs is to Dick and Selina is to Bruce. They're iconic soulmates, and they'll always be paired/linked together even in different continuities.

I just hope that Steph appears more than a cameo in Young Justice, and that she gets some screentime with our favorite dorky Boy Wonder.

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Uh, the whole time Tim was supposedly 'dating' Tam, he was still hung up over his ex-girlfriend Steph (trying to get back together with her) and lusting over Lynx III (and making out on rooftops). I don't see how people still ship Tim and Tam. It was like they were just close friends or something.

It's Steph, definitely. She ranks in with Babs and Selina as the Batclan's legendary love interests. Tam was just the temporary fill-in love-interest for that series, just like Shondra Kinsolving and Sasha Bordeaux and Raya Vestri and everyone knew that. If the reboot did not happen, I'm pretty sure Tim would have gotten back with Steph anyways coz it was surely heading in that direction.