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Sigh... are the Bats doomed to have an on-off relationship with their significant others? Bruce and Selina, Dick and Babs... even Tim and Steph got dragged into the Batcurse.

Dick and Babs have it the worst, though. At least Bruce/Selina got a happy ending in Earth-2, and Tim/Steph are apparently married in the Batman Beyond-verse, but Dick/Babs seem to be separated in every continuity. They deserve to be happy together, DC! >:(

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Steph is Tim's true love. Fact.

Ariana was just puppy love. Darla, Tam, Zoanne - boring civilians who were just the writers' love-interests-of-the-week. Lynx - oh god it's the third Lynx yet STILL nothing will ever happen between them. Give it up already. Secret, Rose - are you kidding me?? One of them tried to kill Steph out of jealousy, and the other almost raped him. Twice. Wonder Girl - it has been artificial back then, it's still artificial now. Jubilee, Arrowette and Cassandra Cain are okay but they're not canon love interests so that point is moot.