Arkham Reborn #3: Aftermath?

I just finished reading Arkham Reborn yesterday and I have to say, I'm confused as all get out.
Now what I got out of it is that the Asylum is now completely under the Black Mask and someone named the Jester. Jeremiah is now under some type of hallucinogenic and as usual, Dick is none the wiser. I really am looking forward to the following up. I'm guessing that it isn't going to be taken into effect too much until Bruce comes back.  Dick really is leaving quite the mess for Bruce.
Any thoughts?


Silver Age Deadman Comic

In what comic, did the silver age Deadman lose his body? In World's Finest Comics 223, he basically possessed Bruce Wayne's seriously disturbed older brother, Thomas Wayne II(?). I know that this body is killed, does anyone know which issue he was killed in?

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Whatever Happened to Thomas Wayne Jr?

I recently learned that Thomas Wayne Jr wasn't just made up for Owlman but was an ongoing (if you count being in more than one story ongoing) character, what happened? Was he just dropped after Infinite Earths?