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Venom should probably get the alias Viper (tho I'm not sure if it should be added, see below)

In Gotham #105 - Viper a drug is introduced called Viper. They say Viper were the first version of a drug which should help to create super soldiers. The test subjects all died and they made a second/better version, which they called Venom.

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What I forgot to add (I'm not able to edit my post, because everything I typed vanishes when I click on edit)

Currently I'm using Firefox (downloaded yesterday) because Chrome keeps closing itself.

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I just had the same problem. I tried to copy something from tumblr into a new thread (I wanted to copy stuff from myself, so that I wouldn't have to write everything again) but wasn't able to.

Then I tried to write it myself, but couldn't type at all. Strangely I can copy & paste in this thread, but not when I try to start a new topic.

Hi guys, I have a problem.

I’ve got a new PC (Yay~)

but when I installed Chrome and synchronised everything, it killed ALL my Add-Ons and I’m not able to reinstall them. (I always get NETWORK_FAILED)

Has anyone an idea what I could do?

this is my actual problem which I wanted to post into the Off Topic Forum (cause I know it isn't a CV problem)

PC: Windows 8.1

I bought the PC 2 days ago, and downloaded Chrome on the same day, so it should be the newest version.

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Hobgoblin (Macendale) add alias Kürbisfratze (that's what they call him on his Bonus Coin in Disney Infinity 2.0)

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Please delete these pictures from Charles McNider's images, that's Pieter Cross. Sadly that also means, that he needs a new main picture =/

Edit: I'm conflicted about some other images in McNider's gallery, they're also in Pieter Cross's gallery, but I'm not sure where they belong. Tho I'd think every "new" image on McNider's page is meant to be Cross, except the Black Lantern images and the one where he operates Tomcat's mother.

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