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I'm thinking it's venom playing around in the X-men's danger room!  
Nicely done!

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Thus the deviation from the original story begins... who's next? Emil Hamilton from S.T.A.R. Labs?  I have NO idea WHY or HOW Waller plays into the script, but i hope it doesnt screw the story up... and I don't give a rat's a$$ about a Suicide Squad film... how about getting this one right first! 
Jeez, why won't hollywood understand that pointless cameos don't make fans happy? 

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who gives a sh!t?... Captain America sucks anyway!!! 
JK JK!!!!   
I hope he can pull it off. He doesn't quite strike me as the Steve Rogers type. Well see.

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hmmm.. my interest has fallen drastically. Too bad, With Invincible and spawn, it sounded like a cool idea. oh, well....we'll see who the real members are

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Ok, now that ive actually seen the trailer i gotta say, im not really down with the cast. I mean, they don't look like "the worlds most dangerous killers" to me. It's the guy from the Pianist, for crying out loud! 
These guys don't look like they could survive not even 5minutes in a planet full of Predators...! 
Still watching it anyway! 

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HOW...??? WHEN...??? I didn't know about this!!!! 
 Sonofa... Aliens and Predator are THE single most awesome Horror film monsters EVER!!!  
...god, im a total fanboi!

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Can---can this be? Is Image FINALLY catching up to DC and Marvel? An Image "Justice League"?!?!?! 
Oh, man... this is great! I hope Haunt and Dragon join too! (hey there's not many to choose from Image anyhow! hehehe) 
And Can i say that Spawn looks mighty awesome in this? Also I wonder what the bet was about... lolz

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Sweet Lord... I can't believe I just read that headline... It's actually happening!!! 
@CylonDorado said:

" GREEEN LANTERN!!!! I just realized he's only the 3rd DC character to get a live action movie that I can think of :P. "

I'd say 5th? Supergirl and Steel had a movie already too. Bad and way long ago, but hey, we're talking films here right. 
Also... I CANNOT F#CKING WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I bet we'll have a Trailer by December!!! YES!!!!
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Superman takes down Hulk. 
Cap Marvel takes down Thor (He's nothing without his hammer) 
Martian Manhunter goes all psychic on Sentry's butt releasing "the void" ( thus Senty starts fighting with himself) 
Supergirl (with the aid of Wonder Woman) beats Ms Marvel to a pulp. 
Green Lantern Vs Iron Man? please... GL all the way. 
Batman could take on the Rider, not exactly sure if he'd win though. 
Gladiator could be taken down by flash in a...well, flash! 
They would probably have a harder time with the Surfer, so they pit him against the Void! lolz 
Yep, the JL no doubt.

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@LT1085 said:
" This is why i can't stand the Batman mythos. And why I can't bring myself to get into the DCU as much as I am into the MU. Vader wins easily in a first encounter. There would not be a second(Obviously I'm not talking about any sort of continuity here). "
Ok, MU lover... Spider-man or Vader?