Vilest Villians

These are the baddest of the Bad, watch ya step.

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Posted by SilverZeo

Are you going to put Dr. Light on here being... you know?

Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

The thuoght nvr crossed my mind. I might

Posted by Tevnoba

Darkseid?  He is such a jobber.
Thanos is a better villain, at least he always succeeds at his machinations.

Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

When Darkseid's written like Darkseid, and not like a cheesy sat-mornin cartoon villian. It wouldn't take him long, or much to show Thanos who his real daddy is. 

Posted by zombie flash

what about galactus and zoom
Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

Dn't care for Zoom that much Galactus isn't really a villian, he's a force of nature. He can't help himself.