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Now honestly, while i want to say stalemate....i think the Batmen will take it. The obvious match-ups are Bruce vs T'Challa and Shuri vs Dick. Mostly b/c if you put them 2gether then Dick and Shuri are the obvious subordinates (based on interplay between characters, i mean look at how T'Challa was calling the shots even during her "reign" while fighting the Doomwar) T'Challa (now correct me but i think the Hudlin run was the one where he got amped right??? If not then someone point me the right way, i'm just gonna use Doomwar T'Challa 4 the peak in this argument, n peak human 4 the lows). T'Challa is one of the few men that i'm positive it's a coin toss when he faces Bruce in the ring, with or w/o all the gadgets. It's the kind of fight that you'd make a mint off in pay-per-view. Both are martial arts masters, and master strategists. Honestly i'd b more interested in a full blown war between them w/ access to all their influence..but w/ what we have i see them matching each other. Though if it's T'Challa w/ the enhanced strength and endurance n such from that anonymous Panther deity, then i'd give him the edge. The problem is Shuri.....i just don't see her as being able to take out Dick. I'm sry but i'd give him the solid majority. An Dick, especially considering the level of experience he and Bruce have working in tandem, would be just the edge that Bruce needs ta take out T'Challa. I think Dick would fall in the end, but it would be enough for them to clinch a victory. So i'll give the Bats...7/10.

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I'll go with the brother's here. Zeus is Odin's equal, though i'd give him the edge in physical strength being eternally youthful (especially the way he's been depicted currently.) Along w/ his brother's both of whom are right there underneath him, a def victory for them. 

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Tryina figure out wut scares me more...trying and failing..or not trying an losing more..

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I gotta back up the Sodam Yat requests. Even if it is a cameo. Though a John Stewart movie does move me, the man goes hard. 

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Who walks away from this duel?  Kratos is armed w/ all his weapons from the end of GOWIII, Dante from DMCVI, and maxed out Starkiller from TFU. (Blade's are lightsaber resistant so that solves that)  An no time powers. 

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Maul n Talon wreck shop. Ventress was skilled, but she'd def go down against Maul, as would Nihl in my opinion. Talon could hold her own against either of them, and by the time the battle started to tell...Maul would be there to end it. 

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Aight, so i read 2 about page 4 then decided to just respond. On the 1 hand you have Blade, a bada$$ in his own right and a noted swordsman. Then you have Mace. Now this is EU Mace, not movie mace (whose still 1 bad mutha#$%$), so you have to take into account his Shatterpoint ability, Vapaad, and his over-all force power. Now Mace didn't just Master Vapaad, he created it. He took Juyo, the 7th final and most deadly of the lightsaber forms (though like w/ rock, paper, scissors a battle between masters can go either way and all have advantages an disadvantages) and perfected it creating a new Form/subform.  I'd put Mace above Blade in pure combat/swordsman skills. Even if you just take Blade's Katana and have it made of Cortosis weave so it's lightsaber resistant, effectively ending the weapons debate. Then you have his force powers, Push, Crush, Speed, Agility, his precog, those are gunna make it kinda hard for blade, he can't effectively defend against all of them. Maybe he matches the speed, but Mace anticipates him at the right moment and well...ya know? Then you have the TK abilities available, a powerful TK shove/Force push at the right moment can change the whole duel. Then  you have the Shatterpoint, Mace can instinctively use the Force to reveal the hidden weak points in people, moments, events, objects...ect ect. Used by Jaina when she was attempting to learn it (an remember you guys Mace mastered it INSTINCTIVELY) she shattered a solid beskar disk (a metal tough enough to turn aside lightsaber blades). I'm adding all of these up.....and i'm getting. 
Mace WINS!! lol

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@the creator said:
" @Morpheus_ said:
Odin is class 60. "
Yep. Odin physically was past his peak and hence was rated at a lower strength than Zeus. Zeus is also a skilled warrior in melee combat.I would actually back Zeus for the win but it would be close. "
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@Hunter114 said:
" @Uchiha NeVann:  How does it have nothing to do with them both being black? - Black people generally have five major characteristics that define their appearance (except for clothing): Bone Structure - characters generally would have different bone structure if they were drawn by a different artist Skin Tone - can sometimes change depending on the artist Body Structure - most teenage superhero characters have the same body structure or at least have sub-groups Height - most people about the same age are roughly the same height Hair - their hairstyle is one that is stereotypically a teenage (or young) African American male's  When it comes down to it, they are both being compared because of their skin tone and hairstyle... which are both stereotypically black. "
Actually Dread's aren't a that typical a style in African-American teenage culture. Braids and Fades are far more common among our youth, an it's only been in the last 4 years, and mostly at the college level that Dreads have begone to become popular, espeically being considered a more Afro-centric and original feel. Kinda like Fro's. So personally it would have made more since for him to have a fade unless DC was trying to make sure he reminded people of Vrigil...are they destined best friends or something?