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@difficlus said:
" @Backflip said:
" I'd say Team 1... Although, it'd be a difficult battle to the very end. I probably see Kon dying again, but Mon-El should win out. "  
Current Kon-El has all of superman's powers with TT, though it isn't probably on superman's level, i can picture Invincible and COnquest making short work on him. However Mon-EL should be enough (after dispatching probably omni-man or conquest whoever choses to fight him) to take the 2 remaining people in a tough fight. "
Kon has taken on full grown Kryptonians, and even held his own against Prime a time or two. So i don't get this idea that Invincible or Conquest can take him. They haven't done anything that leads me to believe they could at this point. He has Kryptonian level strength as his base, and his TTK enhances that. In addition he has the full array of Kryptonian abilities as well as the TK an more exotic powers. An Mon is Superman's equal, he should easily be able to handle two of them. 
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We already know the answer to this. Sodam is still Ion in Geoff's future w/ the Legion and we know that for the story of the main DCU as he's plotting it that's the definitive future. Soooo there it is.

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Of the dome...no. Base strength he gets pwned, w/ that increase potential the arguement can be made...but we'll never live long enough to see it. So no. I'ma go with no. 

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@Random Bucket said:
" Skyfather Herc has gained powers in the last issue of Chaos Wars which supposedly puts him near Chaos Kings power level (well enough to challenge him). In that same issue it is said that like 98.76% of the multiverse was already destroyed by the Chaos King so unless RKT can stand up to a mutliversal being he's not beating Herc. "
An there it is. That's kind of the most basic explanation at the moment. 
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I just hope the stop f$#%^#$ with him honestly.

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Sodam Yat, though his new symbol and....direction..kinda bothers me. But yeah, outfit is slick cold
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@NightFang said:
"I think you guys are really messing the point of what this forum is about, are any of you even fallowing the link? I you did then you would know Obama has done a lot of good for this country, but because he's not moving as fast as some people like they start turning on him and reelect the same people who start this mess! "

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Luke can take either 1 on 1, but if it's both of them 2gether..that may even be more than he can handle. Both were exceptionally strong.....hmm...it's an interesting question...but i guess i'm gunna back Luke. 

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@spidey 15 said:
" @Emerald_General_Jai: Why Bruce and Dick? =] "
@MzombieX said:
" @Emerald_General_Jai said:
"Now honestly, while i want to say stalemate....i think the Batmen will take it. The obvious match-ups are Bruce vs T'Challa and Shuri vs Dick. Mostly b/c if you put them 2gether then Dick and Shuri are the obvious subordinates (based on interplay between characters, i mean look at how T'Challa was calling the shots even during her "reign" while fighting the Doomwar) T'Challa (now correct me but i think the Hudlin run was the one where he got amped right??? If not then someone point me the right way, i'm just gonna use Doomwar T'Challa 4 the peak in this argument, n peak human 4 the lows). T'Challa is one of the few men that i'm positive it's a coin toss when he faces Bruce in the ring, with or w/o all the gadgets. It's the kind of fight that you'd make a mint off in pay-per-view. Both are martial arts masters, and master strategists. Honestly i'd b more interested in a full blown war between them w/ access to all their influence..but w/ what we have i see them matching each other. Though if it's T'Challa w/ the enhanced strength and endurance n such from that anonymous Panther deity, then i'd give him the edge. The problem is Shuri.....i just don't see her as being able to take out Dick. I'm sry but i'd give him the solid majority. An Dick, especially considering the level of experience he and Bruce have working in tandem, would be just the edge that Bruce needs ta take out T'Challa. I think Dick would fall in the end, but it would be enough for them to clinch a victory. So i'll give the Bats...7/10. "
So you're basically saying that even if T'Challa might be able to take out Bruce, that you think Dick would most likely be able to take out Shuri faster than T'Challa can take out Bruce? This would of course allow the Bats to double team Panther ... that's pretty reasonable. Nice call. I agree that Panther should take out Batman and Dick should take out Shuri ... so I guess it really does depend on who can take out who the fastest in the end. I think Dick has the experience and of course a larger library of feats over Shuri ... but then again, aren't Shuri's physical stats over Dick's? Like enhanced strength, senses, etc. If so it could make up the difference and she could "maybe" hold her own longer than one might think. Her only real fault for lack of feats is being a newer character ... not necessarily incapable.  Good matchup either way. Definitely a very even fight. "
See the issue becomes who could hold on longer. Since this isn't the uber enhanced T'Challa then i give it to Bruce being able to match T'Challa longer then Shuri can hang in there w/ Dick. Overall his agility is such that she won't probably get the chance to use her stats, and his skill closes the gap the rest of the way. Then factor in the fact Dick has years of experience taking out opponents who have him outdone on pure physical stats. So in the end i think Dick can take Shuri, and do it fast enough for it to be Dick and Bruce vs T'Challa. An i think that's enough to tip the scales to a Bat victory. 
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@Static Shock said:
" @Emerald_General_Jai: T'Challa got amped in volume four, after Maberry took over the book. "
Then def Bruce n Dick.