GLC:Greatest Team in Comics??

So you look at the concept of the GLC right, i mean the Green Lantern Corps, and from the jump it's pretty powerful. You have the Guardians right? These are the oldest, wisest, and (in their own minds at least ;) ) most powerful beings in the Universe who decide to arm a Corps of beings w/ the most powerful weapons in the Galaxy. I mean, if you look at a power ring you basically have infinite possiblities in 1 weapon. It can arm it's weilder with any weapon, affect the universe around it, manipulate Energy, i mean they basically make the sky the limit. Then you have the officers themselves, beings chosen for their ability to overcome (originally a lack of) fear. Take the fact that the ring passes through the hands of multiple bearers, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner. The Corps is destroyed, and names like Parallax and Ion become parts of the mythos. Then you have Geoff come along right? An he takes a concept that was already pretty darn bada$$...and he, and the crew he has w/ him, improves upon it..

First you have the rings themselves, he takes their impurity, and while still keeping it viable for later authors, he basically cures it. If a Lantern can overcome their fear, then they rob their rings of the weakness to yellow, and the impurity looses it's power.
Then you have the newest laws that the Guardians have imposed. Lethal force is now enabled against foes who warrent it. The members of the Corps now have the ability to decide if a situation truly warrents them to fight to the death to protect those under their care, or see that justice is done.

Then you have the way the Corps has been re-built. Many of it is simply Vetrans taking on old duties, Salaak as a Senior Lantern who coordinates the doings of allULanterns, Kilowog as the Corps Drill Seargent responsible for making Lanterns out of potentials from across the Universe, Tomar Re's son replaces him as responsible for the book of Oa, Guy Gardner as an Honor Lantern, while others continue there myriad tasks. WHile still others take on postitions new to the Corps. Sodam Yat-a Daxamite becomes the new bearer of Ion, and the Guardians personal agent as Kyle Rayner before him. Kyle takes a postion among the Honor Guard, the creation of the Alpha Lanterns, addtion of a second Lantern assigned to every sector, and the "acknowledgement" of the Corpse.

The Green Lantern Corps has been turned into an even more formidable force for good than it was before, and I just can't help but their a team in comics their equal. Look at the membership, Kilowog, Hannu, Stel, Mogo, Grak, Ash, Graf, and each Lantern brings their own unique skillset to the team. Vath and Isamot both seasoned warriors, Hal Jordan's immense willpower, John Stewarts accuracy (best shot in the corps), Arisia's skill, Soranik's knowledge and skill as a doctor, the planet Lantern Mogo. With all these warriors brought into play, one has to wonder if their is a force that could realistically best them.

An i've had a hard time managing to find one. Over the course of months i've scoured comics, this site, these boards, and none of my answers have seemed to work. They have managed to beat, or at least are seen by most able to handle all comers. From Galactus and his Heralds, to Darkseid and his hoards, I've thrown them up aginst, the fire demons and Ice Giants of Asgard w/ Surtur to lead them, the Kree and Inhumans, the Shi'ar, the Annihilation Wave, the Phalanx, the Nova Corps, the X-Men, and even the League. An in the end i realized, the question must be considered...has Geoff created the most powerful team, the most unstoppable force for all of Comics?
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I agree they are a good team and this is a good book because there are so many in the corps you will like one of them

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I'm talkin about effectiveness, I mean if it came down to an all-out, knock-down, drag-out, balls-2-da-walls fight to the finish. I can't think of many teams who could take em.

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x men

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"x men "

Outnumbered, and for a large part out-classed. Jean Grey w/ Phoenix, and a virus-less Cable or Nate Grey would prove problamatic, but the Alpha Lanterns can handle Jean, and Sodam can take on Cable. After that the majority of their members can be takin care of pretty easily by a good ring-slinger, even if they didn't have a pure numbers/power advantage. I do love the X-Men though, b4 Rebirth they were my favorites. (Grew up during Kyle's era sooo the Corps wasn't really a factor)
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At first I thought of the Nova Corps, but no, just no. :)
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Their greatest enemy however, the ones who created them, could

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That remains to be seen