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Ok so everyone has their favorites right?? Well the last few years, getting in-n-out then back into Comics has done a number on mine. The charachter's who inhabit them really personify the best humanity has to offer. There are tons out there, Captain America, Batman, Kal-El, Hulk, Sora, Goku, Witchblade, Hal Jordan, ect ect. An there are obviously those who mean more to us than others.  My personal list of favorites is long and filled, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Tim Drake, Wally West, Nightwing, Piccolo, Gohan, there are tons of them. Yet there's no denying the fact that their are charachter's who resonate with me more than any others. It's their exploits that keep me tied to the world of Comics. They for me are the most influential heroes out there, and their victories mean more to me than any others.  

When I was younger, Superboy was my favorite Hero in all the world. He was younger, cooler, easier to deal with than Superman was. Then their was the way his powers worked, the idea that he would be all that Superman was and more, the promise that all generations hold for the ones that come before. I followed his career, watching as he grew as a hero while I grew as a man. HIs triumphs mirrored my own, and his lessons were easy for me to follow. Geoff came and took over the reigns of his future and i couldn't have been happier, Kon's future seemed assured, and i enjoyed every single one of his appearances. When he gave his life to save the Multiverse...I swore off comics, and yet i found my way back, b/c it was something i love. An now years later he's found his way back as well.  

When Static Shock came on the air I was simply ecstatic, while i love heroes and comics...it's always been hard to really picture myself as them..they simply don't look like me. Yet Static does. A smart, handsome young Black man doing what's right. The show was great, and i had no trouble identifying with him. His powers covered a large range, and damn it all they were fricken cool.  Even in JLU he had a part to play, and i loved seeing him as really relevant. The longer i watched, the more i liked him. I found out about his time as a comic, and went back and read them. An now he's in comics again, it's amazing fun to watch the old episodes, n him having new adventures to read is shaping into a blast.  

So no sooner does Kon kick the bucket, than i start reading X-Men. An low an behold, i meet Hellion. Now while he doesn't have as deep a resonance as the rest of these dudes, he has a place. TK is simply a cold-ass power to have, and Hellion does it with fricken style. He started off as a complete an utter jack-ass, and next thing ya know he's one of the gang. From his enjoyable romance with Sofia, to his interesting match-up with X-23 his romantic life was almost as interesting as his skills. He's managed to stand against WWHulk, Nimrod, and helped out with finding the Messiah Child. The guy proved he really was a stong contender in the X-Men's arsenal. Not that high up on my favorites list, but he did a good job of filling the niche left by Kon b4 he dissapeared into Mutant obscurity.

Sodam Yat, ok now this one takes a lil bit of explaining. I love GL, now Kyle is my green Lantern of choice b/c he's who i grew up with. Yet Sodam is the realization of a childhood idea that i always thought would be fricken cool. 1 hero, with the amazing energy powers of Green Lantern and the phsyical Might of SUPERMAN!! Believe me, when i did the research and found out about his original proposal i found the comic that had it an bought a copy. An when he finally hit the scene after Rebirth, i kept an eye out for him. Since his larger role started in the SCW i've bought every issue he's appeared in, and have personally put together his entire paige. I've enjoyed his charachterization and just can't wait for him to really explode, or even to see him really cut loose. 

 So everybodies gotta love the JLA. You have a gathering of the most powerful members of the DCU, their most influential heroes working together to defeat threats they would almost certainly loose to on their own. Its an amazing grouping of Heroes an i can't wait to see what happens next.
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Posted by Zniperking

Those are my favorite characters as well

Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

Cool, i'm glad the resonate with others as well. I'm def glad to see Static, an Kon-El return to comics, and Sodam's been playin a pretty nice role over in GLC, if we can get Hellion back  we'll be set.

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@Emerald_General_Jai:  I think they might kill hellion off I just got a feeling about it if you read what's happening in X-force
Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

I damn well hope not, but that's how my luck normally runs...

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Didn't they kill off Ion in the green lantern corps

Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

He "sacrificed" himself last issue, but Geoff is writing him alive in the 31st Century of New Earth over in Lo3W, and even in Tomasi's issue a few days ago on Newsarama they played off his "death", so i doubt he's actually dead, or will even be outta comission that long. He is sposed to play a large role in BN, and Tomasi n Geoff apparently have plans for him.

Posted by Zniperking
@Emerald_General_Jai: guess your right
Posted by Crimson Thunder

YEAH Static