A way for DC to capitalize on their Idea from Last Year.

Soo DC had that great idea of a 50cents comic that was able to let us know what was coming for the major storyarcs of their next year. Now part of this is just b/c I think it would be cool, but in comics that's where some of the best idea's come from. They serve a purpose, further the storylines of the universe, and give somthing to the fandom. So my pitch is this. A 50cent issue covering a meeting of the remaining members of the Quintessence It can be an actual story, and also serve the same purpose of the last 1. Now this kinda depends on the state of the DCU come January/April whenever they decide to do this ya know? But as it stands, you have Zeus, Ganthet, Shazam, Highfather, Phantom Stranger, maybe the Spectre presiding..it gives you allot of working room. Now this part explains why it has to be this group, and why it also helps out. First is the fact that allot of people have complained/worried/seem confused on the power levels of the Cosmic Beings that DC has compared to Marvel. It would remind them just who the major players (at least as far as Good is concerned) are.
Another is that each of them, in their own area of power gives u a reason to explore the more major franchises. Ganthet covers cosmics. In him you have a reason to cover GL, GLC, and even R.E.B.E.L.S. or Adam Stranges corner of the Universe. Zeus of course ties into WW. Shazam, magic, if u wanna explain what's goin on in Hell, and a connection to the JLA if you use the concerns he should have over Freddy. Highfather ties to the Multiverse, (if Morrison's story is ready) and has ties w/ Superman. Phantom Stranger can be tied into w/e you choose. Spectre as more of the over-arching connection between them all. An the other thing is it's not at all hard to set up. Between Final Crisis, Blackest Night, New Krypton, the God's return, and Shazam's rebirth, you'd expect it would be a good time for a pow-wow between these guys, and DC can always add any other's they feel fit the bill. (If they have any new Cosmic LVL beings they wanna introduce.) Now this last bit is purely fanboy on my part. (BUT if some big whig see's this and uses it. PLEASE let this make it through, give a dog a bone here.) When they show up, it would make sense, they'd bring representatives. Not so much for protection, but as a show of power/influence/reach. A champion of theirs in the mortal world, or w/e. Ya know what, dnt care how ya explain it. An they match up perfectly (Same order as their sponser/master/empowerer)  Achilles(Zeus' champion and answer to Wonder Woman) Ion(he's the embodiment of his Corps Avatar, and most powerful member), Freddy/Billy (Self explanatory almost ya know?), Orion(Foremost warrior/champion for the ideals of New Genesis), Not entirely sure...perhaps Tim Hunter (future of magic). Most of these are just idea's i'm throwing out there. Yet all of them depend on the story. I still think it'd be a good idea. An even the way you would set it up visually is easy to deal with. You have a table, a rounded or octagon type, and you set it up. So you have each being sitting and to their right is their champion. An you also seat them by powersource. Ganthet (who is cosmically powered), and on either side Zeus to his left and Shazam to his right, then you have Phantom Stranger and Spectre, and Highfather across from Ganthet, so Magic is equally seperated by science/cosmic power. There are just so many diff things that can be done w/ it.
Posted by DEGRAAF

This is interesting what $0.50 comic are you talking about. I would like to know  more about Achilles