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I don't know much about iron patriot, I just liked seeing him get his butt kicked in siege. That was cool. I remember thinking "finally!!"

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I like this show enough to keep watching every week. But like Tony said, I probably wouldn't watch it if it didn't have marvel in the title. Arrow is a superior show in almost every aspect. My favorite line in this episode is when Skye says:

"Coulson is a robot!!" In reference to his lack of feeling. Foreshadowing?

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I voted for hulk, but to clarify, I only meant mark ruffalo hulk, the others sucked.

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Ben is kind of a dumb brute, without reed around, he can get easily outsmarted. He'll rush head long into any situation that Arthur crafts for him. Arthur, a tactical expert, will see thing as what he is, a large rock monster, no surprises there, and he will definitely lure thing to the sea. Thing will see a dude with a staff and yellow chain mail, a pushover. Aqua man will take advantage of the fact that rocks sink and trap him or drown him (if that is possible) under water. Without reed, thing is a blunt instrument, he may be stronger than AC, but that only matters if it comes down to a slugfest, which aquaman would surely avoid. Aquaman wins by a mile.

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Could be Namor sitting on a throne...?