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Thanks for doing this podcast! It is a lot of fun. Here's a few questions.

This has always bothered me, which title is better to have? US or IC? What is the belt hierarchy? We assume that tag and divas are off to the side and not apart of this conversation. I just can't tell which is better to have.

Who do you think is inside the bunny costume? I think it will become relevant and perhaps a plot point down the line. Image slater and gator vs rose and bunny! It's lightning in a bottle!

I feel RAW could benefit from not trying to do as much as they do. Wwe has 6 hrs of weekly main roster programming, they don't need to have a 2 minute squash match or a 90 second divas match just to cram it onto raw. They could spread out their content, make other shows more meaningful, and giving the superstars more time to shine in their given match. That's one reason I like Main event, each segment seems more meaningful due to its length. Smackdown does better than raw in this regard too. Anyway, what do you think?

Thanks again, and have a nice day!

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Did you notice how pre-summerslam, our resident heel announcer, JBL, was actually on baby face Jack Swagger's side, and now, with his summerslam loss, JBL is overly critical of Swagger. I thought it was refreshing to have JBLs announcing be slightly more realistic with him liking at least one baby face. But they had to find a lame reason to turn that around. Do you think that the way wrestling announcers are either all good or all bad is outdated?

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Now that Dean Ambrose is taking a few months off to film the next wwe productions box office hit (cause that's a thing), who would you like to see Rollins feud with until Dean makes his inevitable and glorious return? (Some people think he'll be back for TLC). I'd like to see him work with Dolph Ziggler or maybe a returned and baby faced bad news Barrett? (Probably not gonna happen but you can dream)

It seems like 95% of pro wrestling matches end one of 3 ways. 1. Finishing move 2. Distraction 3. Cheap shot. Would you like to see this formula change? I'd like to hear Michael Cole worry if the DDT is enough to put somebody away and actually share that worry, instead of knowing, without a doubt, that they will kick out. I just wish that non finishing moves held more weight/consequences in the ring.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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I appreciate your new wrestling podcast. I have NO ONE to talk about wrestling with. My friends and wife think it's dumb (which it kind of is but I love it). I noticed in you debut episode (congrats btw) that you were very critical of WWE to the point that I don't recall you saying anything that you like on WWE (Bo Dallas and NXT aside). This leads me to my first question:

1. What do you LIKE about WWE right now? I find that it is easier to say what you don't like than what you do. I'm loving Dean Ambrose right now, he looks like your sisters douchey ex-boyfriend, but his antics in and out of the ring make me have to cheer and laugh. He seems like a fresh take on the stone cold Steve Austin archetype.

2. Not that it really matters but is Nikki Bella still dating John Cena, and if so, do you think they'll see what he has to say about her heel turn?

3. Am I the only person that hates the Wyatt's? I find them boring, I get up and get food or change the channel whenever it's their turn. On the other hand I love Y2J. Their fued puts me in a tight spot. Have you ever been there? A wrestler you love in a fued or situation you hate?

Thanks, I look forward to future podcasts.

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I don't know much about iron patriot, I just liked seeing him get his butt kicked in siege. That was cool. I remember thinking "finally!!"

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I like this show enough to keep watching every week. But like Tony said, I probably wouldn't watch it if it didn't have marvel in the title. Arrow is a superior show in almost every aspect. My favorite line in this episode is when Skye says:

"Coulson is a robot!!" In reference to his lack of feeling. Foreshadowing?

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I voted for hulk, but to clarify, I only meant mark ruffalo hulk, the others sucked.

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Ben is kind of a dumb brute, without reed around, he can get easily outsmarted. He'll rush head long into any situation that Arthur crafts for him. Arthur, a tactical expert, will see thing as what he is, a large rock monster, no surprises there, and he will definitely lure thing to the sea. Thing will see a dude with a staff and yellow chain mail, a pushover. Aqua man will take advantage of the fact that rocks sink and trap him or drown him (if that is possible) under water. Without reed, thing is a blunt instrument, he may be stronger than AC, but that only matters if it comes down to a slugfest, which aquaman would surely avoid. Aquaman wins by a mile.

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Could be Namor sitting on a throne...?