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Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Real Name: Konrad Vahlok.

Aliases: ElusiveStorm, ES, The Catalyst, The Prime-Arc, The Mercuryan King.

Identity: Public.

Species: Immortal Mutant.

Alignment: Neutral/Evil.

Affiliation(s): Vine Villians (Formerly. Circa 2008).

Base of Operations: Utopis - Planet Mercury.

Occupation(s): Adventurer, Warrior, Dictator, Would-Be-Conqueror.

Marital Status: Widowed/Single (Wife - Deceased: Katrina Vahlok).

Age: 590 Years. (Appears to be in Late Twenties/Early-Thirties)

Date of Birth: Early 15th Century.

Height: 6'1".

Weight: 210 lbs.

Hair: Dark Brown/Black.

Eyes: Volcanic Blue.

Build: Muscular.

Unusual Features: Missing Ring and Pinky Fingers on Left Hand.

Rise of a Mutant: History of the ElusiveStorm.

Vahlok Castle, Bavaria

Konrad, son of Hector and Marie Vahlok, was born during the fall of 1424 AD. Within the first few hours of his life, he was named the successor to the title of Duke of Bavaria as his father's health quickly deteriorated. Hector would die two days after the birth of his son, leaving his wife as the Steward of the Duchy until Konrad was old enough to rule.

Konrad grew up isolated within the castle and always under the watchful eye and guidance of his mother. During his youth, he was progressively taught politics, philosophy and economics. He would begin to practice how to ride a horse and manage weapons as well as undergoing rigorous physical training. The need for this swift education was due to rival Bavarian factions vying for the throne of the Duchy, believing that a woman and her young son could not manage the interests of the region.

Assassination attempts became frequent as Konrad aged, fortunately the remnants of the old Bavarian Crusader Order acted as the Vahlok's personal guard and deterred every attack without incident.

As Konrad turned fourteen, Marie had stepped down as Steward of the Dutchy, believing her son was ready to become the Duke of Bavaria. Extremely wise for his age, Konrad took the title earnestly and carefully chose a select group of noblemen loyal to his family to become his advisors alongside his mother. Just as he was starting his tenure, an unexpected change had begun to occur within the young Duke.

To Be Continued.

The King Of Mercury:


Coming Soon.


Unlimited Power

Bio-Electric Energy Generation & Manipulation:

The ElusiveStorm's heart is the source of his mutant abilities. It is constantly generating an unlimited supply of Bio-electric Energy, which can be seen as a force field consisting of small electrical bolts dancing across his form at all times. This energy that emanates from his body also serves as a shield to protect him from physical and other energy-based attacks. The field itself is harmless, allowing him to still make physical contact with others without any danger.

He is able to convert this energy to many different uses, the currently known abilities are:

  • Matter Displacement: The ability that personifies The ElusiveStorm, he is capable of teleporting through the discharge of the bio-electric energies within his body. The process is almost instantaneous, appearing as an erratic electrical storm. While teleporting, the air around the affected area rapidly expands, creating a sound similar to thunder. He can use this power strategically in battle, through rapidly teleporting numerous times, resulting in unpredictable attacking patterns from every direction and eluding counter-attacks. He can replicate this process with other beings and objects by focusing his energy towards the intended target. Utilizing this ability too often can become strenuous and begin to fatigue ES, leaving him more vulnerable to attack.

  • Electron Scream: Capable of harnessing his Bio-Electric energy within his vocal chords, ES can release a devastating scream that can generate a powerful concussive force that has the potential to destroy planets. His scream is tied in with his emotional state, if he becomes angered, energy automatically transfers from his heart to his vocal chords.

  • B.E. Bolts: ES Can route the energies generated from within his heart, through his arms and release it from his hands into several large bolts of lightning. The power of these bolts can range from being a concussive force, to super-heated arcs of pure energy that can blast through and destroy most materials, turning the matter into ash (This takes great concentration and effort). The closer the intended target is to the source of the conduits (ES' hands), the more intense the power.

  • Void Whip: A weapon made of pure energy, it can manifest from either of ElusiveStorm's hands. As soon as it is spawned, the whip begins to intensify with heat and becomes more lethal. It's best feature is it's extendable range, as it can reach a length of thirty feet.

  • E.M.P: In an age where electricity and technology are so crucial to survival, it has made ES more powerful than ever. Through sheer concentration, he is able to emit a large electro-magnetic pulse that will render technology and anything utilizing electricity, useless. The size of the blast radius depends on how long ES charges his energy, the longer he takes, the larger the area is affected.

  • Generated Healing: Through focusing some of his energy on a wound and releasing small electrical discharges, he can speed up the cellular regeneration and thus the healing process. A moderate wound that would take weeks to heal, would be fully mended in a matter of minutes and can recover quickly from high impact damage.

  • Induce Mutations: ElusiveStorm can transfer his Bio-Electric energy through direct physical contact with the area over another being's heart. From this, the host's body will go under an immediate and painful mutation that will be completed within under a minute and remain a seemingly permanent change. Seventy percent of the Mutates that go through this process will be endowed with similar, yet significantly weaker, powers to ElusiveStorm. These beings are called "The Vahlokan Mutants", named after their progenitor. The few that do not share these similar powers, will manifest various mutations as if they had the Mutant X-Gene.

Storm Manifestation:

ES can become an elusive black cloud charged with electrical energy. He can phase through objects and other living beings without being harmed. Through constant generation of kinetic energy while in this form, he becomes more tangible that allows him to send concussive shockwaves once crashing down on surfaces.


Both a gift and a curse, Konrad's aging process has been rendered obsolete, allowing him to have lived nearly six centuries with the health, vitality and appearance of a man in his prime.

Superhuman Physiology



Skilled Tactician

Expert Combatant

Swordsmanship/Weapons Proficiency


Power Grid Points:

Agility: 4.

Durability: 6.

Energy projection: 6.

Fighting Ability: 4.

Intelligence: 4.

Mental Power: 1.

Speed: 3. (7 - Teleportation).

Stamina: 6.

Strength: 4.


Adamantium Gladius:

A relic that ElusiveStorm has altered, replacing nearly every part of the sword (except for the silver handle and guard) with Adamantium, making it near-indestructible. The sword has become an extension of ES, as it is almost always with him, strapped to his back. The Bio-Electric energies that surge through ElusiveStorm's body can be channelled into the blade, making it an even deadlier weapon as it releases lethal bolts of electricity with every slash or thrust.