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Vilgax gets slaughtered
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Wonder Woman
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@k4tzm4n said:
"@Power NeXus said:
"@k4tzm4n said:
"Kraven absolutely destroys the Punisher.  Kraven on his serum is almost on par with Spider-Man. "
I believe with "without potion" part of the title meant Kraven doesn't have his serum.      I'm not exactly an expert on either of these two, but I'm sortof leaning towards Punisher. "Punisher kills the Marvel Universe" comes to mind. It's not canon, but it gives good implications of how dangerous he is. But like I said, I don't know a heck of a lot about these characters. "

Whoops, didnt see that...I was going by what was in the OP, not the title.   In that case, this is an extremely bloody fight, but I see Kraven taking it.  And yeah, Frank kills the MU isn't canon =) 
I choose Kraven because of the following: 
-Expert hand to hand combatant...Yes, Frank is too, however Kraven has diverse knowledge of pressure points, something we've seen Daredevil use successfully against Castle many times. 
-Environment.  Kraven is at home in the jungle, Castle, while he can adapt, is at a disadvantage. 
-Despite Frank being extremely durable for a human, Kraven is even more-so.  His serum doesn't enhance his durability
-More experience in hand-to-hand.  Wait, don't call me crazy just yet.  Yes, Frank has been through a lot, however, believe it or not, he's still younger than Kraven.  Kraven is estimated to be over 70 years old...The serum is what makes him appear to be young. "

Kraven Wins and well said
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Great article!
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Malificent owns him. 
He's a best a court wizard. 
She;s the "dark Fairy"
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Top 10 Ways  Cell gets owned in the Marvel Universe. 
10. Nico of the Runaways makes a bad rhyme that takes away his powers so the others can beat him
9. Thor and Afres puts aside their diffrences and Kill him 
8. Doom Kills him and uses his body as a weapon 
7. Emma Frost makes Cell eat his own arms. 
6.  The Eternals laugh at him and then beat him. Sersi turns him into a two head gopher
5. Wakanda seals him in a Vibarbium generator and power their cities off him. 
4. Brother Voodo and Doctor Strange Beat him in the astral plane leaving him a souless husk. 
3. Reed Richards tosses him into the Negative Zone's evil twin dimension 
2.     Squirrle Girl.....does something horrible to him off panel and he loses.  
1. Scarlet Witch says "No more stupid Dragon Ball Z Characters" 
Abby has spoken!

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1. This omega mutant crap is...crap in no universe could Bobby beat Superman thinking so is just crazy talk. 
2.Katara owns Iceman in every way. He's her ice-bitch, lol He's Ice, she controls ice..water all.That's her power . 
3. Fire Benders can procduce and control fire Zuko could make the torch less hot and could punch him bending the fire away from where he strikes crippling Johnny in a few seconds. 
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Soka's sword can cut through anything..will it cut through sue's force field?