Art Upload 3/11/2012

A Lot of people tend to post your typical Marvel and DC art. Theses are characters published by the company I work you can find out more at www.channelm and also check out the Princess Lucinda Face book page for more information

Lucinda and Millicent. A Filler pic I did for Princess Lucinda issue 0
Millicent Nightbane. The big sister overshadowed by Princess Lucinda.
Princess Lucinda.
Ashley White, Start of the comic, My big sister is a witch.
Posted by feebadger

That is some absolutely beautiful art. I love your line work and the colour palette. Will be heading over to your web site NOW to check out more.

Posted by IcePrince_X

Nice ladies!

Posted by blur1528

Reminds me of Frank Quitely's style. Superb.