Characer designs

Character designs for Channel M's Mortals: Seekers of truth. I went simple looking for a cross between Supernatrual and Scooby doo which is the basic theme of the game.









Channel M's super heroes

   I thought Would pass this along. It's a big project I did featuring character designs for  the superheroes of the Channel M universe (I've already started on the villans  
they are sort of big so I thought links would work best.  
Enjoy and don't forget to check out channel m at


The Queen of Fan Girls Speak- Stronger is not better

I love the Battle mesage board but I'm noticing a trend. 
People picking winners based on either popularity or  Strehgth. 
Neither one wins a battle. 
The Reason Batman Lex Luthor or Reed Richards are the threats they are have nothing to do with the above is intellect and guile. That's what wins.  Also Physical powers are the least effective in a super hero battle. Invulnerability is like a facebook page, everyone has it or regeneration or a combination of both. 
And I'll Prove a point 
Hulk vs. Kitty Pryde....Kitty Pryde Wins 
Wolverine vs. Kitty Pryde...Kitty Pryde wins. 
Her powers negates all physicality. In truth given the right situation unless you have non physical powers or intellect to back you up you are going to lose against her. 
So Why is Physicality a big thing? 
I blame male machismo on that. Physicality is the mail trait. 
They value it more and if you ever want to figure out who's a 13 year boy on Comicvine look at the Battle site 
Hes the one choosing Wolverine, Deadpool and Goku as the winner to every battle. 
The Queen of Geeks has spoken