Bring on the bad guys- Channel M Villains

First 100 superheroes, now I'm starting on the bad guys. 
First Brutus: A Gorilla experimented on by having Metahuman DNa spliced into its DNA..Bad things happened. 
Creating a Super strong unstoppable killing machine.  


Arztin Blitz..aka Doc Blitz fastest Nazi alive... 


The Imagineer's Aegis 4.0



So I was told
Abby I need a complete design sheet for the Imagineer and his armor. Here's the info...

And here it is.

The Imagineer isn't just a guy in a suit.
He's a metahuman with his main power being his intellect and mind.  He has a 700 IQ Photographic memory and reflexes.

What I like about him the most is unlike Reed Richards or Tony Stark he's actually made the world a better place with  A new Lithium based battery that lasts centuries and deliver enough energy to power your home. Cures for most cancers, HIV, diabetes and the common cold  (Which he dumped without  asking into the world's water table).

He also inted jump gates that allows his team  (Team Maximum) to travel instantly to any place on the Earth or moon. Perfected  Space probes that can travel to other stars in a few months. 
For full size go here    

Channel M's The Revolution

I Think I posted it before... 
 If not ..Merry after Christmas 
The Revolution is easily one of my favorite of Channel M's Team. 
They are a midd;le of the road team. 
Based in New York they are older and more experinced than Youthquake but not as powerful or Experinced as the  Team Maximum and not as tough as the Marauders. 
Orion: The Leader, He' can lift about 10 tons, run ast about 100mph and is resiant to small and medium fire arms, he has heightened senses and heals fast (NOt wolverine fast but faster than the average metahuman). Ex- Collage Football player , a charismatic jock who belives in using his abilties to help others. Has very middle American values. Mysti's Boyfriend
The Stranger: Tough as nails Ex Army ranger and general bastard. He's a master of guns , knives and normal martial arts. Hisman metahuman power is he's a psychic. He Can sense danger, see in the future a few seconds to predict your next move and erase any memory of him from your mind. He's the teams bad boy and gives Orion a hard time just for the fun of it. 
Star Dust: The good girl, haf alien college student who wants to be normal. Slight, energy blasts, can survice in space for short peiods and absorb energy. Has a ctush on the stranger. 
Mysti: Saqrcastic, intellegent  pragamatic ;liberal  Goth chick. A trained Witch aside from magical powers she dosen't age and is immune to most poisons and sickness.  AMysti used to be a  Outsider art art artist cadting spells to make her life easier. Not a villan per say she just didn't care about anyone until Orion eentered her life and gave her a chance to be a hero. She loves him and her sees her team as her family and will kill for them without a second thought.  
The Nubian: The Nubian was and is a College law student who fell in love with a Voodoo priestess. Going to her rituasl he became a "Mount" for the spirits of beings who wrere the old gods of Africa (The Oriesha). The gave him the Strength of Ogun, The Power of Shango, The Speed of Mefewe, The Gile of Anansi and more.  Nuban speaks in the third person "We are the  Nubian" .He is very frank about eveything and never lies.  
Drone: Drone has is the second youngest member of the team. He can lift about a 2 tons, fly, has ultra violet vision, 360 degree sensing, spit a super sticy honey at range and fire razor sharp stingers from his forearms.  Powers aside he's the teams moral center thanks to his naieve farm boy roots. He also has a crush on Stard dust , is seen as a little brother by Orion and is deathly afraid of Mysti (who likes him being afraid of her). 

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More Channel M Heroes

I left out these designs by accident on the first post. 
I mean  of all the heroes to leave out Queen-B a cross dressing superhero....  
Teen Supreme: There are three ten her groups. Teen Supreme re a vigilante Superhero team ie, they don't have a sponsor and or legimate police powers. 
Grrl Power: The Team of San Fran/Bay area. The only all girl team..Queen B is actually a female but was born a a man... 
The 6 are the first Hero team with some 60 thousand years of experince. They are the cosmic level heroes out there fighting things so big and powerful thinking about it will give you a stroke. 
Xanthus: The Master Fighter, ASll martial arts are just water doened versions of the martial arts he invented. Think if Goku was a Jedi master  
Mizeriel: He's the Team's Big gun...The one and only archangel of heroes... think superman prime on a mission from god withy the Spectere's 'tude
Belle: One of the 4 daughters of Hecate, She's Chaos personified, runs a bar for immortals and talks with a soythern accent  Wonder  Woman and Circe Combined with the attitude of a tough biker chick...She's Mizeriels on again and off again girlfriend... 
Archmage: He pretty much wrote a lot of the rules for magic on earth. He's not Just a sorcerer supreme he's a magic entity. 
Builder: What Archmage is ti magic Builder is to technology.  
Arachne: The Wife of the builder  (They've been married 50 thousand years) She' invented the internet 50 thousand years ago and we just rediscoivered it. She's knowledge incarnate. 
 and on top of that
cool pics of the Revoltion and KId arthur and Co.











Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas.... 
from me with the Channel M  Christmas card by me. 
You have to wonder how big Lucinda's lump of goal was..... 
Answer: The size of a small Elephant.... 


My Character Abby as an Avenger...

My Character Abby Bruja: Wicked witch of the south as an Avenger?

Come on...
Avenger's mansion will stink of cigars,
The bar will always be empty and wolverine
wuld find out what's its like to a toad every time he called her "babe or toots".

Lets not even talk about Spider man, Luke cage and Thor waking up next to here one morning wondering why they feel both satisfied and used.




Channel M's Nemesis Remix- Unused version

We decided to go anbother way with the art for Channel M's Nemesis Remix starring team Maximum 
But as Art Director I thought UI'll share you pages 1-12 of the orginal pages... 
It's good being Queen













The Battle Forum....what are people thinking?

I have a rant...  
The Battle forum is a fun indea allowing fans to discuss fictional battle between fictional characters.  
But all I see if some powergouse vs. some other powerhouse  or some fan fave who's over rated vs. someone. 
At noi time does people during these battles consider the tactics and intellect of the people fighting.   
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Channel M Heroes

The color version of all of the Heroes of the Channel M superhero universe.  
I redsigned every character here. Our focus was on diversity, cool designs 
and orignality.  
When building a new world you have to have goals and having a fair repensatation of all people, powers and looks that stick in the minds means a lot. 
also you have to give the world a specific design that reappears without being repative. 
Example being, no capes. 
limited colors on outfits ie no one has more that 3 total colors with metalics not most cases.  
<ost out the outfits are made of  something called Nu-dex. Created by the imgaineer. It's less like spandex and more like a wet suit (although its as flexable as your own skin and a little tougher than kevlar and nearly frictionlist except on specific parts of the body known as gran points)

we're going with diffret body types as best we can especially with females. 
Another thing I did was do the bulk of character equipment. Most teams have the one guy or girl who builds everything. And I kept that in mind.  
Also teams tend to have some commonality in design. Corporate teams (teams sponsored by large cortporation tend to look more alike ast they are basicly walking corporate logos). Self sufficiant teaqms and bigilantes tend to be more diverse. 
Who's the baby? 
Andromeda is the daughter of Em and Elbombastico her powers are currently flight, telekineses and the ability to animate inanimate objects for short pertiods of times...great powers but not for a 2 year old.  Nanny Chibi was built by the Imagineer as her nanny and Body guard. CHibis are desined cute because people tend to undersetamate and not be threatened by cute.   
The Power lervel present is based more on Marvel than DC. Being not only a future comic but future table top RPG characters abilities have set limits. 
Strength unasugmented peaks out at about 150 tons.  
Speed on earth peaks out at  50,000mph 
Being based on an RPG there are a set types of characters. 
Metahumans: Descendents of the Atlantians (Who other decendents included the godds of most mythologies world wide.  So basicly each one is a god, but being a god in this world isn't a sign of divinity. The gods of mythology just powerful beings who git a lot of good press and had a lot of stories (most untrue or expanded) told about them. 
Elites: Elities are Humans who are inspired to push themselves to a new level. 
Savads: Mystical martial arts. who's martial arts is based on super spiritual first primal martial art.  The Savads exist in clans world wide that through selective breeding over millenia and their spiritual and physical perfection have evolved beyond human limits.  
Supernatruals: Beings born with inate magic powers Most are limmked to magical races like say vampires, the fae and so on. They are are 
Magicians: Magic users. The Magical gene is 90% more likely among females to show the world's link to the witch girls universe (Another channel M game/comic) and  for other older reasons. 
Uniques: They are the are alien, robot and the like.Although truthfully most aliens are actually from space colonies started by the Atlantions thens of thousands of years ago. So Earth actually seeded most of the known alien worlds although most humans don't know it. as the Atlantians covered their tracks really well before their fall 50 thousand years ago.