More art!

I'm doing well and trying to eat better. 
For those of you that has missed it hee's some new art 

Macho:Last Action Heroes RPG cover for Channel M
My character Minerva vs. Sipes.
Glee Lanterns
Secret Six Fan art. Gail Simone gave it a big thumbs up
Aquaman Resdesign for contest

What would MLK say


It's a true story.
Saturday a friend of mine who's a pro-comic book writer and has been in the comic book game for almost a decade wrote this


And I started to think.. He's right .
So I call him up and we talk and the subject goes back to three atempts by DC comics to create more high profile characters of color with the Marvel family.

Three tries and three fails.
Where here is a design I did based on the last try.
This was the replacement of Captain Marvel Jr.
(c) DC Comics.

That behind me I thought, I'm Hispnic, could I name 10 hispanic superheroes from DC comics... I got to 4.

I did the same with Marvel, I got to 10.

DC really needs to wake up.