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Honestly, walking out of the theater, I was super disappointed......


But after I slept on it, I realized why this was so awesome. We've been conditioned by the barrage of Marvel movies to think that super hero movies are character pieces with humor and wit and light-hearted good guy vs bad guy fun. Not to say that the Marvel movies aren't great, just that it's what we expect (and what the critics expect) when they walk in to see a superhero movie. However, this wasn't really a superhero movie, it was a sci-fi movie in spandex. If you look at it for what it is, a dark, serious take on a man trying to come to grips with being a god, the weight of the world on his shoulders, everything he ever believed about himself having been wrong, then it is a powerful new way to do this kind of movie. I respect DC for putting out dark, ultra realistic movies and setting a tonal difference with Marvel. It's a gamble, and once the critics stop walking in with pre-conceived notions about how to do a superhero movie, I think it'll pay off.

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I have the barbarian version from Jason Aaron's run. The detail on these marvel select figures, especially the bigger ones, is really impressive. Usually can't stand movie tie-in figures but these look really good.

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@the_stegman said:

Judging from what you said went on, I can understand the rating. I love the series but if it focuses entirely on "The Others'' a team I really don't care much for anyway, I'd be less than thrilled too.

It's a fill in issue. I've never read a fill in that's as good as the main series or better. Most of the time, they're put together last minute.

That Mera fill-in (#6 or 7 i think?) was actually really good. but ya, this issue was a huge let down. Also, Aquaman is in it for like 3 pages. Terribly disappointing.

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Batman could always use regrettable marketing ploys from the 90's to shame them into submission.

p.s. I wore that tape OUT as a kid.

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Good god that title page looks gorgeous. I love the idea of Aquaman having sea monsters at his beck and call. Adds to his new-found badassitude.

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Just picked this up in trade recently. Can't wait to find the time to read it. Of course it's from the 80's, so I'll have to carve out a significant chunk of time, but it sounds like it's worth it.

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I don't think Nolan is as involved as it has been involved. I think he will control creative tone, but not content. Putting Snyder at the helm of MOS was probably a great choice and I think he could crush it on a JL movie as well. Use MOS as a way to launch a DC cinematic universe and do a reverse marvel with solo films. Also Bale should probably hang up the cowl. Armie Hammer should be the next Batman, a younger bruce would fit the tone better,

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Always been a believer in Tony Daniel's art, it's really shining through here. He's the perfect match for this series. Looks like they will be portraying Superman as the lonely soul who has the back of the little guy. That's when he's at his best.

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Hey Comic Vine!

I was reading my comics this past week and noticed the Age of Ultron ads. Is it just me, or does it appear that Tony's favorite character, Moon Knight, will be making an appearance in issue 2, hopefully playing a pivotal role in the event?

On another note, I am really loving Simon Baz. Just another excellent contribution that Geoff Johns has made to the GL mythos. After the current event shakes out (with the inevitable return of Hal and Sinestro) and Johns' run comes to an end, what place does Baz have in the DCU? Will he just be in the JLA or maybe one of the other GL books?

thanks for making my Fridays a little more awesome!

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Honestly, it may just be in contrast to what Tony Daniel was doing, but this was by far the best issue of Detective we've seen in the DCnU so far. It worked so well. Alfred was awesome and the timeline stuff actually really helps (besides, Batman makes way more sense in his early 30's). 1 week into the 0 issues and with books like this, Phantom Stranger and GL, the New 52 may be catching it's second wind.