Essays: Need some help. What should I write about?

I figured considering I'm in an important year at school, I should try and improve my essay writing for English.  And the only way to do that is to practice, right?  So, I thought I'd write some essays about my favourite things: Comics! (and TV Shows that have been adapted in some form to comics).  But I'm a bit stuck on what to write about.  So, I decided to ask you guys to help me, and then I'd write the essay and then post it here.

So, the subjects are:

X-Men (includes X-Force)
The Avengers (include the Ms. Marvel solo title in this)
Secret Invasion (including most tie-ins)
House of M
Civil War
World War Hulk
Buffy The Vampire Slayer

There are several other subjects I could write them on, but these are the ones I feel most confident about at the moment.  Have fun voting!

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I'd definitely like to see her get back with Warren.  I think Wolverine is water under the bridge, and I'd like to see her take a step forward.  Or backwards (y'know because she's dated him before).  But yeah, Warren.


Even though he is going through a few little problems at the moment:


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... because he's awesome!  He has Wolverine's attitude (the only thing that's good about him) but he's not overrated and he has a interesting background.


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Subscriptions and online pre-ordering

I have 12 subscriptions at, and they are cheaper than what you would pay for each issue in a shop.

But, to buy mini-series etc, I use  It is a great site, and you can get comics (new pre-ordered ones) for cheaper than regular price, and they send it out straight away on every Friday.  Great site!

Another is, a shop in Cardiff (I live in Wales), but it deliver's anywhere in the world.  If you go in, you can't fault the owner and the worker, as they are great to talk to about anything, be it about comics or whatever!

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My Bebo Blog (Aaron is my friend who I forced to buy a comic)

Okay, I know none of you like comics (bar Aaron, who I think is slowly growing fond of them after I forced him to by Uncanny X-Men #497, otherwise known to him as "the one with hippies").

Okay, let's get going, what's good in the market today:

Astonishing X-Men - Ellis and Bianchi have just started their run after the mind blowing team of Joss Whedon and Joss Cassaday left the book. And after reading #25, I have high hopes for this title for the future. Now, normally I love action and people being decapitated and stuff in comics, but this issue was low key and informative, with great dialogue and it made the move to San Francisco seem more natural. And the Storm's costume wasn't as bold or as boisterous as I thought it would be. Can't wait for this series to pick up a bit of momentum because it is going to be spectacular!

Avengers: The Initiative - Amazing title! Just great! Slott's writing is very entertaining and I really like Caselli's art work! Even Gage has done good work on this title, which is the only piece of work that he's done that I like.

Thunderbolts - Ellis (yes same writer as above) just had an awesome eleven issue run on this title, and... Yeah it was great! and Deodato Jr.'s art was much better here than it was in the New Avengers Collective storyline. Oh yay, now we get Christos frikkin' Gage... I hope you realize that that was sarcasm.

X-Factor - Pure genius writing from PAD (Peter Allan David)! I love the characterisation and the humour of this book. Although it is a bit of a let down when you see some of the interior art from Stroman. He makes Siryn looked drugged up in that one panel. But otherwise great! But bring back Raimondi!

X-Force - Blood, violence, mutant angels being turned into the Angel of Death yet again, I mean what more could you ask for?! Solid characterisation and a good story makes this one hell of a title from two of my favourite writers.

And on the other side of things:

Avengers/Invaders - This time last year there was all that hype about Alex Ross's return to Marvel and his new project. What a complete and utter let down. Its as boring as hell, the plot is not intriguing and I swear I'd rather kill myself than endure this again. Luckily for Marvel I have OCD and I like life. And why does everyone make a big deal about Ross? His artwork isn't all that anyway.

Cable - Five issues in and this title has gone no where. Literally. Still fighting the same battle, and it is dragging on forever. It is boring me to death! Although unlike others I do find the art entertaining.

Young X-Men - They cancel New X-Men, one of my favourite, if not my favourite title of all time, for this piece of crap. I mean really? Guggenheim can't write Dust or Moonstar at all. I mean, one minute Moonstar recognizes Blindfold, then she tries to shoot her, and then when they later both regain consciousness, she begins to slap her and call her a bitch! That is not Moonstar at all! The first three issues were a let down, and sometimes it just makes no sense. But after reading the fourth issue, I am a bit intrigued because of the revelation and I probably liked it even more because Dust and Moonstar weren't in it.

So there you have it, some of my opinions on the comics I collect today. Not that any of you guys will read it anyway, but there you have it...

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My powers: TK, MC, MI, EK, GK & I

Not in any particular order, but these are the powers I'd definitely want:

Jean Grey Using Telekinesis
Telekinesis - Telekinesis is amazing.  You can basically do anything.  Fly, throw people, crush them etc.  Awesome power!  So Jean Grey's powers.  I wouldn't mind the telepathy, but I wouldn't choose it as one of my top ones.

Piper Blowing A Wall Up

Molecular Combustion - Unless you've seen Charmed, you probably don't know what this power is.  Molecular Combustion is the ability to gesture at something and make it explode.  This happens by speeding the molecules up and causing them to separate.

Piper Freezing Arrows

Molecular Immobilization - Another power from Charmed.  This is a similar power to molecular combustion, but instead of speeding the molecules, you slow them down, and the user slows them down so greatly, that everything appears as if frozen.  So all around I want Piper's powers.

Surge: Nuff' Said
Electrokinesis - What a power!  Shoot electric at some and watch them fry!  Great power!  I'd probably want Surge's power more, because it'll give me immunity to electricity and allow me to run at high speeds, but I'd also like Elle's because she can generate her own and use it in more productive ways.

Magma Using Her Powers Together
Terrakinesis - Throwing rocks at people has always amused me, and creating earth spikes has always amused me too! Great power!  I'd like to have Magma's to be able to perform feats on big levels, but I'd want Toph's too because seeing with the ground is awesome and it allow's you to hit with more precision and see things on the ground that others can't see and I could sometimes predict on-coming attacks.

Intelligence - What a power.  For a start I'd know how to instantly how to use my other powers, or somewhere along them lines!  I could talk all science-y, which I have always found fun, and every time Doctor Who is on, I always listen so I can understand the science bits!  I even memorize some (yes, I'm sad)!  But awesome power! (Paint is down, so its the complete print screen).
Doctor-Donna and The Doctor (I can't find an image of all three, probably because they didn't film one with all of the facing the camera)
  So mainly I'd want the knowledge of the Doctor, but I'd also like Doctor-Donna's intelligence because she can think things up that not even he could, which would be cool!

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I like...

Lady Mastermind
Lady Mastermind's new one is cool.  It's like an updated and less trashy version of Emma Frost's.  Okay maybe it's a little trashy.  Okay, a lot trashy.  But at least she has room  to hold two pistols.


I like Madrox's costume, it's like normal clothes, and I actually am going to dress up as him this year for Halloween (even though I don't believe in Halloween).  His coat rules!
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