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One thing I reacted to is how they've dropped the whole "crystal" concept of Krypton. The planet looks like a normal, inhabitable planet, the Fortress of Solitude is made of metal...

The creators have said that Krypton will be a planet where all the inhabitants are genetically engineered and bred for a specific roles in society, but that Kal-El will have been naturally conceived. Could this be what Jor-El is talking about, perhaps to the Council, when he mentions a child aspiring towards "something other than what society had intended"?

Lois' monologue about the "guardian angel" sounds a bit like a wrap-up, but it could also be her talking to a colleague at the Daily Planet (or a friend or relative) about a story she's working on, with a series of mysterious recues, but she could also be talking to Superman/Clark Kent about someone else he can relate to...

Jor-El's talk about Superman being an "ideal to strive towards" is obviously something that will be said in the fortress (or on Krypton to the little baby El), no mystery there...

Both of the scenes with Zod (the ones where he's talking) are from Krypton (He's seen detained by people in armor.), the first one when he is arrested (possibly after trying to take or kill the illegally conceived Kal-El), the second one at his sentencing (he is seen cuffed along with others)...

I'm not overly impressed by the music (It's good. But is it amazing?)

These are my thoughts on the trailer. What are yours?

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He could always go with the "Hancock" shave; shaving foam and nails.

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It's probably not too hard to market if they are featuring the Avengers in the movie. After all, Thanos is supposed to face off against the Avengers, and the only way they can turn that into a movie with a happy ending (Let's face it. They're going for a happy ending.) without the cowardly anime-style ending (The resurrection of EVERYONE) is to use Drax to take down Thanos. Wham.

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Doomsday has not only evolved to withstand certain types of attacks, he has also adapted to be able to attack enemies with specific weaknesses, like the time he went up against Martian Manhunter and evolved fire breath... That didn't take too long. Doomsday would definitely survive long enough to be able to gain some ability (or several) that can hurt Juggernaut.

So Doomsday wins.