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I've seen the other entries, and there are a few others I really liked...
But as far as their concepts, for an active heroine, I'm loving the top three... Very interesting to look at..

The first one captured me immediately! (that ponytail, is life! lol) I love how subtle the design is, but the color and lines makes it stunning..From the neck(collar), to the gloves, and the cape-tails...She looks Fierce!, intimidating and daring.. I deemed it #1 too.. =)
I love the cape and cape detail of the 2nd & 3rd art...
#3 has amazing contrast...very fashion forward, but the white body suit has the 90's essence to it...
Great Job to all of the Artist that participated! =]

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I'd put her up against an alien army with sophisticated tech and let her show the strength of the tempest without any restraint.

I like the idea, seems kool... or even someone/thing from far away that challenges every aspect of her powers, forcing her the be even more creative....Giving us something new...

honestly dont know ... perhaps a situation where shes brainwashed by some villian who decides to use her powers to rule the world ..

The only thing about the "Mind Controlled; Brainwashed" idea, is that it always feel kinda like a cop-out to me...(with any character)
Its like, they'll do some kool feats but you'll never see em' done again b'c....they were brain washed..or wasn't completely themselves -_-

We need something that'll keep it fresh and exciting, keep us on our toes....something unexpected but not forced or misplaced...hmm

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[Bare with me}

Hmmm....I stare at this picture..
and the longer I stare, and try to find something good...the more infuriated I become X(

(considering all the factors: Halle's pregnancy; Brian's views of Storm; and this horrible get up/from head to toe) >>I know her character is gonna' be pure sh*t!

I'm stomped...I just..... don't understand!!!

with all that these people know about film and these characters...What possessed them to dip Halle in this sh*t and call it Storm

I tried to stop myself from ranting about this, like a crazed, wide eyed fan boy...

but I couldn't....

Somebody help me! LOL.....seriously -__-

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@BlackDove: love the first scan...which one is that from
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X-Men Anime....Super BadAss... 
I would definitely watch----dub or not... lol

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Team 1: Storm & Iceman..... of course
This is a good battle...can u imagine  X]

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Evan Rachel Wood  
would rock as jean...
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@letsburnholes:  These are hilarious....gr8 work
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@CATMANEXE: Where could i find something like that...it sounds kool 
i never seen 1..
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Hell yeah!!!!!....finaly 
{almost lost hope for sec...lol