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It doesn't seem to have allot of thought into it...

it looks like it was something made up 5 mins. before a deadline...(and didn't come out right)

I mean, it looks tacky... the ring in the center...the boots...

and I personally don't like the design of the cape...the two loops..nah

The tiara is fine but...i get tiered of it...its so bland and kinda "corny"

I mean, I understand what it means, and I'm all for it....

but you'd think after all these years they would give her a total new one....even have her switch up between a few

Make it look more regal...and not a plastic thing...

(and not just a redesign from the orig')

I guess i would like a little more fashionable----in a "super hero world sense"

you know make it more of something to look at...instead of a leotard all the time..

It doesn't have to be so practical...I mean isn't that part of the AWE, when we read comic books

that when these women characters can be fashion forward, fierce, and look good kickin' some @$$

And i know when it comes to a team you have to be coordinated and in unison...

so that's all the more reason to give the all a make over...lol (JK)

this is just my opinion----don't wanna' rub anyone the wrong way... if you agree or disagree, feel free to show me your point =]

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It's hard to choose, lol

Brooks' art is kinda hard, not bad at all....but has this grit or sharp edge to it

As for Coipel, the opposite, lol

His art has a softer edge...it flows more, if you will...

Yet both has achieved that "excitement factor"....You can't stop looking at it..Very, very detailed

So if i had to choose, which was hard.. Simply for style...

I'm gonna' have to go with Coipel =]

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I actually hate the classic look... its jus...idk, ugly?? lol maybe, not so "creative"...

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@AgeofHurricane said:

Wowwie O.O

...is right -_o


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@THUNDERBOLT30: This is cute...i like it =)

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@THUNDERBOLT30: Storm look fierce in the 1st scan....I really liked Astonishing...the art is explosive.. =]
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@Elementor: Those guys were actually there to shoot Storm lol. Their cars hovered and could fly. But after they saw her create that big-a$$ bolt of lightning....they turned around and left :-)...  @AgeofHurricane: Your welcome :-). I wouldn't mind some more space or alternate reality/dimension hopping adventures for Storm and BP (or is it American Panther now?). 
Ooooh....I didn't even realize the weird wheels on the cars...lol 
{i was so the opposite XD} smh..
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@THUNDERBOLT30: it looks like she's holding those cars up to protect the people inside....kool {multitasking} =] 
love these scans.. X]
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Yeah...we can agree to disagree... but sometimes characters  can tag others faster than them b/c of tactic...but that depends on circumstance... 
i guess this subjects is just one of those things... =/