My favorite female X-Characters.

My top 20 for x-men and related characters.

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X-23's popularity just seems to sky rocket doesn't it?
Posted by eldestrisk
@Mr.Q: Yes it does. Writers are making a good job with her. Hell, artists too.
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soon she'll probably end up like her father/brother Logan. over exposed and annoying. that seems to be the trend these days. ride a good idea until it's dead.
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@Mr.Q: Hopefully not. =S
Posted by Mr.Q
hold on hope. but trends tend to last past there welcome. we shall see....
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We have very diff taste
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@jordama: This is actually a list I'm been wanting to change a little. Can't believe that neither Siryn nor Meggan are in there.
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I liked original-flavor Blink as glimpsed in Phalanx. The prevailing Blink in Exiles is from AoA, yes? 
I always forget how huge of a Moonstar fan I've always been. After reading New Mutants Vol. 2 I went back to the originals in NM Vol. 1 to recall her growth.

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@krisis: I have the same problem, that's weird. I keep forgetting how much I really like Moonstar. xD
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Two thumbs up!!!!