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@eldest808: it's just for fun. It's Bruce Timms way of paying tribute to Batman. It's most likely not canon to the actual series/continuity

I figured that much but Batman the Brave and the Bold did have a episode where Terry did visit that Planet Earth. Along with a whole bunch of different Batmen's. So it may be canon.

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The DCAU is indeed on Earth 12

Young Justice is Earth 16

So then what about the DCAU Short where Terry and Future Bruce Wayne have to fight against the Batmen from all of the different TV Shows out there? Like Batman the Brave and the Bold, The Batman, etc.,

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@rd189 said:

Ahh, you mean chrono age, not publish age.

Ya. I got most of the cosmic beings in the two universes listed. I was wondering if there were any that i am missing.

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Okay guys i am currently making a list of the oldest beings in Comics that go past 110 years. I know that Galactus is the oldest being in existence since he survived the extinction of the previous universe but what about other characters?


On my list i believe i have most of the known "immortals", but i would like to rank them from oldest to youngest if its possible. I would also like to include Humans, and Mutants like Wolverine, and Captain America who are young compared to these Gods, but are still older than most of the Marvel, and DC Universe. And if you know the true age or an estimated age of the characters please tell me.


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@princearagorn1: Kyuubi forms fueled by hatred are times when naruto's kyuubi chakara is red.

Not only that but when Naruto takes 3 Tails Transformation Yusuke won't be able to touch him with his punches since Orochimaru's Snakes completely evaporated. He will have to rely on his own Demon Energy to protect him somehow. Perhaps the two will cancel each other out. Since both are Half Breeds.

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DC: Captain Marvel

Marvel: The Thing

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@eldest808 said:


Youton: Rasenshuriken one-shots.

lol. I forgot Indie isn't around.

Yusuke could just his use Spirit Energy as a Shield.

I know. That wasn't a serious post..

K. Hard to tell who is trolling and who is not.

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@mchotcakes said:

Well let's try and find a good way to compare the two with power levels.

We know that Roshi was able to destroy a moon with a power level of 139 (Raditz's scanner). However we all know that when Piccolo fully charged up his attack on Raditz his power level increased from 408 to 1330. That is a multiplier of 3.26, and if we assume that any character's power level increases by a similar amount when they charge up then we can assume that Master Roshi's fully charged kamehameha actually had a power level of 453. So the power level needed to completely destroy a moon is approximately 453.

Now we know that the Earth is 80 times larger than the moon so in order to figure out the power level needed to destroy the Earth we multiply 453 by 80, this means that the power level needed to destroy a planet the size of Earth is 36,240.

Now Koenma states that an S class has the POTENTIAL to destroy a planet, this means that they might be able to charge up to a power level of 36,240. So by dividing 36,240 by the charge up rate of 3.26 we get 11,117. So theoretically any DBZ character that has a power level of 11,117 or higher would be considered an S class.

So the very first S class characters we see in DBZ are Vegeta and Goku after King Kai's training in the Sayain arc. So pretty much every character introduced in the Namek Saga and beyond is an S class in Yu Yu Hakusho.


S class demons have power levels of at least 11,117 in DBZ power scales.

That makes sense since at the time Vegeta really was the Strongest in the Universe during the Saiyan Saga that we knew of. However in Yu Yu Hakusho there exists S, S+, and S- according to the anime. Vegeta and Goku would only fall in the S- Class. Since Frieza was at 500,000 in his base form he was considered the Strongest in the Universe. He would be S Class + and then it sky rockets from there. Frieza's organization was a space faring empire spanning countless galaxies. It's safe to assume that most Spiritual Advanced Warriors only had a power level of 1,000(Namekians, and then 1,200 Saibamen). The Ginyu Force would be considered normal S Class since they were Frieza's Elite Fighting Force. And were surprised that Goku even made it to the 100,000 mark _.


In my list that i have created i include people who had insane reality warping powers, to omega level mutants, and everyone who is stronger than Frieza from DBZ. I switched to ranker because it is easier to create lists and order them the way i want to.