The most powerful heroes and villains in DC

In order of power

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Posted by doomsilver

In Marvel?

Posted by Riven7

Sweet list!!! By far the best on the web. I was trying to come up with one myself, but it doesn't come near to this.

Posted by kidmumunha

nice list but , batman looks practically useless in this list !

Posted by mikep12

GEB, Supes 1million, Life enity, Over monitor, Ellan Bullock(something like that), Supes with Sword of Superman, Thought Robot, and Mandrak. Other than that great list glad some one knows who the decreator is

Posted by the_real_seamAn

why is Black Canary above Batman?

Posted by trivisia

where is Doctor Manhattan ?!

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Posted by JohnDesmarais

@trivisia: Doctor Manhattan isn't a DC Universe character.

Posted by ghostdog999

Why is Zoom above Flash?

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Thanks for the educational list.

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wow, this is great! but last i looked the Manhunter is everything Supes is and more...maybe change that and oh by the way batman isnt useless in this. It is well known that batman can beat everyone in the justice league, with gadgets of course, but can still win

Posted by PenguinMan

Shouldn't Amazo be higher on the list because it can duplicate anyones powers/abilities.

Posted by KethOrycle

@ghostdog999: I think zoom and flash are to be equal on the list but zoom just happens to be placed first.

Edited by Theindiedudes

ion should be above parallax

Posted by darkseid1006

Good list but there are a lot that are not correct

Posted by MiamiShaman

Why is black canary on here? She's lost to deathstroke like 5 times

Edited by Arzix

how about the all the other lanterns corps [including white lantern(kyle rayner)], deathstroke, dr manhattan and even the source and klarion.

Posted by ro3nd81

Good list but is missing one of the most powerful of all, if not #1, and that would be the Android Amazo who can copy any power without any of it's weaknesses. That's also why he took out the whole justice league single-handedly and transported a entire planet by just thinking about it.

Posted by allpowerful

Anti-Monitor and Mxyzptlk should be more powerful than The Spectre and Eclipso

Posted by Rotheris

Why is dupe in this list twice?

Posted by vertigogirl_797

Where is Elaine Belloc, she equalled the Presence when she took over his place as God of the Covenant and imo Lucifer and Michael are equal 2nd