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The coolest public domain characters

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Posted by DemonicBlade
Edited by DarkKnightForever

Plastic Man is a Public Domain!!! ..Are u sure??

Posted by elderfingolfin

@DarkKnightForever: Sorry, I wrongly added Plastic Man

Posted by robin_smith

@elderfingolfin: Actually, plastic man IS public domain, as long as you base it on stuff that appeared before he was in dc comics. Much like the wizard of oz, the ruby slippers are not public domain but the oz books (first 33) are.

Although, sadly Zorro, isn't.

Posted by Null_and_Void

I'm pretty sure the Creature from the Black Lagoon is still a property owned by Universal Studios.

Posted by DanNorder

Zorro most definitely is public domain. Even had a court case proving it.