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@jmarshmallow: Yeah I can see that, although I think Thor and Aquaman can look pretty similar depending on the artist. Like whatever actor plays Thor could play Aquaman, and vice versa, imo.

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@cf12793: Yeah I agree, I dont picture him as a model either but he came out looking more model-ly than intended. Oh well, I think he still looks intimidating in that picture.

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@jphu8414: Thanks!

Hahah I had to add the eyepatch myself to make sure it looked enough like Slade.

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What do you think? Do you think any look spot on or totally off?

Left to right, top to bottom is Bruce Wayne, Superman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Peter Parker, Hal Jordan, Aquaman, Bruce Banner, Lex Luthor, Charles Xavier, Magneto, Scott Summers(Cyclops), Black Adam, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Lois Lane, Oliver Queen(Green Arrow), James Rhodes(War Machine), Slade Wilson(Deathstroke), Tony Stark, Zod.

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The REAL Ten Rings from the first movie...finally. Brace for epicness!

That to me was fantastic news, I dont know why your the only one who mentioned it in the comments. Hopefully we can have the real ten rings and a return to Iron Man 1 tone and quality movies

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While I really enjoyed Man of Steel I don't think it deserves to win Best Script Poor pacing, poor structure, just completely amateurish on Goyer's part (Then again that is how I find most of his work). One of the biggest issues here is the flashbacks. Just like in Batman Begins he tries to use flashbacks to flesh out Clark as a character but here they are just hollow. They are poorly placed and don't have anywhere near as good as a mechanism to call to a flashback like Begins did, and they only ended up hurting the pacing and flow of the movie.

Totally agree even though I thought it was best CBM of 2013

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YES! Much better than Bryan Cranston as Lex, and I loved Breaking Bad.

hopefully this happens

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@mpfly88 said:

Guys let's forget her physique for a moment, because this to me is the bigger problem.

Does Gal Gadot have the track record and acting ability to carry a big major league franchise on her own shoulders? Because this isn't gonna be some small cameo in Batman vs. Superman, this is gonna be our Wonder Woman from this point forward, and we know WB wants to do stand alone WW films in the future. You'd think after years of searching they would've come up with a more inspired choice.

Wtf man...

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@knightfall225: Just for you. Still looks like Chris though because Hunnam looks like chris.

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I would do Smulders as WW but I dont count her as the main team.


Jeremy Renner: Batman

Ruffalo: Superman

ScarJo: WW

Chris Hemsworth: Aquaman

Chris Evans: Flash

I guess that leave RDJ for GL