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@flameboy298: Yeah good point. Although if they do the decade jump with each movie they can only have one more movie after Apocalypse, because that would be set in the 90s and the first xmen movie is from 2000. I wonder how they will get around that? Set it permanently in the 90s?

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@buttersdaman000: Dont get me wrong, Im still extremely excited for this movie and I know it will be very good, I just hoped to see some evolution and development.

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@catsnlynne: Dang that's so upsetting, he never goes bald in the whole movie? And he is walking instead of in a wheelchair in this one too, despite the ending in First Class. Disappointing. Thanks

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I haven't seen the movie yet but I have to know, does 1970s Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) go bald in Days of Future Past? If he does, I don't want to know how or why, or any other spoilers in the movie, I just really want to know whether it happens or not. I will be pretty disappointed if he isnt bald for X-Men Apocalypse. Thanks

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@lightsout: Yeah totally agree. Although I thought Unbound was very similar in story to Brainiac, but lacked in the script.

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@jphu8414: I did find Justice League: Origin to be a really bad story, and Justice League: War seemed to have made it worse. About the source material, I loved Superman: Brainiac, but I still found Superman: Unbound to be a decrease in quality from the previous norm.

Also about the animation, I dont mean its quality has decreased, I just think it has become much more like the anime style, which I personally dislike, but others may like.

"But hey there have only been three movies since TDKR Part 2 so I don't think it's fair to compare three movies to the long list of other movies." Thats a good point, hopefully the quality gets better again.

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Short Version: Newer movies are more action driven, and far less story driven, with worse scripts. Animation is also worse, but not as much of a big deal.

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As most people acknowledge, DC is very good at making high quality animated movies rapidly. And I agree, I like almost all of them. But lately I have noticed a big decrease in quality. So much so that I dont even eagerly await a new movie. In my opinion, Batman TDKR pt 2 was their last quality movie. Even though I loved the source material "Batman: Brainiac", I thought the movie Superman: Unbound was not engaging or interesting. Then again with Flashpoint Paradox, and then the trailers and clips for JL: War looked so godawful: so cheesy and uninteresting and childish. While Son of Batman looks better than JL: War, it still doesnt seem to be anywhere near back to Batman TDKR, or Under the Red Hood, or Year One, or All Star Superman, etc, levels of quality.

Also another observation is their change to anime style, instead of Bruce Timm-ish style. I think it subtly started first in Batman: Under the Red Hood, but reached a new level in Flashpoint Paradox. While not as much of a problem as the decrease in quality of the stories, still worth noting.

Anyway, anyone else notice a recent decrease in quality too?

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@jphu8414: Im not an Eisenberg hater. Im definitely a little disappointed, especially after teasing us with Denzel Washington, Matthew Goode, and especially Joaquin Pheonix, who would kill it as Lex. I also fear about his voice and how intimidating he can be. But as far as his face, if he shaves his head, he could definitely have the look.