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I drink Pepsi almost every day.  Sometimes I have to talk myself out of drinking it.  The Blood Orange Soda sold at Trader Joe's is also very good. 

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Its funny that this thread came up because I was at work the other day and I was helping a lady find some jibbitz (decorative pegs that people put into Crocs shoes) for her young son.  She asked me where the superheroes were and I pointed them out, and she picked up the "S" shield and said he doesn't know Superman.  I found this to be a little shocking, but when I had time to think about it I realized how much Superman has faded out of the mainstream.  I do like Superman, but like any superhero, he's only as relevant and how well he is presented.  The biggest problem with Superman is that he came along during a simple time where characters did not the complexities that make them relateable and thus more appealing to the reader.   He's an alien with virtually limitless power.  Most people want to see another person, one with flaws and weaknesses,  one who is not guaranteed victory, hence the appeal of Batman, Spiderman or more recently Iron Man.  When the right writer and director can present him an a manner that is appealing to everyone, he will be relevant again.  

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Blue Moon Comics
 1555 South Novato Boulevard
Novato, CA 94947-4165
i think its the only comic shop in Marin County

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With this book being about life, death reminds us that life is a precious gift.  Its not a good thing to think about, but it really could end at any moment.  I feel like the creators of this book would like to remind us of that.  The deaths have a more poignant effect because you get a slice of life story starring Bras, but you lose him in the end.  It does feel like a chicken/egg discussion at times as the death means more after you get to know Bras, but the getting to know Bras is more valuable because he dies.   Maybe the creators are trying to remind that we need to enjoy life while it lasts 

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I have yellow, blue, black, red ,violet and green.  I know there was supposed to be some issue with Diamond shorting all the comic shops so I couldn't get orange or indigo.  Did anyone fair better than me?

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Shawn Michaels had been my favorite for wrestler since about 94' or so.  An amazing, unbelievably versatile worker with a high amount of charisma and athleticism.  The Showstopper indeed
Even more amazing was having him comeback in 2002 from a seemingly career ending injury to add even more to what was already an amazing career.  He will certainly be missed.  Thank you, Shawn.  I'll still have the DVDs, but one day I hope to meet him

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 I liked the PPV but didn't love it. Better than last year's but only one match truly impressed me and that was Jericho /Edge but once again the royal rumble winner was not the main event and I take issue with that

I actually missed the first few matches so I didn't start watching until Sheamus/HHH which was a solid match but Sheamus should have gone over, so that he can build his record

Rey Mysterio gets his second consecutive bullshit mania match. If they were gonna give us that, they should have done it on free tv. Punk should have won anyway. Stipulations need pay off

Hart/McMahon was booked all wrong. It should have been a Vince calling his troops for the beatdown but Hart's family coming and making the save and beating Vince. A beatdown on Vince is fine, but in that case, it should have been shorter

The divas match was a finisher showcase and completely pointless, so at least it was short. While it looked like absolute crap, I loved Vickie's tribute to Eddie in the form of a splash. Please stay away from the ring, Mrs Guerrero

Edge/Jericho told a great story and had good psychology. The 2 best in the WWE doing what they do. I have no complaints other than this not being the main event and that it could have been longer. I looked forward to the rematch. They have amazing chemistry. The spear/codebreaker counter was nasty. Match of the night easy

Cena/Batista was exactly what everyone expected. Solid match, good pacing, Did the job. The crowd at the bar I went to absolutely hated Cena so they flipped out when he won. Funny stuff

HBK/Taker was good, but last year's was more exciting. This one simply lacked the suspense of last year's. It was very similar to HBK's match with Flair 2 years ago: not a bad match by any stretch, but you knew who was going to win from the beginning. There was some memorable moments in it and it was a great way to close HBK's career, so its a 5 star match on context, but 3 stars by regular standards

I had to read about the matches I missed:

Showmiz winning was pretty much a given

I'm shocked Swagger took MITB. he's a capable worker, but not ready for the main event

Orton winning against Rhodes and Dibiase was pretty obvious, so what's next.

Tomorrow night's Raw will be extremely important. Will we get a major debut or major return?

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First, let me start by saying that the programmers did a great job balancing the game so that no character is completely useless, but I can't stand Mr Game and Watch.  His sounds are irritating

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I feel like they dropped the ball with Kozlov.  He had a good simple heel character, but they didn't use him to his full potential.  He was the perfect foil to a white meat babyface like Cena but they failed to strike when the iron was hot.  Now he's destined for gimmick hell

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