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@fallschirmjager: Arrow is made primarily for males from the ages of 18-49. I wasn't talking about the other CW shows and I'm pretty sure if they wanted the high school bullshit in here they would have put him in high school or something and not as a 29 year old business man who goes around killing people like a vigilante with most of the main cast of being about the same age or older.

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Wow, I did not see that coming.

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Id say Batman would win this one but WS would give him hell before going down.

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@silkyballfro94: Yea and RDJ is gonna be 53 when Avengers 3 comes out at the very least and he started out as Iron Man at 43, whats your point again?

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The first issue was awesome! I loved Hickman and his work on Avengers!


@trevel8182 said:

R.I.P Space Knights :-(

Did you read the interview about Hickman referring to what happens to the Space Knights after Infinity?

What did he say and where can I find it?

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I say any change is acceptable for two reasons 1) some things that work in comic books or in animation does NOT mean they can work in live action, comic book costumes in particular are the sore thumb of this point because people need to understand that live action has different rules and just because a comic book fan will accept Wolverine having a yellow and blue costume, does NOT mean everyone else will and frankly it could mean the exact opposite, the GA has different rules for movies than us fans of the source material and changes to costumes need to be accepted.

2) as long as the spirit and the general idea of the story they're adapting is still there but tweaked to fit their own vision I'm fine with it, same goes for characters, I don't give a rats ass if the actor is 6"4 and the character in the comics is 5"5 or something, as long as his personality, appearance and powers are kept in tact small stuff like that doesn't really matter, unless you're some purist douche bag who just wants the movies to copy paste the comics on the big screen without doing anything different at all.

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Amazing, simply amazing.

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I used to hate Superior with the whole Smallville dumbass syndrome where people closest to him didn't question his complete 180 in terms of personality (and thats still there but not as big as it once was) now I'm really digging how hes not being an apologetic Spider-Man like Parker was. Hes a much better crime fighter than Peter ever was and I'm glad hes not beating himself up over every goddamn thing and making everything his responsibility and/or fault.