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@impurestcheese: Its good to be back and you can expect more stuff from me now that schools out. As for the format thats just how I like to write but I know it can be a pain in the ass to read lol.

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Robert moaned as he slowly opened his eyes and returned to the land of the living. His vision was blurry at first but quickly sharpened as he looked at his surroundings and noticed he was in a hospital room.

Robert (tired & confused): Son of a…. How long have I been out…?

The door to his room opened and he smiled upon seeing James walk in.

James (joking & smiling): So you finally decided to wake up old man.

Robert (sarcastic): Your concern for my well being is overwhelming kid.

James (joking): Yeah I know. (Curious) how are you feeling?

Robert (tired & joking): About as well as you might think but I guess it could be worse…

James (serious): Believe me the worst is yet to come. Tony got some info about the attack from one of his contacts inside the police and if it turns out to be true shits gonna hit the fan.

Robert (curious): Has Silus heard this information.

James (serious): Not yet. The two of us were hoping to make sure it was 100% right before starting another turf war and with you up an awake we can hopefully set things straight. Just please don’t tell me you’ve got amnesia or some bullshit like that.

Robert (smiling & joking): Do I know you?

James simply gave the old driver a serious stare to which Robert sighed and laid his head back on his pillow.

Robert (curious): Alright kid… Whaddaya wanna know?


Silus sat at his desk and went through the paper work concerning the Oscorp deal which had been in the works for months at that point. With the world quickly becoming filled with super powered heroes, villains and organizations, even the mutant families were forced to change with the times or risk being wiped off the face of the super criminal underworld.

This was the reason why the deal with Oscorp was made given the corporations record for creating quality weaponry and being very discreet over who they were selling said weaponry too. The first shipment was set to arrive in only a couple more hours which Silus was thankful for since it put the focus on the shipment and off the recent assault on a key family member.

Just as he finished reading one of the last remaining documents his phone started ringing. He took it and saw it was James who was calling.

Silus (concerned): Please tell me you’ve got some good news.

James (serious): I wish I did boss. But all signs point to the Coles being behind this. Tony got the info from his inside man in the PD and Robert verified it just now after I talked to him.

Silus (thoughts): Shit… (Serious): Alright listen up. I want the two of you to keep this as quiet for as long as you possibly can until I figure out what to do. Tell Tony to stay with Robert and make sure he keeps his mouth shut. I’ve got a different job for you.

James (curious): Which is?

Silus (serious): A couple weeks back I told you about a certain weapons deal we made with Oscorp. Well the first shipment is due to arrive at one of our warehouses by the docks. I want you there to make sure nothing happens to it and that it’s relocated safely to a more secure location.

James (curious): Let me guess. The reason you’re sending me there is because you’re worried Christian might have told them about it am I right?

Silus (serious): Precisely and we cannot afford to let these weapons get destroyed or worse fall into enemy hands. This is the most important job I’ve given you yet and failure is not an option, understood?

James (serious): I'll get it done boss, you can count on me.

Silus (pleased): That’s what I like to hear kid.

Silus ended the call and pretended to continue reading the paper work as he tried to figure out how to prevent the coming storm.


James walked back into the room and saw Tony sitting next to Robert and the two laughing about something.

James (serious): Sorry to break up this little party you guys got going on but the boss has some new orders for us. Tony he wants you to stay here and make sure no one knows Robert is awake. The boss needs more time and he’s counting on you two to give it to him.

Tony (curious): Wait you’re not staying with us?

James (serious): The boss wants me to go protect the Oscorp shipment at the bay and I have a feeling were gonna need every advantage we can get at this point.

Robert (tired & concerned): Be careful out there James. If the same guy who took down Christian comes after this shipment then you’re gonna have one helluva fight on your hands.

James (confident): Don’t worry about it old man, if this sonuva bitch tries anything ill make sure he regrets it.


James drove up to one of the seemingly abandoned warehouses at the Port of Boston as the rain started to fall once again. He left his car at the entrance and walked up to the ware house with his hand in the pockets of his jack and where he showed his face to a hidden camera.

The doors to the warehouse opened ever so slightly with a guard coming out to confront James.

Guard (serious): Were going to ne-

James (annoyed): I know you need a damn blood sample! Just take it and let me in.

The guard nodded and took out a small remote device from his pocket, by pressing a button a tiny needle extended out from it; James let the needle pierce his finger as it took a blood sample and proved it was really him and not a shape shifter.

Guard (cold): You can go in.

James (annoyed): Yeah yeah.

As the two went in the guard closed the door behind him to make sure no one could see what was happening inside. About two dozen workers of the family were busy placing metal crates on to two bullet proof trucks. James walked up to one of the remaining crates and opened it. Inside there was about 50 plasma rifles and plasma grenades inside.

These weapons were known for their ease of use and sheer destructive power particularly against organic beings. They were also known to be quite expensive which made James wonder how exactly Silus was able to purchase so many of them without the family suffering any significant hit to their monetary resources.

He closed the crate as the workers arrived to take it into one of the trucks. James watched as the last of the weaponry was secured and the workers got into their cars in preparation for the move to the Vault.

James closed his eyes and using his mutant power enhanced his sight which was now great enough to allow him to view things far in the distance and see heat signatures. He looked around the perimeter of the warehouse in an attempt to spot a possible ambush but there was seemingly nothing.

Turning his attention away from the ground level, he looked at the ocean near the warehouse and tried to find any human heat signatures inside of it. The Coles being elemental users were known to place their water manipulators inside the ocean for surprise attacks but as with the ocean nothing suspicious was going on there.

James (thoughts & suspicious): Hm, everything looks fine but is it really….

He closed his eyes and enhanced his hearing instead of his sight. Now he could hear everything within a 20 mile radius as if it were happening right next to him. The sound of constant electrical surges going through nearby cables caught his attention. It was as if there was a single line of electricity constantly going through what should be disabled cables and circling the warehouse.

James (thoughts & pleased): Now I’ve got you!

James (commanding): You there! You and your men are to move out within the next two minutes. Protect this cargo with your lives am I understood?

Lieutenant (respectful): Yes sir! You can count on us.

James (pleased): Good because I won’t be in the caravan with you. I’ve got a feeling that the guy responsible for kidnapping Christian is going to make a move on it and I can’t leave anything to chance. If anything happens you’re to drive as fast as you can to the Vault and not look back got it?

The guard nodded and watched James left the warehouse to an unknown location. He signaled the drivers to begin the long drive to the Vault.


The Assailant responsible for kidnapping Christian traveled through the electrical cables near the warehouse as he waited for the caravan to begin its run. The warehouse doors opened and the caravan began exiting. It consisted of two large trucks surrounded by bulletproof vans.

Traveling through the cables he approached the caravan in preparation to attack but was interrupted when the pole connecting the cables began shaking causing them to sever. Without any where to go the Assailant was forced to leave the cable and return to his regular body.

He turned around to fire a bolt of lightning at James but the young Campbell enforcer was faster as he swung the metal pole like a baseball bat and sent him flying into a brick wall denting it upon impact. He fell out of the dent and knelt on the ground coughing up blood.

Assailant (coughing & injured): You little shit…

He ever so slowly got back on his feet with one hand on the left side of his chest where he had been hit.

James (threatening): If you think that hurt then you’re in for one helluva surprise pal.

Increasing the strength of his hands, James took the poll and threw it like a spear at the Assailant who managed to roll out of the way and began firing a barrage of lightning bolts at the young enforcer. James anticipated this and promptly increased the strength of his legs, essentially giving him a degree of super speed in response to this.

The Assailant now extended both hands and increased his barrage as James continued running and evading it. Getting tired of this cat and mouse game, James pulled out his pistol and fired two shots at the Assailant. Unable to dodge them, the bullets drove into his shoulders and caused him to yell in pain as he fell to his knees once again.

Seeing an opportunity to end this, James ran towards his kneeling enemy and just as he reached him he increased the strength of his arms and tried to knock him out with a single powerful punch. Mustering what little power he had, the Assailant unleashed an explosion of electricity from his body in all directions which sent James flying across the port and nearly landing in the ocean.

The Assailant smirked upon seeing his enemy lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious. But his satisfaction was short lived when an injured and panting James got back on his feet and prepared to attack him once again.

James (panting & confident): I’ll admit that was a good move. But I can tell just by looking at you last attack drained what little energy you had left.

Assailant (smirking & panting): Yeah I did… But on the bright side I’ve got a constant energy source thanks to this rain….

He raised one of his hands into the air and a bolt of lightning from the sky shot into him completely engulfing his body in electricity. As the bolt faded the Assailant got back on his feet, smirking and his injuries completely healed.

Assailant (smirking & confident): Now then, let’s try this again!

He extended his hand towards James and unleashed a stream of lightning which James was barely able to dodge thanks to his super speed. The young enforcer tried to fire at his enemy but the Assailant fired a small concentrated bolt from his index finger into the barrel of the pistol essentially making it useless.

James (thoughts & annoyed): Mother fucker!

Knowing the odds were not in his favor anymore, James jumped into the air and landed behind a series of containers in order to give himself some time to figure out a strategy. He sat down and leaned against one of the containers and listened as the Assailant continued blowing away containers with his electrical blasts.

James (thoughts & calculating): That bolt of lightning’s given him a serious power boost and thanks to this goddamn rain he’s going to be able to just heal any injury and keep increasing his power unless I can take him out in one hit. And to top it all off he fried my goddamn gun….

It was then he realized only the barrel of the gun had been destroyed but the bullets in the case could still be intact. He removed the case from the bottom of his pistol and the bullets were indeed in mostly good condition. He then heard the Assailant was standing right in front of the container where he was hiding and he could hear his enemy laugh behind him.

Assailant (confident & smiling): Shows over kid!

He fired another blast which could right through the container and caused a small explosion. For the briefest moment he thought he had finished James off but then he noticed the young enforcer had jumped into the air and was pointing his hand at him.

James (thoughts & angry): You asked for this asshole!

Increasing the strength of his arm, James threw one of his last remaining bullets like a high caliber sniper round into his enemy’s belly, driving it through his flesh and right into his spine. The Assailant screamed in agony as he fell on his back and clenched the bleeding wound in his stomach.

He tried to raise his hand in order to absorb the power of the lightning but James landed on it and immediately kicked him across the face with a super powered kick, knocking him out instantly.

James moved away from his unconscious foe and immediately called the caravan to check if they had made it to their destination.

James (commanding & curious): Lieutenant, tell me you made it to the facility in one piece.

Lieutenant (happy): We made it to the Vault and we’ve already notified the boss.

James (pleased & tired): Good to hear, I’ll make sure the boss gives you and your men a special bonus for pulling this one off without a hitch.

Ending the call James immediately dialed 911 fully aware that the man with all the answer wouldn’t last long with an injury like this and his visit to the hospital would only give more fuel to the brewing fire.

To be continued…..

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Kings of Boston: Bad Blood #1

James laid in his bed with his pillow over his head in a deep peaceful sleep oblivious to the storm that raged on outside and to the events which transpired in it. His sleep was cut short when his cell phone rang and woke up him. He raised the pillow ever so slightly to scowl at the damn thing before finally mustering the strength to reach out it and see who was calling him. His scowl and anger only intensified once he saw it was his long time partner Tony calling.

James (half-asleep & annoyed): This better be important enough to wake me up at 3AM or I swear to God….

Tony (serious): Christians been kidnapped and Roberts in the hospital.

This news immediately shook him out of his state of half-sleep.

James (shocked): How the hell did this happen?!

Tony (serious): It went down a couple of hours ago; the two of em were driving from that big Oscorp meeting when some one attacked their limo and now Rob is unconscious and Christians just vanished. The boss wants you and me here to keep Rob safe in case these assholes come back and try to finish the job.

James got out of his bed and opened his wardrobe and took out a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt and a jacket out of it and began dressing himself, never letting the phone leave his ear.

James (concerned & curious): You know everyone’s gonna blame the Coles for this right?

Tony (calm): They already are, the boss is in a meeting with the Capos and Underbosses as we speak but since there’s no evidence the Coles were involved in any way the boss should be able to keep them in line, for now…

James (concerned): Then let’s hope Robert gives us some good news.

Tony (concerned): Amen to that brother. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Silus sat behind his desk massaging the side of his forehead in order to ease the headache he was getting from listening to his various lieutenants squabble over the Christian situation.

Capo 1: (angry & yelling): It’s obvious the Coles are responsible for this! I bet those assholes wanted us to let our guard down so they could take us out by surprise!

Capo 2 (angry & yelling): He’s right! Who else could it be? The Coles have been trying to wipe us out for centuries, are we really surprised they’re trying to do it again?

This is what the meeting had essentially been from the start with every single Capo and Underboss throwing out words like pay back, war and revenge against the Coles and all yelling at the top of their lungs to just drive the point home.

Underboss (angry & yelling): We were idiots to ever consider a truce with those bastards, I say we attack em now and this time we make sure they don’t get back up like last time.

Silus heard this proposal and it instantly made his blood boil in anger. He removed his right hand from his head, formed it into a fist and slammed it against the table immediately silencing everyone else in the room.

Silus (furious & low voice): Each and every one of you is going to shut the hull up this instant and sit the fuck down this instant.

The various Capos and Underbosses gulped and sat down quietly as their aging boss looked at them with disgust and hatred in his eyes.

Silus (furious & low voice): Have you all forgotten what happened during the last turf wars we had with the Coles? Do you remember all the people we lost during those? Each and every one of you here lost a family member, myself included and now instead of making sure our families future generations don’t have to suffer the same way you’d rather start another war?!

He slammed his fist against the table once more only this time the entire room shook as if an earth quake had happened.

Silus (furious & low voice): Listen here and listen good because I won’t say this again: if any of you attack or harm the Coles in any way, shape or form and destroy the delicate peace we’ve been trying to achieve for years now, I will find the person responsible and I will make sure they and they’re entire blood line are erased from not just the face of the Earth, but from our families history books as well. I will make sure you and every single person related to you from the past, present and future is eradicated and forgotten, have I made myself clear?

The Capos and Underbosses all nodded and silently left the room leaving a tired Silus inside. The aging crime boss sighed and leaned back in his chair waiting for James’s call and hoping it would bring some good news. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

James exited the elevator of the Massachusetts General Hospital once it reached the third floor. He made his way through the busy halfway leading to Roberts’s room. It was easy enough to spot with two bodyguards in black business suits standing on the opposite side of the door. He approached the door and tried to enter but it the guard on the right placed his hand on his chest and stopped him in his tracks.

Guard (cold): Sorry James but we can't let you in without knowing for sure it's really you. After what happened in Paris I'm sure you understand.

James (calm): Just make it quick okay.

The guard nodded and took out a small remote device from his pocket, by pressing a button a tiny needle extended out from it, James let the needle pierce his finger as it took a blood sample and proved it was really him and not a shape shifter.

Guard (cold): You can go in.

James entered the room and saw Tony looking out the window, he then noticed Robert lying in his bed hooked up to several machines, he walked up to his bed and took a look at the doctors notes.

James (thoughts): Leg fracture... Multiple blows and injures to the skull... Moderate Blood Loss.... (curious): Who the hell could’ve done this too him?

Tony (calm): No clue, but hopefully our guy on the inside is gonna give us something to go on.

James simply nodded and continued to read the notes hoping to find some clue to help unravel the mystery. ....................................................................................................................................................................

Commissioner Rachel Flynn sat behind her desk doing her paper work and waiting for Martinez to give her the report about the Slater disappearance. She had been on the force for years and she was there when the last bloody turf war between the Campbell’s and the Coles and the thought of another possibly starting up sent shivers down her spine.

As she finished the last piece of paper work she leaned back in her chair and removed the strands of red hair that were dangling in front of her eyes.

Rachel (thoughts & mad): Damn mutants…. Nothing goods happened to this town ever since they showed up…..

Her moment of peace was cut short when her phone started to ring; she sighed and answered the call.

Rachel (curious): Hello?

Martinez (serious): Hey chief it’s me; I just finished talking to all the witnesses and the forensic team.

Rachel (worried & curious): Please tell me you’ve got some good news for me….

Martinez (serious): I wish I did chief, apparently Christian got attacked by some freak who could shoot lightning, according to eye witness accounts he turned into The Thing and tried to fight him but he lost and got taken away, the guy responsible apparently talked to his driver for a little while before knocking the old bastard out.

Rachel pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed as her worst fears had just been confirmed. The Coles are a mutant family well known for their use of elemental based powers and once word got out a lightning user was responsible for taking Christian away all hell would break loose.

Rachel (serious): All right here’s how were gonna do this, I want you and all the forensic guys to keep their damn mouths shut, if the Campbell’s here about this we are all going to be up shit creek without a boat so I want this to stay a secret for as long as possible until were 100% the Coles were behind this, got it?

Martinez (worried): I'll try chief but you know how it is with this town, word spreads pretty fast around here.

Rachel (serious): I know, believe me I know but do it anyway, the more time we can buy for ourselves the bigger shot we have of stopping these two freak families from killing each other and anyone else caught in the cross fire.

Martinez (serious): You got it chief. Rachel (glad): Thank you. ………………………………………........................................................................................................

Martinez leaned against a wall as he looked at his phone and went through his contacts stopping upon reaching his “fathers” number, he looked around and noticed no one was looking at his general direction and began typing a message for his contact within the Campbell family. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Tony was sitting in the chair next to the sleeping Robert play Angry Birds as he waited for James to return with some food and drinks. Just as he was about to finish the level perfectly his phone vibrated causing him to miss his mark. He groaned and checked his message box, a sense of relief and dread came over him at the same time once he saw it was Martinez who sent it. He gulped and opened the message, hoping for the best but instead his worst fears had come true….

Martinez (message): Your guy Christian got attacked by a guy who could control lightning, the guy kicked Christian’s ass and took him away then knocked out Robert just before leaving. Looks like the Coles are starting to move against you guys again.

Tony simply stared at his phone as his mind processed this new information, he read it through over and over hoping it would somehow change and deliver some good knows but deep down he knew very well what this meant, he put his phone back in his pocket and sighed with a single thought going through his mind

Tony (thoughts & worried): Fucking hell....

To be continued…..

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Kings of Boston: Bad Blood #0

The night sky was covered with brown rain clouds with thunder completely illuminating the darkly lit streets of Boston for a brief moment with each strike. The rain poured and covered every inch of the city, the streets were vacant with no man or beast daring to be out in a storm of this magnitude, with the exception of a single black limousine driving along the road as if it were any other regular night.

Inside the limo, there were two men. The first man was the limousine driver; his name was Robert, an older gentleman in his mid 60s who wore a standard uniform for a man of his profession with greying hair and a pair of glasses on his face. The second one was a shorter man, bald man, about 5”3 in height in his late 40 called Christian. He wore an all brown tuxedo with a tie bearing a red & black circle pattern on it.

Christian simply sat in the limo in silence with his arms crossed, one leg placed over the other and his cell phone in his hand with him dialling a number on it. He placed the phone next to his ear and waited for his call to get through by watching the rain fall outside. Once the call finally got through he was greeted by his boss, Silus Brown.

Christian (Curious & Jokingly): What took ya so long to answer? I thought I was gonna die of old age waiting for you to call.

Silus (Happy): You’re a real comedian you know that? If you must know I was busy finishing that new deal with our new friends at Oscorp. (Curious) I assume the negotiations with the Coles went well?

Christian (Relaxed): They did go well, for the most part, Coles kid wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of his old man calling a truce with us, I'm telling you Si, that kid is gonna be trouble down the road.

Silus (Calm): If he becomes a problem well deal with him but only if we have no other choice, we suffered a lot of casualties from the last war with them and I don’t intend to start another one for a long, long time.

Christian (Anxious): I know how you feel but still we can’t be too car-

At that moment a lighting bolt struck the limousine in the mid section, splitting it clean in half with each part spinning and flipping wildly on the road, using the power of his mutation, Christian was able to transform into his rock form in time in order to protect himself from most of the damage.

He transformed back into his regular human form in order to slip out of the wrecked portion of his limousine and immediately ran across the road in order too see if Robert was fine, as he did so he tried to call Silus and tell him what happened but the electricity fried his phone.

Christian (Thoughts & Angry): Stupid piece of….

Just as he crossed about half of the street, another lightning bolt struck the ground next to him, nearly hitting him in the process. He rolled out of the way and immediately pulled out his pistol and aimed it at the rooftops.

Christian (Thoughts & Suspicious): This is either another lightning bolt that just so happened to nearly hit me again, or some one is controlling this….

Another lightning bolt came at him and he effortlessly jumped out of the way of it and noticed a man standing on the edge of a nearby building, Christian immediately opened fire on him but the man seemingly transformed into lightning itself and by entering nearby wires was able to get over to another roof where Christian couldn’t attack him from a distance.

Christian (Thoughts & cocky): So you want me to fight you one on one punk? Big mistake pal.

Placing his pistol back into its holster, Christian transformed his entire body into gray, rock like skin and ran his fingers into the building and slowly began climbing it in order to face his would be killer.

Christian (Yelling & Angry): Alright you little bastard, who ever you are come on out so I can properly thank you for messing up my ride!

???? (Calm): Such an empty threat, an imbecile like you doesn’t stand a chance against some one like me, especially not in this weather.

Christian’s eyes widened upon hearing this low and cold voice from behind him, he immediately spun around and drove his fist into the ground. The assassin again turned into lightning to avoid his attack and reformed behind him.

Christian (Thoughts & Annoyed): Son of a...

He pulled out his pistol to fire on him, but his adversary was quicker for he was able to fire a single bolt of lightning straight into the barrel of the gun causing it to explode in Christian’s hand.

???? (Calm): I expected more from you Christian, with a nickname like „The River way Butcher“I thought you’d be better at this.

Christian (Angry & Yelling): You little punk! Do you have any idea who you’re messing with?!

He charged at his assassin throwing caution to the wind, his adversary raised one hand in the air while the other was pointed at Christian. The assassin absorbed the lightning produced from the clouds above and by channelling it through his body he fired it through his other hand and completely engulfed Christian in it.


Robert slowly re-gained consciousness and placed his hand on his forehead, upon examination he noticed he was bleeding from a cut above the eye he no doubt sustained from the crash; he slowly unbuckled himself from the driver’s seat, opened the door and fell to the ground below.

He looked around to see where Christian was and his question was answered when he fell seemingly out of the sky with a barrage of lightning continuously attacking him. He yelled in pain as the electricity coursed through his body but his screams of pain and agony vanished as he lost consciousness and returned to his human form.

The assailant lowered himself from the rooftop using static electricity from the palms of his hand. He walked up to the unconscious Christian and placed the man over his shoulder with ease, he then turned his attention to the half conscious Robert who had been observing the end of their battle for a while now.

???? (Relaxed): So you survived my attack? Not bad… For a human anyway, (walking up to Robert) ordinarily I would kill you and make sure there were no witnesses, but today’s your lucky day because (kneeling next to Robert) Im feeling quite generous, so in order to repay this small debt you owe me, I need a favour to ask of you.

Robert (Exhausted): Go…. to… hell….

???? (Relaxed): I'm going to pretend I didn’t hear that, as for my request, tell your boss the Coles send their regards and that were going to be seeing him very soon.

Robert watched as the assailant got up and raised his foot, he caught one last glimpse of the man before his boot came crashing down in his face and instantly knocked him out cold.

So, what do you guys think of the prologue of my mutant mafia book?

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@fallschirmjager: Arrow is made primarily for males from the ages of 18-49. I wasn't talking about the other CW shows and I'm pretty sure if they wanted the high school bullshit in here they would have put him in high school or something and not as a 29 year old business man who goes around killing people like a vigilante with most of the main cast of being about the same age or older.

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Wow, I did not see that coming.

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Id say Batman would win this one but WS would give him hell before going down.