Bruce Wayne The Line #16

Book 1: Clone Wars


Bruce walked through the hallways of the Kamino cloning facility, while he did salute clones that passed him by, his thoughts were still on the traitor, despite his best efforts the list of suspects couldn't be narrowed.

There was little evidence to go with and Shaak Tis office had been visited by hundreds of clones and personal through the months, most weren't even on Kamino,

Now he went to meet with Yoda, Shaak Ti and Obi-Wan to discuss how to proceed with the mission.

The communication room was far from ideal for Bruce's taste, it was massive with dozens of seats, 4 entrances, a large round table with a holo map of the galaxy coming out of it and a small control panel on it.

The room was apparently modeled after the Jedi Temple on Coruscant but it was far too exposed for Bruce's liking, but because of that it occurred to Bruce, the traitor wouldn't dare miss an easy surveillance opportunity like this.

"Ah Bruce, good of you to finally join us. "

Said Obi-Wan sarcastically with a sly smile on his face.

"Sorry, I just wanted to do a last minute check of the footage..... Still nothing. "

"That is unfortunate, but we can start the meeting now. "

Shaak Ti pressed a couple of buttons on the control panel, after a few minutes a flickering hologram of master Yoda appeared before them, the constant storms were causing issues on off world communication.

"Ah! A pleasure it is, to see all of you, good things about the mission I do not hear. "

"Its going badly to say the least, upon Bruce's arrival we were already compromised, I fear there truly is a traitor on Kamino. " Said Obi-Wan.

Yoda rubbed his chin and looked away from the three for moment before addressing Bruce.

"The identity still a secret it is? "

"We've got nothing to go on, there are 2000 suspects here with several more hundred off world, it'll take months for us to just narrow down the list, by then the traitors going to escape. "

Shaak Ti cut in. "What I want to know is, if this pre programming clone story is true, then does the Chancellor know about it? "

"The Chancellor always has meddled in affairs beyond politics, but I doubt that he would agree to something like that. " Said Obi-Wan.

"I doubt a Jedi master could finance all of this alone, Jedi aren't exactly known for being wealthy, why did he start this army if the Republic already had a standing military at the time, unless he knew something was going on. "

The discussion went on for hours, theories were thrown around and arguments nearly started but were quelled by master Yoda, they all grew increasingly tired as it went on, Bruce looked over the room several times hoping to catch the traitor to no luck.

All of them turned their attention to the sound of the doors opening, Kitrina appeared before them, again holding several datapads in her hand.

"S-sorry to interrupt you, but prime minister Zertan has requested your presence. "

"Very well, leave I was just about too, wish you much luck I do. "

Shaak Ti and Obi-Wan bowed to Yoda as his hologram disappeared, they walked out of the room leaving Bruce and Kitrina alone, the shy girl felt awkward by the silence while Bruce had formed an idea in his head.

He smiled and approached the girl. "Kitrina, I have a favor to ask you, it might seem a little... strange. "

"O-oh sure, I-Id be glad to help. "

Bruce's smile grew as he was amused by the girls shyness, he found it very cute.

"Could you take me to the inner part of the cloning facility, I know went there a few times and you speak Kaminoan. "

"I-its against the rules..... but since you're a Jedi, I-I guess its o-kay. "

They left the room and traversed the base as they slowly reached the upper levels of the underwater facility.


"This cant be good, he never accepts visitors, so why now? " Said Shaak Ti as they exited the elevator. Outside a particularly nasty storm was going and could be seen through the windows.

"Indeed, but this may be our only chance to learn of the pre programmed clones. "

They knocked on the door, almost immediately they heard a faint monotone sounding voice telling them. "Enter! "

The Jedi complied and entered a bright white circular shaped room, there were several pieces of white furniture attached to the walls and floor, at east side of it sat prime minister Zertan.

He was a traditional Kaminoan in terms of looks and personality, he had white skin, extremely long limbs with a foot long neck, giant black eyes, no nose and his voice was monotone and almost robotic.

"Ah masters Obi-Wan and Shaak Ti, I am most pleased to see you both here, come sit, we have much to discuss. "

The Jedi masters were shocked by the warm welcome, Kaminoans were generally calm, Zertan actually had a smile on his face.

They sat down on something resembling a couch, Zertan smiled at them again and moved to a small cabinet, he pulled a glass of something out of it and poured a drink for himself.

"I understand there was.... a situation with my clones on Alderan, I wished to inform you that I will do what ever is necessary to help you resolve the issue. "

"How did y-" Shaak Ti was cut off.

"I make it my business to know, may I offer you a drink? "

"That is quite alright, prime minister. "

"Oh master Jedi, surely you may allow yourself a little pleasure, it is only one drink, what harm would it do. "

Obi-Wan sighed and looked at Shaak Ti, after thinking about it they left the couch and grabbed glasses of their own, the Kaminoan poured the drink into their glasses.

"A toast, to us ending this war soon and bringing peace to the galaxy. "


"H-here, we've arrived! "

The hallways was illuminated by the color purple, before them stood a large room with clone babies sleeping in their protective bubbles, only their air tubes keeping them alive.

"This is where they keep the birthing information of the clones? "

"Yes.... but p-please be careful, if you cut one of those tubes inside you could release a poison gas. "

Bruce approached the door to the birthing chamber, it was locked but he quickly unlocked it by severing the lock with his light saber.

As he entered the room, there was nearly no oxygen in it, a slight annoyance but it didn't slow him down, he got on his knees and started hacking into one of the computers with his omni tool.

It was a long and difficult process, but Bruce managed to find the evidence he was looking for, the command codes to the clone army, a giant smile formed on his face as he placed the data into his omni tool.

"D-did you get it?! "

"Yes, with this information we c-"

Bruce was interrupted as Kitrina ignited a lightning whip and encased it around his neck, Bruce screamed in pain as the electricity ran through his body.

He fell on his back, his neck charred and his whole body smoking.

"I gotta say Brucy, if you hadn't come along, it might have taken me god knows how long to finish this job. "

Kitrina's voice, atitude and body movement were completely different from before. Her voice was sly and seductive, she walked one leg over another like a cat and the shyness in her had seemingly vanished all together.

"Y-yo-" Bruce felt another strike upon him, this time across the left side of his face.

"Now Brucy.... you have to stop doing that or im going to have to kill you. "

She ran her bladed heels into his legs, subduing him, she then ran her omni tool into his and stole all the information, she then used her data pad to delet every mention of it from Kamino computers, leaving her the only person left with the information.

She walked away from the still downed Bruce and severed the tubes with her whip, the poison gastriggered the alarm and Bruce found himself locked in a room full of poison gas.

"Sorry it had to end this way cutie, but a girls gotta make a living. " She blew a kiss in his direction and ran off.

Bruce simply smirked as he got back on his feet, his injuries healed fully, he always found it amusing when people thought he was just a human and things like cuts or poison could kill him, he especially enjoyed proving them wrong.

He jumped into the air, kicking through the 7 layers of protective glass and ran after his target.

To be continued.................

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