Bruce Wayne The Line #15

Book 1: Clone Wars


The storms on Kamino were particularly bad on the day of Bruces arrival, so much so the entire base had its shields raised, the base itself from the outside looked like a collection of large stadiums with long bridges interconnecting them.

Bruce had already prepared his equipment and met with Alfred in the landing bay, there were a dozen clones there as well, all lined up with their rifles in hand.

"Ah master Bruce! I see you're ready, we should be landing in a moment sir. "

"Good. "

Bruce barely registered the droids words, he was lost in his thoughts thinking about the task at hand, he had to be careful because anyone could be a traitor.

The ship entered one of the main structure and the bay doors opened releasing a powerful gust of wind into the ship, even with the shields raised, the storms presence could still be felt.

As the ship slowly descended, Bruce and Alfred could see a tall man in brown robes standing in front of the ship, they immediately recognized him as Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of the finest Jedi in the Order.

The Jedi master approached them and bowed before speaking up.

"Grettings, I am Obi-Wan Kenobi, we've been expecting your arrival for quite some time. "

Bruce bowed back at the master.

"Thank you master, this is my friend Alfred, I hope its alright that he's here. "

"It's quite alright, in fact I've learned that it's always a good thing to have a droid companion by your side. "

The two left the hangar and walked through the base, it was amazing feet of engineering, most of the actual base was underwater and there were literally miles and miles to each zone.

As they descended further down, the zones changed, it was just clone tubes at first, then something similar to school for adolescent clones, at the lower zones there were finally the full grown clones training for the war.

"Very impressive. " Said Alfred.

"You should have seen my face when I first saw this place, it's still incredible. "

"So master Obi-Wan, what did master Yoda tell you about my mission here? "

"Not much im afraid, he said it was top priority and that it was only for Jedi ears. "

Bruce said nothing else, they remained silent for a long while until they reached a balcony, below it was a green virtual training ground and a group of 7 clones fighting droids, it seemed like an old video game where the goal was to capture a flag on top of a makeshift hill without dying.

The clones moved as if they could read each others thoughts, constantly in synch and watching each others backs, no mistakes made, not even a scratch on any of them, they used cover and the terrain to flank and surround the droids, the machines were no match for them.

Within a minute of starting, the match was over and the clone team captured the flag.

"I see you enjoyed the show. "

The three turned around to see master Shaak Ti standing behind them, she had a strong resemblance to Ahsoka, except she had longer head tails and four horns, a rarity among the Torgruta, she was also significantly taller than Ahsoka, about 185 centimeters.

"Quite, Shaak Ti, this is our new padawan Bruce Wayne and his companion Alfred. "

They bowed to each other in silence before a girl accidentally ran into Bruce, knocking them both to the ground and dropping all her datapads.

"Oh, I-I-Im so sorry, I didn..... "

"Its okay, here let me help you pick those up. "

"T-thank you. "

The girl was about 2 years older than Bruce, she had brown eyes and long brown hair tied into a pony tail, she also had faint red lipstick on, from her way of talking and posture, she seemed like a shy, nervous girl.

"Here. "

Bruce smiled at her as he gave her the last datapad.

Shaak Ti, shook her head in disbelief.

"Oh Kitrina, how many times have I told you to be more careful. "

"I know master Shaak Ti..... "

Kitrina lowered her head in embarrassment and shame.

Shaak Ti sighed and smiled at the girl, placing her hand on her shoulder.

"It's alright dear, I know you can be clumsy sometimes, now run along. "

Kitrina nodded at the Torgruta and ran off.

"Our mission is going well so far sir. " Said Alfred sarcastically.

"I apologize for that, Kitrina is still new here and she can be easily frightened. "

"You don't have to worry about it, believe me I've felt worse, we should probably go to your office, we can't discuss the mission here. "

"Of course, right this way. "

Shaak Ti, lead the group into her office, it was just a short walk from the balconies and it was connected to the entire base, understandable since she had to managed it all.

"Alfred, get into security and lock this room down, I don't want anyone hearing this. "

"Yes sir. "

The droid flew to a small panel near the door and injected the hacking device inside it, it took several minutes before the entire room was locked down and entirely sound proof.

The two Jedi masters sat down and watch Bruce who stood in the middle of the circular room.

"Lets get started. "

Bruce activated his omni tool and the room was flooded with dozens of flying images of the Bane attack.

"As you know, the mercenary Bane attacked the new Jedi temple on Alderan, I managed to defeat Bane and end the temporary occupation... what you don't know is that our own clones turned against us. "

"What?! That is a bold claim young padawan, I have overseen the creation of these clones for months now, I would know if they were traitors. "

"I didn't say they did that of their own free will. "

All the images joined together into a singular large screen that stood in between Bruce and the Jedi masters, it showed the communication tower of the new Temple.

"The attack began with the mercenaries taking over the communication tower, I originally thought it was to cut off any line of communication between the Temple and the rest of the planet, they only cut it off for master Yoda. "

Bruce pressed several buttons on his omni tool and the recording of Vosk could be heard.

"er..............Tar........Yoda........ "

Obi- Wan raised an eyebrow at this and rubbed his beard.

"What does it mean? "

"I don't know and any attempt for me to piece the recordings failed, this is the best we've got, but I think Vosk may have given the clones a command to kill master Yoda, then any Je-"

Bruce turned his head to the window of the room, he noticed something move and stared at it, he saw a small spider like robot walking on the wall and it was recording everything!

"Alfred! Weve been compromised! "

The droid noticed the spider, he fired a small laser blast at it but the spider escaped the room quickly through a small crack in between the steel plated window.

Bruce jumped through the window with little effort and gave chase to the spider. The machine was tiny but incredibly fast, if it weren't for Bruces enhanced sight it would have gotten away by now.

Things got complicated as the spider entered the ventilation system, Bruce ripped the vent duct away but he couldn't fit in there.

"Alfred! See if you can track the droid through the ventilation system, we can't lose it! "

"Right away sir! "

Alfred did as instructed and sent the map of the ventilation system to Bruce, the padawan smirked as he ran after it.

"Now Ive got you. "

Bruce thought to himself as the distance between himself and the spider shrank, it disappeared off the map but there was only one place it could go.

"Oh no.... the mess hall..... "

Bruce ran faster, he knew if the spider reached that part of the base, it could be lost to him forever. His worst fears were confirmed as he entered the mess hall and the spider disappeared in the shuffle of walking clones.

He sighed while lowering his head in defeat. The two Jedi masters ran up behind him, panting.

"Did you find it? Do you know who was spying on us. "

"No... but we have our suspects, all 2000 of them....... "

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