Beyond Good & Evil #9

After the rescue of Force sensitive human John Shepard, his entry into the Jedi and the recent hostage crisis, the Jedi learned of a secret factory on the planet of Geonosis, the Jedi have been preparing this operation even before this discovery with the intent of capturing the Geonocians leader Pogle the Lesser and secure the planet itself. Now the Republic has amassed a massive fleet over the planet, now the many Jedi Masters and Padawans discuss they're plan for the most important battle of the Clone Wars yet.

John and Ahsoka are making their way to the meeting room and discussing current events.

Ahsoka: So I heard you saved all the senators and found out about a secret droid factory all on your first mission, how does it feel being a big hero?

John: Heh, Id hardly call myself a hero, but things did go better than I thought they were. By the way, why weren't you with Skywalker?

Ahsoka: I made some dumb decisions on Felusia, so the Council put me on guard duty in the Jedi Archives.

John: Must have been boring.

Ahsoka: Oh you have no idea, I would have given anything to be there with you two.

They enter the room and find the generals discussing the plan of the invasion.

John (thoughts): So these are the people who are going to lead us through this, Obi Wan Kenobi, a bit of traditional guy but he doesn't trust politicians and that's fine in my book, Ki Adi Mundi, havent heard much about him but he is one of the few who survived the first contact with Grievous, Skywalker and I havent spoken since our last chat.

Obi Wan: Ah good, youve both made it, now we can begin discussing the plan for the attack. Now, Anakin, John and Ahsoka will lead the 501st to attack the primary droid base, it is protecting the factory and theyre heavy weapons will cause heavy losses for us if don't take them down.

Ki Adi Mundi: I will lead a group of soldiers to try to take down the anti aircraft cannons and communication towers so that our reinforcements can get down safely.

Ahsoka: Whos bringing the reinforcements?

Anakin: That would be Master Unduli and her Padawan Barris, they should arrive early tomorrow.

Obi Wan: Then it's decided, I suppose Il see you both on the battlefield.

Ahsoka, Anakin and John all exist the room together and walk to the boarding shuttles.

Anakin: So Snips, you gonna behave this time?

Ahsoka: Are you ever going to stop yammering about me messing up on Felusia.

John: What exactly happened on Felusia. Anakin: Well Ahsoka here, dis obeyed a direct order and she went AWOL, the droids swarmed all her men and most of them were wiped out.

Ahsoka: How about we make a bet, if I kill more droids than you, then you will stop bugging me about Felusia deal?

Anakin: May the best Jedi win.

John: Are you 2 ever going to grow up.

They reach the shuttle and meet up with Rex.

Rex: Sir, good to see you again and to be back in action.

Anakin: Like wise, you have room for 2 more on your ship.

Rex: Heh, the more Jedi down there the better, this whole operation is going to be bloody.

They board the shuttle and enter the planet's atmosphere, the entire shuttle shakes but stabilizes once they reach ground level.

John: So far so good, how are the other ships doing AGH!

Anti aircraft turrets begin firing at them, many of the first ships are taken down.

Obi Wan: Anakin, you have to land, the turrets are decimating us.... His ship gets hit and losses a wing, it spins out of control and makes a crash landing. No one responds to the radio. Suddenly a massive droid army awaits for the remaining ships, they all start firing at them in a barrage of laser fire. Only a dozen ships manage to land and prepare for battle.

Anakin: General Mundi, Obi Wans been shot down, can you spare some men to defend his position.

Ki Adi Mundi: Yes I can spare some men but not much, the rest of the army should arrive soon.

At the main Separatist base....

Count Dooku: Pogle, the Republic has arrived, I trust you are ready.

Pogle (Geonocian): Yes lord, and your bounty hunter is on the field commanding the men now.

Count Dooku: If there is anyone who can finish off Skywalker and that new boy then Durge will do it.

Back on the battlefield... Commando Droid: Sir, we have destroyed much of the Republics first wave, what are your orders?

Durge: Get as many Commandos as you can, it is time for me to get my revenge on Obi Wan Kenobi and Skywalker.

The battle continues next issue....

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