Bruce Wayne The Line Book 1: Clone Wars #10-13

Book 1: Clone Wars

Grievance 1-3

Ahsoka and Bruce ran down to the lower levels of the facility, they didn't encounter anyone yet, but that changed when they ran into a pair of clones.

"Soldier! Whats going on are we under attack?! " Said Ahsoka to the confused clone, he did not respond but only motionlessly looked at them.

A nearby security camera took a shot of this and sent it back to the mercenaries who were still busy in the communication tower.


"Vosk! " Said a mercenary tapping the Lieutenant on the shoulder. "We've got a problem. " He pointed to the two padawans standing in front of the clone.

"I suppose were going to have add a few more Jedi to our list. "

He started pressing back the Contingency Order code into the holo screen, another wave was sent across a hundred mile radius, the clones again fell to their knees as Vosk entered a modified command to them.

"Execute Order 37--- target Jedi! "

The clones returned to normal and proceeded to follow their new orders.


"Why is this happening?! "

Ahsoka grabbed the clone by the shoulders trying to calm him down, it didn't work at first but he eventually stopped.

"Are you okay? I was worried you weren't going to make it. "

She breathed a sigh of relief, Bruce didn't speak but only looked at the clone and wondered, what was going on? He was snapped out of his trance when the soldier grabbed his gun and pointed it to Ahsoka's head.

"Ahsoka! " He grabbed her by the shoulder and knocked her out of the way, he kicked the rifle out of the clones arm and stomped his face into the ground, seemingly knocking him out.

"T-thanks. "

Bruce nodded at the Torgruta, they were interrupted when more clones appeared from the down the hall and started firing at them, some of them were clearly not clones as they're clothes resembled bounty hunters, they activated their light sabers and started deflecting the laser blasts.

"Any idea why our soldiers are trying to kill us? " Said Bruce in a mix of annoyance and sarcasm.

"This happened before, but I bet one of those guys knows why. "

"All right then, knock out the clones, but do what you want with the bounty hunters.

They both lept into the air closing the gap between them and the enemy, now that they were in range, they cut down the clones rifles, they proceeded to knock them out before fighting the mercenaries who they killed without much trouble, leaving only one straggler alive.

"You Jedi mother fuc-"

He fired at them like a mad man, Ahsoka deflected a laser bolt to his wrist, he dropped his gun and clenches his no burned hand in pain as Bruce ran up to him, grabbed him by the throat and put him up against a wall.

"Who are you working for and dont lie to me.... Il know! " He growled at the man as he slowly tightened his grip around the bounty hunters neck.

"Agh! Wait stop, stop! Look im just a hired gun im not one of them! "

"Who's them?! "

"Some bunch of psychopaths working for a masked guy called Bane.... they hired me for this gig I didn'tknow they'd brainwash these guys with some bullshit comm-"

The man stopped talking as his ear piece started electrocuting him, his eyes meet Bruce's as his head popped like a balloon covering the two young Jedi in his blood.

They both twitched their eyes in horror looked at each other, still in shock of what happened, Bruce calmed down and started searching what was left of the man's skull.

"Eeeewwww. " Ahsoka turned her head away in disgust.

"Believe me its much worse for me. " He managed to find a remaining part of the earpiece that blew theman's head up, he took and after a few seconds of examining it, he got back up and turned to Ahsoka.

"This earpiece was being remote controlled from the communication tower, Banes men must've taken it and done the some thing to the clones. "

"Il get Alfred, he was with master Yoda and we gotta warn him. "

The holo device showed Yoda and Bane battling with Alfred too busy assisting the Jedi to heed the calls from the padawans, they could only hear screams and explosions in the background with flashes of Bane here and there.

Bruce didn't show it but he was worried, he had already researched Bane enough and if he could nearly murder the so called Chosen One, he didn't know what the old man and the droids odds were.

"Listen, you have to go to the communication tower and stop whatever Banes thugs are doing to the clones, but try not to damage anything while you're up there, were gonna need the evidence after this mess is over. "

"Alright.... " She titled her head away from Bruce to shut down her holo device, when she turned it to face Bruce who had seemingly vanished.

"Better go take down the communication tower..... " She told herself in a mix of sarcasm and annoyance.


Yoda could barely breath, his battle with Bane was not going well considering the mercenaries punches and kicks could tear down wall's and his tired old bones felt like they were literally crumbling inside his body.

Bane on the other hand had no injuries, he had come prepared with all sorts of anti Jedi weaponry from EMP grenades to reflex numbing injections, most of which Yoda had suffered.

Alfred on the other hand laid badly damaged on the ground, he was still active as his sole large eye let out small flashes, but he was out of power and ammo making him off little use to Yoda.

"How disappointing, I expected more from you master Jedi. "

Yoda did not respond instead watched the mercenary carefully, he was incredibly fast and the slightest delay in his dodge could mean his own death.

"You put up a good fight, but we both now I have to kill you now! "

Bane charged at the old master who just barely managed to jump into the air, dodging Banes kick, Yoda got behind Bane attempting to cut his head off, he failed as Bane ducked under his light saber and head butted the master, he then knocked the light saber from his hand and grabbed him by the throat.

The mercenary repeatedly punched Yoda in the stomach, blood came out of the aliens mouth and nose, Bane then smashed the master against the floor and stomped her repeatedly into the ground, Yoda tried to get back on his feet but time had slowed down to a crawl.

He was somewhat snapped out of it when Bane pinned him to the ground with his foot, all his hopes were crushed when he saw Bane with his light saber, ready to stab him and end his life.

"Don't worry, you wont be alone for long. "

He raised the light saber and started bringing it down to Yoda's head, he had gotten to the halfway pointwhen his saber was blocked by another, Bane turned to face Bruce who had seemingly cut down his men as he saw corpses of them laying on the entrance.


Bane barely managed to speak up as Bruce spun his light saber around and swung it upward, cutting through Yoda's saber and cutting Bane on the left shoulder, the mercenary jumped away from Bruce who was in his fighting stance.

"Impressive boy, you managed to sneak up on me, but I promise you that will not happen again. "

Bruce didn't speak up, he was too busy examining Banes equipment, he had a tleast a dozen anti light saber gadgets in his harness and his belt, Bruce decided to do something his master told him never to do, he threw away his light saber.

"That was a mistake. "

"Well see. " Bruce smirked, clenches his hands into fists and slowly walked up to Bane, the mercenary was puzzled by his tactics, he activated his Venom injector just in case and began walking to Bruce.

As they finally reached each other, Bane struck first trying to land a punch on Bruce's head, Bruce side stepped out of the way and proceeded to hit Bane in the stomach with his knee, he then uppercutted him with a his right hand and hit him in the back of the head with his elbow.

Bane could feel that the boys strikes were incredibly powerful as each one made him stumble, luckily his Venom numbed any pain so it was only a small set back.

He grabbed Bruce by the throat and launched him into the air trough 5 pillars, the young Jedi clutches his left shoulder in pain but had no time to rest as Bane was already in front of him and was bringing his fist down on him.

Bruce rolled out of the way, he knew he couldn't fight him like this forever so he decided to level the field, he got back on his feet and sent a roundhouse kick into Banes stomach, the impact sent him into a wall, Bruce ran up to him, grabbed his right hand and repeatedly punch him in the mask.

Bane tried to break free but Bruce's grip was too strong, he could feel his mask crumbling from punches, he finally broke free when he saw that his Venom tubes were breaking appart and the gas was leaking out.

Bruce tried to keep him pinned to the wall but it was no use, he was getting tired and now it was Banes turn, despite his leaking gas and the sudden jabs of pain he was feeling, Bane pressed out Bruce had no pain numbing gas in him so he could feel every crippling blow.

Bane didn't give Bruce an inch, he launched blindingly fast punches at the young padawans head, Bruce was overwhelmed as every punch felt like he was being head first into a car, he was stumbling and barely had any room to fight back, Bane jumped into the air, spun around and punched Bruce in the forehead, the attack made Bruce fall to his knees.

Even with his healing factor, he couldn't just keep taking hits like this, he tried to uppercut Bane but the mercenary dodged it and punched him in the gut, Bruce was now back on his knees, head spinning.

"Now, I will break you! "

He grabbed Bruce by the head and the bottom of his spine, he then raised him above his head and extended his knee forward, Bruce however planned for this and called his light saber to his hand, he ignited it and cut both of Banes hands clean off.

He fell on his back and watched Bane look at his now decapitated hands, he jump back on his feet and charged at Bane, cutting his mask and dispersing all his Venom into the air.


Bane screamed in pain as the painkillers effect finally wore off, the pain was agonizing as he fell to his knees desperately trying to stop it with his stubs.

Bruce ignored him as he walked up to Yoda and Alfred, carrying them out of the room, he turned his head when Bane finally stopped screaming.

"Yo.....u wi...ll pay for th...sssss"

A small flame came from Banes belt and then a beeping noise could be heard, Bruce looked at it for a moment then started running when he realized that it was a bomb, the beeping stopped and a massive ball of flame engulfed Bane and the surrounding area, Bruce just barely managed to escape the room, he fell on the floor from pain and exhaustion.

He opened his eyes and saw 5 clone soldiers standing in front of him.

"Shit..... "

Bruce snarled to himself as he got back on his feet and ignited the light saber, pointing it at the soldiers.

"Easy there, son, were not here to hurt you"

"Get.... away.. from.... me! "

The soldiers stepped back with their hands raised.

"Bruce wait! "

He heard Ahsoka speak to him through his communication device, but he did not lower his saber.


Ahsoka sat on the chair in the communication tower, there were several dead mercenaries but Vosk, BanesLieutenant was on the floor tied up and with his mouth gagged.

"I stopped what they were doing to the clones, so please... put down your light saber. "

"Are you sure?! "

"Positive. "


Bruce looked at the clones one last time before sighing and turning off his light saber.

"I better not get shot for this..... "

He allowed the clones to examine him, Yoda and Alfred, they all started walking to the infirmary with Bruce taking one last look at the blast site before leaving.


It had been a week since the attack on Alderan, the building as well as the people in it had mostly recovered from what had happened, Vosk had been killed under mysterious circumstances a few days ago, leaving the Jedi with many unanswered questions, the most important one being, how were the clones brainwashed.

Bruce, Alfred and Ahsoka were going to visit master Yoda who was still recovering from his injuries, he had summoned them to discuss what they're going to do next.

"Ah! Good to see you it is. " Said the old master, laying in his bed.

The two padawans bowed to master as Alfred floated to him, trying to asist him off the bed, Yoda took his cane and started walking around the room.

"I examined the communication tower, Bane didn't use any sort of hardware to control the clones like he did with his own men, from the traces that were left it only could have been a set of commands in the clones themselves. "

"A bold claim my young apprentice, but examined the clones we have many times, no traces of anomalies found were. "

"I know, so I investigated into ancient forms of brainwashing from both galaxies, I found a few that arespecifically made to make the brain react to a certain command or sound. "

"Is that even possible? " Said Ahsoka giving Bruce a puzzled look.

"Alright.... here's an example, you have a dog and to make him do a trick, you have to make him learn to do it to a sound or voice command, this can be by giving the dog treats as a reward, but clones physically age quickly, however their minds dont get any better until their a few months old, months that could be use teaching them all those commands until its second nature to them. "

Yoda closed his eyes and rubbed his chin as he tried to decide how to proceed next, he opened his eyes and pointed his cane to Bruce.

"Go to Kamino you must, if your theory is true, in grave danger we all are, but..... speak nothing of this to anyone... either of you, for great disaster it will mean for the Republic. "

They nodded to him and left the room.

As they walked back to their quarters, Bruce crossed his hands and spoke to Ahsoka who he ignored after their argument.

"So.... you still think I dont belong here? "

Ahsoka made the faintest of smiles and told him simply. "No. "

Bruce smiled back at her and they both rekindled their friendship.


Chancellor Palpatine sat in his office on Coruscant, typing a message to the prime minister of Alderan due to the recent attack there, he turned his attention to a incoming call and answered it revealing a droid.

"Good news, lord Sidious, we recovered the subject, his body has sustained massive damage but the project should be able to repair him. "

"Gggooodddd....... Gggooodddd.....However, I want you to erase his memory, his current mind will only make him an enemy of ours, but if we change it, we will create a machine to kill Jedi. "

"Are you certain master? The procedure could leave him with psychological issues. "

"It does not matter, if he presents a problem, we will simply kill him and find another, now do as I say. "

Palpatine closed communication device, the droid turned around and looked at the test subject.

"Prepare the table for surgery, we have much work to do. "

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Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor: Agents of Asgard #6-9



Thor, Loki, Ronin, Sif and Volstagg had returned to Asgard following the discovery of who was the puppet master behind the Kinglslayer murders, they had to tell Odin for they're next action could cause a massive world spanning war.

"Are you certain Loki?! For these are very serious accusations, ones that could lead to much destruction. "

Said Odin as he sat on his throne, before him stood Thor, Odin and Ronin just having arrived from Nidavellir.Sif and Volstagg were at a healer following they're battles with the hypnotized Ronin and Skurge.

"Father, if we do not go after Amora it will only be a matter of time before she tries to murder you andLaufey, then all out war will begin anyway. " Said Thor trying to plead to his father.

"And if we do what you are implying, we will start a war anyway! " Odin rose from his throne, with his hands behind his back, he paced around the three of them.

"The Academy of Magic is not only the thing that ties the Nine Realms together, but it is also a neutral ground and should anyone commit a serious crime, say arresting the high sorceress because of the stories of a mortal! It could end up destroying us all! "

Odin rarely raised his voice, but when he did his sons knew to tred lightly, for with a snap of his fingers he could rob them of most of their power.

"Father! I have fought beside mortals and they are not the primitive savages that they once were, Loki and I question Ronin thoroughly and we know that Amora did it all! "

"Yes Thor YOU have fought beside mortals and YOU have seen what they are capable of, but the other species of the Nine Realms have not and unless you can change they're minds in the coming days, you have nothing! "

There was a long silence as Odin closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead, knowing that he was going to get a headache quickly.

"Perhaps not, Amora and I were classmates and I know her, my reputation at the Academy along with the mortals skills... we could stop her without anyone knowing. "

Odin sat back down on his throne and looked at his son, his rage had subsided but he did not seem any more optimistic on the outcome.

"Sigh, very well take the mortal and go about your business, but know this, should you or the mortal be captured, you will be disowned and you will become galaxy wide criminals and if captured, you will be executed. "

Odin tried to scare his son out of it, he would rather die than watch his life be ruined because of some mad woman, it did not work as Loki simply smiled and chuckled at his fathers poor attempt at intimidation.

"Then we will try very hard not to be caught. " Said the trickster sarcastically with the faintest smile on his face.

"And why should I help you? " Said Ronin who finally broke his silence, not turning his gaze away from theAllfather.

"Because we will ensure that you return to Midgard, your head still attached to your bod-"

Ronin interrupted the old god. "Or.... you could just give me a single gold coin as payment and Amora's head on a pike, and you let me keep these Asgardian swords, consider us even. "

"A single coin? " Odin chuckled at the assassins demand, not stopping until he realized the mortal was dead serious.

"A single coin from Asgard is worth hundreds of millions on Earth, that's all the payment I need, you get one of the best for practically nothing. "

Said the assassins with a very sure of himself tone, like he knew he was already going to get the job.

Odin rubbed his chin while contemplating the offer, he then spoke up. "Very well, you are hired assassins, but know this.... should you betray my son or me, you will not leave that place alive. "

Odin voice sounded like a thunder storm as he said the last part, shivers were sent down Ronin's spine who simply bowed to the king as a sign of respect.

"Wait... what am I to do while the two of them are fighting Amora? "

"You will remain here, if Skurge truly is aligned with her then I need you to fight him should he come after me, also you are not exactly known for your subtlety. "

Thor looked away in disappointed and sighed but nodded to his father, Loki and Ronin walked out of the room, they walked out of the palace on their way to the Observatory.

"So whats the plan? " Said Ronin as he seethed his new dual Asgardian's katanas.

"The plan is, Amora will be the Kingslayer's next and final victim, for all the Realms to see. " Answered the trickster with a malevolent smile.


The Byfrost lit up the sky as the beam struck the earth, from the light came Loki and Roni who wore an outfit much similar to his Kinglsayer appearance, the only difference was that he was invisible.

"This better work. " Whispered Ronin to the trickster with a annoyed tone to his voice.

"Ronin you wound me, you have my word that nothing ill will happen to you. "

"Yeah! The word of the god of mischief, forgive me if im not too happy about my situation. "

Said the assassins sarcastically answering Loki, who was looking at the top tower of the castle, he knew Amora was already alerted to their presence and was preparing herself for battle.


Amora sat in her chambers in the Academy, drinking a alcohol called Vine from a golden chalice, she was interrupted when a maid entered her room.

"Beg your pardon mistress, but Loki Odinson has come to the Academy. "

She waved her hand to the maid as a sign for her to leave, she bowed and left the room, Amora stood up, used a spell to put on her signature green dress on and walked out of the room with a smirk on her face, she was ready to welcome her new guests properly.


Loki and Ronin walked through the Academy, it had architecture from all of the Nine Realms used to create a singular structure that would unite them all, it was not long until they saw children from all the Realms running around, playing or practicing magic.

Loki in particular was taken back to his days as a student, where he spent hours and hours perfecting his skills as a small child, he quickly snapped out of it when he heard a woman call to him from a far.

"LOKI! " Yelled Amora as she ran up to him and hugged him, he hugged her back and seemed genuinelyhappy to see her after all these years, despite what he may do to her soon.

"Amora, my old friend its good to see after so long, I see fate has been kind to you, head mistress of the Academy of Magic. " He chuckled to himself.

"Well I had to do something with my time since you ran off to join your brother and his friends, traveling across worlds in search of glory. "

They walked up the massive stairs to her chambers at the top, they laughed and talked about the old days and what they had been doing all this time, Ronin stayed close to them, he was patient at first but he was growing increasingly annoyed by their constant stories about how stupid mortals are, but his patience was reward when they finally reached Amora's chambers.

The room was massive, it consisted of several rooms and was twice the size of an luxury apartment on Earth, it was full of all sorts of magical artifacts and even ancient Nordic weaponry.

"May I offer you a drink? " Amora walked up to a bottle and filled two chalice with Vine, she extended her hand offering one to Loki, who took it.

"Let us toast, to our heart warming reunion. "

Loki drank first, at first all seemed well but he was quickly mistakes when his throat seemed like it was on fire, Amora had turned the drink into a form of acid that had completely destroyed his throat, smoke and blood were coming out of his mouth as he fell on the ground desperately clenching it.

Amora then grabbed a cloaked Ronin and smashed the chalice on his torso, spilling the acid drink all over it, she then jabbed her heel into his throat and pinned him to the ground.

"Did you really think I would be foolish enough not to prepare for you? Skurge! "

The black armored Asgardian appeared behind her, he had two plasma rifles on his back and several arc reactors connected to his torso.

"Go to Asgard and execute the next phase of our plan, leave these two to me. "

The Executioner only made a affirming grunt as Amora shot him with a blast of green magical energy that transported him to Odin's throne room. She then turned her attention to her guests.

"W-wh-why-" Said a kneeling Loki as his throat slowly started to heal itself.

"Oh poor Loki, always so arrogant, always calling yourself the master manipulator and yet, could never know when you were being lied too yourself. "

He scowled at her which she only found amusing, she then kicked him in the head which knocked him on his back.

"I had only ever been your friend so that I could learn the strengths and weaknesses of the Kings of the Nine, you see during the last great war your father, the great Odin.... " Her voice filled with poisonous hate.

"...... Butchered my family, then your allies all violated me in ways you could not imagine, so when I finally escaped I vowed revenge by murdering the architects of my misery, the rules of the Nine Realms, and who better to aid me than a crown prince of Asgard. "

She chuckled while her eyes were filled with blinding madness, Loki only looked at her for a moment before grabbing his staff, he was too late as Amora blasted it away from his hand, grabbed him by the throat and began running her sharp finger nails into it.

"Now you, your brother and your father will all die! The Odin blood line dies tonight. "


Skurge found himself in the throne room of Odin, he looked around to face the Allfather, no one was seemingly there, until Thor swung his hammer at him smacking him across the face.

"You! " Skurge snarled at his nemesis who actually managed to sneak up on him.

"Disappointed? Good, my father is far away where you will not find him, it is only you and me. "

"So be it! "

Skurge took his dual plasma rifles and fire a barage of laser at Thor, he spun his hammer which deflected the blasts, he then jumped into the air and tried to run Skurge's face into the ground, the Executioner rolled out of the way and instead shot Thor in the back.

"Aaarrrgghhh! " Thor screamed in pain as the blast pierced his armor and burned his skin, he spun his hammer again and fired a ray of lightning at the Executioner, he barely managed to dodge the blast as it destroyed one of his plasma rifles.

He then charged the arc reactors on his body and aimed his rifle at Thor, the Odinson's eyes widened as another blast was fired at him, this time it completely engulfed him and blasted him through the wall's of the palace itself.

Most of his cape was burned off as he plummeted to the ground, Skurge following him on the way down. Thor gathered his bearings and flew up to meet the Executioner in close combat, this proved the right move as Skurge was no match for Mjolnir who's strikes easily injured and broke through his armor.

Skurge managed to end the barrage as he grabbed Thor tightly, leaving him completely immobile and inSkurge's mercy.

"These bombs were ment for your father, but I will settle with seeing you burn! "

Thor's eyes widened as he realized that a blast like that at point blank would probably kill him, he summoned lightning from the heavens which loosened Skurge's hold just enough for him to push the madman away, he charged his next hammer strike with lightning and struck Skurge in the chest, he was sent flying even past the Observatory, with no way to return the Executioner accepted his fate as he blew up sending a massive shockwave across all of Asgard.

Thor panted heavily but smiled at his victory but he wondered if his brother and Ronin found similar success.


In the Academy Amora sensed that Skurge managed to blow up the arc reactors, she smiled and spoke to Loki.

"It seems that my pet succeeded, now there is only one more thing left to take care of. " She raised her free hand and gathered energy in it, she plunged it forward but was stopped when Ronin cut her left thigh with his sword.

She screamed in pain and released them both, Ronin jump back on his feet and drew both his swords, Loki called his staff to his hand and fire magical blasts at Amora who used her left hand to create a barrier and her right to heal her injury.

"No you dont! " Ronin broke through her barrier and managed to cut her cheek before she kicked him in the back of the head, sending him through a metal door and onto her bed.

Loki and Amora then started exchanging blasts and magical spells, everything from fireballs to clones were used, the entire Academy was awoke from this noise and many of the guard s were rushing to Amora's aid, Loki knew he had to end this quickly or it would all fail.

His worries vanished as Ronin stabbed Amora through the heart with both his blades, she stood there oblivious as blood started coming out of her mouth and nose, she was dead before she even hit the ground.

Ronin and Loki both let out small chuckles before the guards burst into the room, they saw a kneeling Loki and a Kingslayer Ronin standing over Amora's corpse.

"You bastards! I want his head! "

The guard's charged at him, he prepared himself for another fight when Loki shot him in the chest with a magic blast from his staff, the Kingslayer fell next to Amora seemingly dead.

Ronin was in shock as he did not know this would happen, he eyes were filled with rage as darkness fell over him, the last thing he was being Loki smirking at his victory.

Then he was gone......


Ronin woke up in a strange place, his vision was blurry but as it cleared up he saw that he was in Asgard with Loki standing over him, he tried to grab the god by the throat but was still too weak and just stumbled onto the ground.

"Now now, is that anyway to treat your employer. "

"You son of a bitch! You killed me! I knew I shouldn't trust you! "

"Calm yourself assassin, true I did kill you but I had to make it convincing for the guards, the Kingslayer is dead, you are free to return to Midgard and per our agreement you may keep our weapons and your reward. "

Loki handed him a single gold coin, Ronin immediately snatched it out of hand and put it in his pocket.

"I had to make it convincing and believe me, I had to go through a LOT of trouble to bring your soul back from the dead. "

Ronin just scowled at him through his mask. "Fine, but this is the last time im getting mixed up with you horned headed freaks, just get me home. "

Loki just smiled at the assassin and simply replied with. "As you wish. "

He snapped his fingers and teleported to the assassins who found himself back in his apartment on Earth, he just sighed heavily and jumped onto his couch while mumbling. "God I hate this magic crap. "


On Asgard Loki approached his father Odin who stood on his balcony looking at the stars, he did not notice his son until he was right next to him.

"I trust our ally was handsomely rewarded? "

"Yes he was.... " Loki voice fell to a near whisper, there was a long silence before he finally spoke up.

"Is it true? Did you really do all the things Amora said you did? "

"Yes it is, it was during the last war with the Frost Giants, they had invaded a small village at the edge of the badlands, we rode to meet them in battle but most of the population was butchered, except a single young girl with long golden hair...... "

"Her family butchered by the Frost Giants and her life in ruins, I saw the pain in her eyes, yet I was young and foolish back then, I only cared for my own personal glory and nothing else, when asked what to do with her.... "

His voice filled with pain and sadness with even tears in his eyes.

"I only said do what you want with her, she is no one of importance and does not concern me..... and for my foolishness it came back and nearly destroyed us all in the end.... I am sorry Loki. "

"Whats done is done now.... there is no turning back, Amora was never my friend so I will not mourn her, but do not punish yourself father, as you said you were a different man back then, you have attoned for your mistakes. "

He placed his hand on his father shoulder, smiled at him, Odin simply replied with. "Thank you. "

His son nodded at his father and walked away, Odin almost fooled even himself by what Loki said, but if only his son knew how very, very wrong he actually was......

To be continued......


Bruce Wayne The Line Book 1: Clone Wars #6-#9

Book 1: Clone Wars

Bruce Wayne The Line Book 1: Star Wars Clone Wars

A New Life Part 2-5

Bane stood over the now dead alien, he started searching his corpse and retrieved a small disk from his pocket, he then took the disk and kicked the corpse into the sewer river, Bane turned around and walked for several minutes until he reached a large waterfall and several armed men saluting him.

"Lord Bane, our last client contacted you while you were.... out hunting. " Said a human soldier as he walked up to Bane with a communication device in his hand.

Bane nodded to the soldier and walked into a large make shift tent, he then placed the communication device on the floor, activated it and stepped back as the hologram of an older man in a black cloak stood before him.

"Greetings lord Bane, I trust that you and your men were handsomely reward for your last mission? "

The mans voice was raspy and malevolent, there was a slight accent to it, he looked just human but Bane could feel the Dark side pouring out of him even from this far away.

"Indeed we were, but I must confess I wasn't expecting you to contact me again, at least not this soon. "

"Something has happened recently that has forced me to accelerate my plans greatly, I now have less than a year to accomplish them and that is why I require the best to aid me. "

Bane stared at him for a minute contemplating his offer, he then walked to a desk and put on a black shirt and turned his head to the hooded man.

"What do you need of me? "

A smirk formed itself on the old mans face, he was clearly pleased with Banes answer.

"Now that you have scared the Jedi and Senat into abandoning Coruscant, you are to travel to Alderan and kill master Yoda. "

Bane stood there frozen, he couldn't believe the missions he was being offered, he was scared for the briefest moment then he realized what this would mean for him and his true master.

"I accept. " The hooded mans smirk turned into a smile that ran across his entire face.

"But I must ask... why spare Padme Amidala? "

"What do you me-" His smile slowly started to fade.

"Chancellor Palpatine..... can I call you that? Or perhaps you would like Darth Sidious more. " Even under that face mask, it was obviously Bane had a pleased smile on his face.

Palpatine on the other hand looked angry, were he there in person, he would have probably cut Banes head off on the spot.

"You're plans for those two is genius to say the least. " He came up to his hologram, then his demeanor changed all together.

"But I will warn you only once.... should you or your plans interfere with mine.... I will break you! "

His voice was monstrous but no louder than a whisper, the he walked out of the tent, Palpatine stood there and for the first time in many, many years he felt genuine fear.

"Vosk! " Bane shouted to the man who informed him on the call earlier.

"Yes lord Bane? "

"Prepare the men, we are leaving Coruscant, I want 3 dozen pairs of clone trooper armor within two weeks, understood? "

The man nervously nodded at his master and ran off, Bane stood there watching his army prepare for the biggest and most dangerous mission of they're lives.


Bruce stood in the new council chambers, he was in a meditative stance, his eyes closed and his right hand extended to a small rock in the middle of the room, he had been trying to use the Force for days now, flashes of that faithful night constantly popped up in his head but the rock remained still.

"Goddam it! " Bruce opened his eyes and smashes his fist into the ground, causing a large dent in it, he heard a small chuckle behind him and turned to see master Yoda watching him.

He looked away and lowered his head in embarrassment. "Sorry about that. "

"Still no progress? A great shame it is, but not entirely a surprise. " He sat on the exact opposite side of the room from Bruce.

"I sense great fear in you young one. " He used the Force to bring the rock to his hand and he levitated it just above his palm.

"Im not afraid, I just.... cant do it! "

"Cannot deceive me young one, I have met many people like you Bruce, adore control you do, but when taken away from you, fear takes you, why are you afraid? "

Bruce looked into the old Jedi's eyes, he then saw flashes of himself during that night as he decimatedDeathstroke and tore half the manor grounds appart, his mouth felt dry, he was reluctant to answer Yoda but he decided to let him know.

"I-i guess im afraid, its going to happen again.... im scared that.... I wont be able to stop myself. "

"Let go of your fear you must, or it will consume you and you will be lost in the darkness.... forever, try again and this time, cleanse your mind of all emotion. " He levitated the rock to the middle of the room andreturned to the shadows to watch Bruce.

Bruce took a deep long breath and returned to his meditative stance, everything was clear but then the flashes came back, he once again struggled but then started thinking of home and his family, the images subsided and the rock began to get off the ground, Bruce opened his eyes and extended his hand, the rock slowly came to him.

"Very good. " Said a Yoda with a large smile on his face.

Bruce started levitating the rock like Yoda did a moment ago and turned to his master. "So... whats next? "

"Now create a lightsaber, you must. "

Yoda waved his hand to Bruce as a sign for the apprentice to follow him, Bruce got on his feet and followed the small alien up dozens of stairs to a seemingly empty room with only a single ray of light in the middle of the room.

As Bruce walked into the single light he noticed a small chest on the floor, he crouched down and opened it revealing dozens of light saber components, a pair of gauntlets and boots as well as a single white light saber crystal.


A military shuttle descended into the dark streets of lower Coruscant, the shuttle pilot scanned the area for any threats, after several minutes of nothing coming up on his onboard screen, he raised his hand and gave the soldiers the order to exit the shuttle.

"All right men listen up, our brothers have been getting killed down here for days now, our mission is to find any survivors and identify the person responsible, stay close to each other and do not, I repeat do not go into the deeper parts of the sewers... there's no telling whats down there. "

"Yes sir! "

The soldiers all stood up, saluted the pilot and exited the shuttled, they were elite clone troopers with blue and red markings on they're armor, they also had all sorts of weapons, from pistols to mini guns to portable AA turrets attached to they're torso.

The 12 clones split into two groups, 6 used they're grappling hooks to go through the uper sewers while the remaining clones came in through the main entrance.

Thirty minutes of nothing happening the pilot heard a bleep on his onboard screen, he saw a single redbleep on it, but then it quickly turned to over a two dozen.

"Listen up! We have hostiles, get out of there no- BOOM! "

The large explosion was heard as the shuttle blew up when a rocket fired at it. The main squad heard it over the radio, then the second squad began yelling into the communication device.

"Were being overwhelmed, the enemy has booby trapped this whole place, we have to retreat now! "

The main squad commander gave a hand gesture that pointed to the exit, they began running back to the shuttle and randevouz with the second squad, they reached the shuttle remains just when an explosionoccurred in the sewers, silencing the other clones, they found a single lone man in a coat standing in front of the burning vehicle.

The clones immediately pointed they're weapons as they identified him as Bane.

"Stop! You are unter arrest for the murder of 50 clone soldiers and 20 senators of the Republic! "

"Lay down your weapons and your deaths will be quick and painless.... mostly. "

There was only silence from the two parties, Banes patience ran out and he raised his hand, twitched his index finger, at that exact moment five of the six clones dropped dead as they were sniped from theshadows.

"You son of a bitch! "

The clone commander pointed his rifle to Bane, pulled the trigger and managed to fire several shots before Bane ran up to him and with one punched snapped his rifle in two, knocked his helmet off and gave him aconcussion.

"Take him. "

Two soldiers came from the shadows and took the commander into the sewers, Bane looked back at the burning vehicle, he then turned on his Venom injector, as he grew to twice his size, he kicked the vehicle into the dark depths of Coruscant leaving no evidence of a battle.

Bane deactivated the Venom injector and called to his Lieutenant. "Vosk. "

"You are to extract the last pieces of information from his brain immediately, were leaving tomorrow. "

The man nodded at his master in agreement and entered the sewers, Bane stayed outside contemplating the task at hand.


Two lightsabers clashed as Ahsoka and Bruce continued their sparring match, Yoda sat there watching them as he drank something similar to tea, they had been sparring for half an hour now, it seemed like a dance as they parried each others blows and struck each other.

Ahsoka used dual green light sabers while Bruce used a single silver colored one, she jabbed her left saber forward in a stabbing motion, Bruce placed his saber under it and with a fast swipe launched it from her hand, into the air and into his hand.

Bruce smirked at his fellow apprentice who had an annoyed look on her face, she then placed her remainingsaber in a reverse grip, she jumped into the air and launched a barage of strikes at him, she constantly jumped and spun around him trying to find a weakness in his defense.

Bruce's fighting style was a stark contrast, he stood his ground seemingly like an immovable object to his sparring partner, he only advanced when the time to strike was right and carefully judged his opponents mistakes, he had gotten bored of this and decided to to end the fight.

He spun the two sabers in his hand and began a blinding series of strikes combing all of his martial art, weapons and Jedi training into a singular unique fighting style, she felt completely overwhelmed as sweatstarted coming off her forehead, she once again jumped into the air and tried to stab Bruce.

"All to easy. "

Bruce thought to himself as he dodged her attack, she ended up stabbing the ground instead, Bruce placed the second saber on his belt and grabbed Ahsoka's head tail he pulled her away then bashed her head onto her own lightsaber, he then extended his hand and called her saber to him, disarming her.

"I win. "

He smirked at his partner who was rubbing her forehead from his attack.

"Yeah, yeah.... "

She stopped rubing her head, get back on her feet and took the two sabers from his hand and belt, she looked and sounded genuinely mad at him, but he decided to ignore it for now and turned his attention to Yoda.

"Good, very good, far you have come in a short time, a great Jedi you will be. "

Ahsoka crossed her arms and looked away from them both.

He said as he finished his last cup of tea, he then took his walking stick and began walking to the two young Jedi.

"Ahsoka.... I sense that you are troubled, what is the matter, hm? "

She breathed deeply, sighed then finally spoke up.

"Its nothing master Yoda, im just tired. "

Yoda looked at the young Torgruta, she was clearly lying but he was interrupted when Alfred entered the room.

"Master Yoda, im sorry to interrupt you and your training season but something.... troubling has come up and it requires your attention. "

Yoda nodded to the droid and followed him out of the room, leaving the two padawan's alone.


"What has happened? "

"We have news that Bane, the mercenary who attacked Coruscant a month ago has been captured and hes being brought here. "

Yoda rubbed his chin, deep in his thoughts, he knew something was wrong but decided to leave it for now until he could get a chance to speak with the mercenary.

"Very well, inform commander Rex that arrive I shall, prepared we must be for I sense something terrible may soon occur. "

They walked out of the temple and reached the landing pad, they stood there for several minutes, then the shuttle appeared from the sky, as it slowly landed the wind was blowing madly but it subsided as the shuttles engine were turned off.

The doors opened revealing commander Rex with a dozen clones at his side and Bane on his knees chackledup tightly, Yoda looked into the mans eyes.

"No fear, no emotion, blank and empty his eyes are, the eyes of a monster... capable only to destroy. " The old master thought to himself as he saw Bane being dragged away into the temple.


Bruce stood with his back on a stone pillar and his arms crossed, Ahsoka sat in one of the Council chairs with her hand on her chin, they hadn't talked for all the time master Yoda was gone.

Bruce sighed as he finally set opposite of her in a chair and finally spoke up.

"Mind telling me whats wrong? Or are you just going to ignore me? "

Ahsoka didn't even flinch as she continued to look away from him, then she turned her gaze to Bruce.

"Do you know how hard I worked to get this far? I never told you did I? "

Bruce stayed silent, he knew better than to interrupt her when she was like this.

"I grew up an orphan on my home planet, I was 6 when the Jedi finally found me and took me here and for years and years I trained long and hard to get to where I am. "

"Where are you going with this? "

"Where im going with this is I look at you, some one who's only been here training with master Yoda for two weeks and now you're already better than me, where im going with this is that..... "

"That I dont feel like you deserve being here.... "

Bruce's eyes widened, his heart rate going up but he tried to remain calm.

"I mean I had to travel to a cold planet on the edge of the galaxy just to get a crystal for my lightsaber and then build it, you got yours practically handed to you, then master Yoda just took you under his wing when the rest of us had to work long and hard just to find masters in a time like this. "

"And why is everything like this? Because they think you're something special so everything gets served on you on a silver platter, but you're Bruce Wayne, the prince of Gotham, I shouldn't have expected things to be any different..... "

She looked away from his with her arms crossed, her voice as low as a whisper, Bruce got out of his chair and turned to face her.

"So what?! Now you're angry at me because I dont want to waste another 15 years of my life just so I can master the Force, so forgive me if im not wasting my time. "

She turned around and pointed her index finger at him, jabbing it into his chest in anger.

"Ha! You dont even want to be here, this is just a field trip too you, you dont respect or care about the Order, you just want to rush through this and go back to your floating castle in the sky! "

Bruce snapped instantly, he couldn't believe how petty she was being but he wasn't going to stay quiet or calm anymore.

"You think I liked being locked up in my own house like a prisoner! You dont know who I am, why im here or why things are like this! So dont get angry at me just because you're jealous that im better than you! "

She stepped back from him.

".......... I dont know what brought this one.... but you better get over it... or we cant be friends anymore. "

He started walking to the door to get some air when the whole temple started shaking, the chairs in the Council chamber fell over as it continued to grow, Ahsoka and Bruce gave each other puzzled looks and ran out of the room to find out what was going on.


Bane was brought into a nearly pitch black room, he was still chained around his hands, feet and neck butdidn't mind it, he was patient as he knew his target was going to come to him soon enough.

He was right as master Yoda entered the room alone, sat opposite of Bane and took a deep breath before finally speaking up.

"Much you must pay for, but an agreement we may make, tell me who your master is. "

Bane didn't respond, keeping his eyes closed.

"Many lives you have taken, for what purpose? Money? Power? Meaningless, many men I have seen such as yourself, none ended well, offer you a chance for redemption and forgiveness I do. "

Bane let out a small chuckle, Yoda scowled at the mercenary trying to make sense of what he found amusing.

"You Jedi, always so predictable, you speak of forgiveness and redemption yet still use you're power's to mind control me. You think that you will win this war? You and you're order really are just blind fools, to blinded by your own self righteousness to realized you've already lost. "


A pair of clones sat in the communication tower on top of the new temple on Alderan, they were performing a routine maintenance check when a group of mercenaries burst into the room, shooting down the helpless clones.

They then placed several devices on the communication device and began hacking through its securitysystems until they had full control, they then patched into the ear pieces of every clone within a hundred mile radius, the devices finished they're countdown sending a specific sound that only clone soldiers could hear.

At that moment every clone soldier fell on the floor, in pain as they clenched they're heads in pain trying to make the horrible noise stop.

They noise did indeed stop when a mercenary spoke up in they're ear pieces simply saying.

"Execute.... Order 37! Target.... master Yoda! "

The clone soldiers rose to they're feet as if nothing happened, then they began talking to each other trying to find master Yoda as they ran around looking for the Jedi.


"You're order will fall, you're temples will burn, you're weapons will betray you and your warriors will be butchered as they see the Jedi order die, once and for all. "

Banes shackles loosened as he slowly rose to his feet and took them off, he spun his head around to relieve himself of any discomfort then turned his attention to a shocked Yoda.

The clone guards in the room opened the door, they're weapons drawn at master Yoda who was slowly clutching for his light saber.

"Thank you for your assistance..... now you may die. "

Bane raised his fist in attempt to run Yoda's skull into the ground, yet the mercenary was to slow as the aging Jedi master ran up behind him, jumped into the air light saber drawn and escaped as he cut down 3 clone soldiers with a single strike and ran from Bane.

The mercenary chuckle as he enjoyed a good chase, but before he could go after his target he took a clonesearpiece and spoke to his men.

"Blow up the tower, leave no evidence of our presence. "

He placed the ear piece in his belt and began his chase after the aging Jedi master.

To be continued.........

I intended this to be the whole story but it turned out much longer than I thought it would be, but you can expect some Bruce vs Bane action in the next set of issues!


Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor: Agents of Asgard #5



Some changes were made from the last issue, due to issues Deadpool was changed to Ronin so the chimichanga line at the end and the description of the Kingslayer's is non canon, with that out of the way enjoy the issue :)

"Aaahhh. " Ronin moaned as he slowly woke up, he tried to place his hand on his forehead but he found himself bound to a metal chair, he raised his head to find Thor and Loki looking at him.

"Wh-where am I? "

"That is none of your concern. " Loki starting walking around him.

"Tell me.... who are you? And why have you been murdering the kings of the Nine Realms. "

"I.... dont know what you're talking about, the last thing I remember is being knocked out by some woman in a green dress in a warehouse, now im here trapped with two freaks in Halloween costumes looking at me. "

"You look very surprised to see us considering you've fought Darkelves, Dwarves and other Asgardians. " Thor interrupted him, crossing his arms and Mjolnir in his hand.

"I dont know what you're talking about buddy, Ive never seen your kind before, so how about you let me go. "

Thor scowled at him, he slowly started spinning Mjolnir in his hand as if he was going to crush the mans skull with it, he then grabbed him by the throat and raised Mjolnir in a striking position.

"Lie to me again.... and you will not leave this place alive. "

Ronin only chuckled and replied with. "Go for it blondie, I dare you... "

Thor's blood was boiling he raised his hammer even further and began to lower it to the ninja's head when Loki stopped him by placing the spear on his staff to Thor's neck.

"Let.Me.Go! "

"If you kill him then any chance of us finding out the truth will be gone. "

Thor took a deep, long breath and nodded to his brother, he stepped back and let Loki continue the interrogation.

"I must thank you for a new comment for my brother, but as you can see I cannot control him much longer, so you'd best start at the beginning and explain to us how you got here. "

Ronin nodded to the trickster and began his story.

"It all started when I came back to my apartment from a mission, everything seemed normal at first, but then around 3 AM, this tall blonde woman in green clothes with a green tiara showed up in front of me. "

"Greetings Ronin, I hear you are a very skilled warrior and the best in what you do, I have a proposition for you. "

"She seemed like another pretty face, but her eyes were like a snakes and her whole atitude reeked of some one who thought a little too highly of themselves. "

"She went on about some big important missions he had for me, it didn't seem like anything special, just a hit on some old rich fart in Denmark. I reached the location within 2 days and waited, but something was off.... "

"What do you mean? "

"The place was a run down warehouse, I searched it thoroughly from the outside and there was no booby trap or anything, but when I came in I saw Amora standing there, and she wasn't alone, there was this huge thug looking creep with her. "

"What did this man look like? " Thor came out of the shadows with a puzzled look on his face.

"He was a big guy, over two feet tall, black tattoos on his bald head and he had jet black armor with spikes on his shoulders and a giant axe on his back. "

Thor thought to himself. "Skurge.... " And nodded at Ronin as a sign for him to continue.

"She didn't say anything, she just snapped her fingers and sent the big asshole on me, I managed to cut him up pretty good and it looked like I was going to win, the her hands started glowing and she shot me with something like an energy blast"

"Did it look like this? " Loki extended his hand to Ronin's face, his hand started glowing in a blue hue.

"That's it, but her hands were glowing green, next thing I know I was bleeding on the floor and the last thing I could make out before I passed out was... Yes my lady Amora. "

Loki and Thor gave each other worried looks, then Loki snapped his fingers which released Ronin from the chair, he slowly got back on his feet and walked around for a bit to get some feeling back into his legs.

"Listen, I dont deal with this magic avada kedavra stuff, but I want to help you take down that bitch for what she made me do. "

Loki and Thor again gave each other worried looks, after a moment of silence Thor finally spoke up. "Very well, but you will need new weapons. "

"Good. " He walked past them and exited the room, the two Asgardians followed him.

"I still cant believe it. "

"So... who's going to tell father were working with the Kingslayer and that the head mistress of the Academy of Magic is now an galaxy wide criminal? "

Loki whispered to his brother, who looked like he is sick.

To be continued...


Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor: Agents of Asgard #4



On Nidavellir.....

The dinning hall was once again in ruins, as Sif and the Kingslayers battle continued, theyre attacks cut through walls and pillars, theyre blades clash sending a shock wave that further damages the crumbling structure.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this? "

The Kingslayer gave no response which further angered Sif, she pushed her foe away with a roundhouse kick to the gut, he was sent flying into a pillar, Sif then used a small button to extended to blades at the bottom of her shield, she threw it at the Kingslayer which pinned him to the wall.

"Now you DIE! "

She charged at her helpless foe who was desperately trying pull the shield away, he failed as Sif swung her blade cutting his head off along with the pillar, his head and body fell to the floor.

The goddess of war took a deep long sigh of relief as she pulled her shield out of the pillar, as she began walking away from the corpse a sword stabbed her through the stomach.

Blood began to come out of her mouth, she turned around to see that the Kingslayers body was still alive despite being beheaded, her eye widened in shock as he took his own head and it reattached to his body.

"That wasnt very nice! "

She pulled the sword out of her body and spun back for another attack, the Kingslayer crouched at her sword swing and cut her on the left thigh, he then took his other sword and gave her a large cut over her entire back.

She again took the blades out of her shield to try to stab her enemy, he blocked it with his bare hand.

"Nows my turn! "

He threw the shield away from its user, head butted Sif and cut both her legs with one quick strike, she fell to her knees, her head dizzy from the blood loss, he grabbed her pony tail and hit her in the head with his knees, her nose was broken instantly and caused further blood loss.

"I gotta say little girl, you did better than most, but play time is over! "

He walked slowly away from Sif, about 10 meters away from her he turned around ran at her with his swords drawn, he ran up a wall and jumped into the air, he was going to behead her just as she did to him.

She was too dizzy and tired to lift her sword, she lowered her head and accepted her fate.

On Earth......

As Thor and Volstagg fell dozens of stories, Thor started spinning Mjölnir in his hand which allowed him to fly, he grabbed his comrade and returned to the landing pad.

Thats when a large explosion came from the office, as the smoke cleared the two Asgardians saw Tony in his armor fighting Skurge hand to hand, his armor had a black/golden color scheme with red lights coming from his eyes, triangle shaped arc reactor and repulsors at his feet and hands.


"Yes sir. "

Tony tried to use everything from his repulsors to his missiles to hurt Skurge who was barely slowing down, he grabbed Tony by the head and hurled him at Volstagg who almost fell off the building again.

Skurge and Thors eyes meet as the Executioner took his giant Uru axe of his back and jumped into the air, Thor again spun his hammer and their weapons clashed, they were caught in a deadlock which was interrupted when turrets appeared behind Skurge.

"Thor! We have to get off the tower! "

Iron Man grabbed Volstagg and flew him away from the building Thor nodded to his friend and uppercuted Skurge which gave Thor enough time to get away, Skurge snarled as he ran back to face his enemies, he was interrupted when four consecutive repulsor blasts sent him flying off the building, crashing through the streets below and into the NY subway.

"Well that was easier than I thought it would be. " "Come, we shall take him to Asgard and find out who he is working for. "

They landed next to the hole and cleared the smoke, Skurge had disappeared.....

"Um.... Thor? Where is he? "

"I do not know Stark. "

He crouched and found a piece of his armor on the ground, he had seen the insignia on it before.

"But I assure you, I will find out. "

On Nidavellir.....

The Kingslayers blades approached Sifs neck, it seemed as if she was doomed when an energy blast hit the killer, sending him flying across the room and into a wall. Sif turned around to see Loki and two Dwarven soldiers standing next to him.

"Get her out of here, he is mine. " The Dwarves ran to Sif and just as quickly ran out of the room, Loki then turned his attention to the Kingslayer.

"Heh, if you're girlfriend couldn't beat me, what makes you think you can? "

Loki only smiled at the killer, his face then turned stone cold and his eyes narrowed at him, he stabbed the bottom of his staff into the ground, this sent a stream a fire from the ground at the Kingslayer, as it reached him he jumped away from his old position but was too late as it blew up behind him.

"Aaaaarggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!! "

He screamed in pain as his leg was on fire, he rolled on the floor to stop it from spreading, this would be his undoing as Loki took away his swords.

"Time to end this. "

Loki whispered to himself. he grabbed the bottom of his staff and hit the Kingslayer in the head similar to a baseball bat, he then grabbed him be the throat and summoned two knives in his hand and pinned the Kingslayer to the floor by running them through his feet.

"Oh no.... "

Kingslayers white eyes widened in terror as Loki created dozens clones of himself, he used one to escape from the slayers first attack and get Brokk some medical attention.

The clones completely overwhelmed the Kingslayer, he couldn't even defend himself as they stabbed, cut and punched him all over his body, after 5 minutes of endless punishment Loki rid himself of his clones and fired another energy blast from his staff, the Kingslayer fell on the floor with a smoking wound on his torso.

Loki then fired one last blast at a nearby pillar which fell on the Kingslayer, leaving only his head revealed, now he was truly finished.

The trickster looked at his defeated foe, he had seen this man some where before but couldn't quite remember where, he was interrupted when Thor and Volstagg ran into the room.

"Loki! What has happened?! "

Loki simply pointed with his staff and said. "Him. "

"What happened to you two? Did your friend Stark tell you anything of importance. "

"Yes, he gave us this device to track his weapons, we were attacked by Skurge the Executioner but we managed to defeat him but he had disappeared when we finally reached him. "

"Well then.... lets take a look and see who this bastard is. "

Loki placed his staff on the floor and removed the Kingslayers hood, he had another mask hiding his face, it was red but black round the eyes while his eyes themselves were white.

The Kingslayer was regaining consciousness and whispered something to Loki, the trickster slowly placed his head near the killer and tried to make out what he said.


To be continued.....


Bruce Wayne The Line Book 1: SW Clone Wars #5

Book 1: Clone Wars

A New Life Part 1

It had been three weeks since Bruce and Alfred had left Earth, they had already arrived to the Mid Rim of the Republic, Bruce had been fairly reclusive and only bothered to actually talk to Alfred, Ahsoka and to a lesserDegré Rex.

Alfred and Ahsoka walked down a corridor to Bruce's room, they wanted to tell him there was a change in plans due to a recent terrorist attack on Coruscant.

"Is he awake? "

"I believe so miss Tano, he usually has his routine exercises around this hour, I trust this is about the attack on the Senate building? "

Ahsoka took a long hard sigh and replied to the droid. "Yeah, my master was in the middle of it and I hear he got hurt pretty bad. " She looked away on the dark void of space, clearly worried about her friend.

"Don't worry miss, im certain hes alright, by what you've told me hes survived worse. " The droid chuckled which cheered her up a little.

They entered the room to find a Bruce sitting on his desk with a towel covering the back part of his neck and shoulders, he sweating heavily but didn't bother to wipe it off, he was to busy watching something on extra net.

"Master Bruce.... you're not doing your exercises? "

"I woke up early and finished them a little sooner, Ive been looking at the footage from the Senate attack. " He didn't even move his eyes from his computer, Bruce always had a habit of being completely devoted to something that particularly interested him.

"Why are you doing that? "

"Because, since your sources cant find out who he is, I used my connections and Ive found out some interesting things about the leader of the group. "

He stood up and faced Alfred, he placed a small memory card into the droid, his one blue eye released a set of images and footage all around Bruce.

"From what little information exists of him from either galaxy, his name is Bane, he was born on Vorcish, the home world of the Vorcha, his father was a human rebel fighting against the mercenary lead government, he failed and fled the planet leaving his only child to serve his life sentence in Vorcha prison. "

The images of the Vorcha species disgusted Ahsoka, they were hideous lizards, their teeth like sharp knives,they're giant red eyes popping out of their skulls.

The whole species is viewed as vermin, similar to rats and their very presence on any planet is considered a disease and blight.

"Growing up with things like that sure must've done a number on him, huh? "

"That's not to far from the truth, Vorcha are incredibly barbaric and hostile, its they're nature, and the only way to survive in a prison with thousands of them is to show you're the biggest monster there, however it went to far and he managed to escape. "

He pulled up a specific holo screen and expanded it over the entire room.

"The warden was aware Bane was becoming too powerful to control, so he started a riot in a attempt to kill him, it didn't work as the riot went on for a week and Bane managed to get a body count of over 9000 inmates in that time, he killed everyone in the prison. "

"Wait wait wait, you're telling me that one guy with big muscles managed to kill almost 10 000 people just by himself? " Ahsoka didn't try to hide her disbelief, she also sounded like she thought Bruce was crazy, he decided to ignore it and go on with his story.

"During the riot he managed to get his hands on Venom, it was a classified Turian gas that was said toenhance the users physically strength 10 fold and make him feel no pain, considering he turned into a giantduring the Senate attack, he most likely manufactured more. "

"Aaannddd you did this because.....? " She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.

"Considering your investigations going nowhere, I decided to do it for you, this card has all the information on Bane in two galaxies, it pays to be prepared for a guy like him if he shows up again. "

He took out the card from Alfred and placed it in his pocket.

"That's a lot of effort putting into planning for something that MIGHT happen. "

"Il keep that in mind. " He said sarcastically, Ahsoka choose to ignore it as they followed him out of his room.

"Listen there's been a change of plans, master Yoda is going to meet you on Alderan because of the Senate attack. "

Bruce was gave her a puzzled look, he actually forgot about that news because he was so obsessed with finding intel on Bane that he ignored it completely.

Ahsoka chuckled at the look he gave her. "You know for a guy who wants to know everything, its really funny that you forgot something like that. "

"I dont really see how me being on a different planet matters, if my training gets done who cares. "

"Wow.... you really dont care about this galaxy do you? "

"I just came here to learn how to use the Force then go back home, I didn't come here to sight see. "

Ahsoka just sighed, she again couldn't believe for a guy who wanted to know everything, how short sighted he was.

"This place isn't all that bad you know, maybe if opened up a little to the idea of staying here for a while, you might actually have fun. "

She again crossed her arms and looked at him with a faint smile.

"I didn't come here to have fun, I came here so I dont start blowing things up on accident and killing some one. "

"Well when you told me how boring your life was, being locked up in a big mansion, I thought you'd jump at the chance to finally be free, do you really want to be locked up again?

Bruce was getting annoyed by her pestering him, but she did raise a fair point, he did want to be free of his pampered and over protective life back on Earth.

"You know... you're right, I dont want to go back to that... not yet at least.... thanks. " He said that last part reluctantly, he didn't like being proven wrong by anyone.

They walked into the hangar bay, there were dozens of soldiers running around, getting to their position or fixing vehicles and weapons, at the center of it all was commander Rex, one of the most feared and respected soldiers of the 501st Legion.

"Fives! I want those speeders ready in five minutes! Heavy, are those artillery guns ready?! "

"Just about done sir. " Said the clone while using a drill to place several screws into the cannon.

"I see you're in a good mood Rex. " The commander turned around to face the padawan, he didn't bother to respond to her since Alderan was on high alert and he had no time to exchange quips with the girl.

The ship shook as they landed on the planet, the soldiers scrambled go get in their positions, the bay doors opened blinding Bruce who hadn't seen the sun in weeks, the soldiers began marching forward carrying all sorts of pistols and rifles to tanks and artillery guns.

Ahsoka, Bruce and Alfred walked out last, there was a single person waiting for them, a small green alien with a wooden cane and grey receding hair.

"Greetings master Yoda, its good to see you again. " She placed her hands together and bowed to the alien, he bowed back.

"You as well Ahsoka, and this must be our guest, greetings young Wayne, expecting you for a long time I have. "

On Coruscant.....

Rain was falling on the capital of the Republic, a very rare occurrence, down in the sewers of this golden city, a lone alien ran through the dark tunnels, he was bleeding from his left thigh, sweat running down his face.

"N-n-need to get away, STAY AWAY FROM ME! " He panted and coughed, eventually he stumbled onto the floor, there was no where left to run as there was a polluted green river in front of him.

Behind him a giant shirtless man appeared.

"You cannot escape the shadows. "Said a muffled raspy voice, the alien turned around, his eyes widened in fear and shock.

"Please.... no forgive me! PLEASE! NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " His scream of terror echoed through the tunnels.

To be continued.....


Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor: Agents of Asgard #3



Stark Tower, a monument to the new Stark Industries, it was created by Anthony Stark a little over a year ago as a way to distribute clean, free and safe energy through the use of the arc reactors. Now Thor and hiscomrade Volstagg make their way to the building, looking for answers as to how did the Kingslayer get his hands on the arc reactor.

The Byfrost lit up the night sky as the beam of light struck the landing platform transporting Thor andVolstagg to Midgard. They began walking to the entrance of Tonys private office.

"Listen carefully Volstagg, Stark is a good friend of mine and we need to be carefully, he may only be a mortal, but he is not to be underestimated, if what Loki says is true. " He whispered to Volstagg.

"Does he have any beer? "

Thor let out something in between a sigh and groan of annoyance and then he smiled and put his hand on his friends shoulder. "Yes he does Volstagg. "

"Thank the Allfather im here or this would end very badly. " Thor told himself silently, still annoyed atVolstagg's disinterest on the matter at hand.

They reached the door to Tonys office, after a moment of standing there the doors opened and they weregreeted by Tonys A.I. assistant JARVIS.

"Greetings Thor Odinson, it is a pleasure to see you again, Tony is currently in a board meeting but Ivemessaged him and he should arrive within 5 to 10 minutes, I trust that is alright?. " The voice had a Britishaccent and was very formal, such a sharp contrast to the man who designed him.

On Nidavellir......

Loki and Sif were still examening the crime scene, Brokk on the other hand was getting smashed and was yelling and laughing like a lunatic, Loki was annoyed at first but decided to ignore the imbecile, not wanting to start a war with the dwarves.

"This was not what I was looking for. " Said Sif who was extremely bored, put her in fight and she could go on for days, do anything else and she quickly losses interest.

Loki didn't respond, he was still trying to figure out what spells and enchantments the Kingslayer used to escape, he was quickly getting frustrated, throwing his staff on the floor in frustration, placing both his hands on his face and breathing deeply to calm himself down, but the dwarf was not making it easy for him.

"Hey Asgardian! Are those your clothes or did yer mother give you her dress! " He and his two comradesburst out laughing, Loki slowly turned his attention to them, he was also laughing to himself as he slowly approached them.

"That was a good one, heh, but you know whats even better, seeing a dwarf piss himself, so I will only say this once, you and your friends will stay quiet or I will shove my boot so far up your asses you will be pukingthe shit and mud off of it for a month. "

There was a long silence when Brokk burst out laughing again. "I like you Asgardian, you wear a skirt butyou've still got balls! A drink lads to our new friend! " The again started drinking and laughing like madmen.

Loki walked away, the disbelief abundantly clear on his face, he whispered to Sif as he returned to crime scene. "I hope Thor and Volstagg are having better luck than we are. "

On Earth......

Thor and Volstagg sat there in silence for 15 minutes, Thor was getting annoyed by Tony being late, but then he remembered who he was talking about and quickly got over it, still he couldn't afford to waste any time. Just as he opened his mouth to speak to JARVIS, Tony entered the room.

He was wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt underneath it, he was sweating heavily and immediatelywent to the bar to get a glass of water from the fridge there, he didn't even notice the two Asgardian'sthere until he slowly turned around to face Thor, a large smile ran across his face as approached his friend.

"Your majesty! " He took a sip from the water bottle. "How may I be of service? " Tony didn't even try to hide his sarcasm, but he was clearly nervous and worried about something.

"Very funny Stark, JARVIS told me you would arrive sooner. "

"Well... you see the thing is.... I dont pay attention to what JARVIS tells me half the time. "

"Its always nice to be appreciates sir. " Said the A.I. sarcastically, Tony wasn't particularly surprised, JARVIS always knew how to be a bit of a smartass.

"I came here to ask you something, a few days ago the king of the Dwarves was assassinated and your technology was used as a distraction for the killer to escape. "

Tonys smile faded away, his face became very serious. "A few days ago, several prototypes of my arc reactor were stolen. " He activated a holo panel and turned to Thor, he used his index figure to point out the person who stole it.

"That's him! That's the Kingslayer. "

"Well your, um Kingslayer? Sounds a bit cheesy but whatever, stole about 10 of my arc reactors I tried to track him down but he apparently disappeared of the face of the Earth... literally. "

"Do you have any means for me to track your devices? If he stole 10 and only 4 were used to kill the Sidri, then perhaps I can track him down before he strikes again. "

Tony took out his iPhone and began fidling around with it, after a few seconds, he handed it over to Thor. "Here, ive programmed my phone as a tracking device, you'll be able to find this guy and please, try to bring back at least some of my stuff. "

Thor nodded and looked at the device, it didn't show anything here, but he was confident that Tonys technology would work. "Volstagg, we must hurry back to Nidavellir and tell Loki. "

"Im afraid I cant let you do that. " A gruff and raspy voice spoke to the 3 men, they turned around to see a large bald man in black Asgardian elite armor, Thor recognized him as Skurge, the Executioner, before he could react the warrior had already pounced on Thor and Volstagg, grabbing them both by the head and throwing them off the building.

On Nidavellir.....

Loki once again tried to sense the energy of the killer, he had attempted this a dozen times so far but this time he sensed something moving, he opened his eyes and turned to the drunk dwarfs, Brokk was farther away from his comrades when the blade struck him.

"Brokk! " Sif shouted grabbing her dual edged sword and shield.

In one attack, the assassin cut off the heads of Brokk's allies and cut him on the back, he fell on the floor bleeding and telling the Asgardian's one last thing before he passed out. "That's.... him, he King....slayer.... "

He appeared in front of Loki, his blades were incredibly fast as they cut through Loki's flesh, it seemed as if he had no effect, but then Loki exploded in a pool of blood, his body completely mutilated and in pieces.

"No..... " Sif whispered to herself and she raised her weapon and prepared for the Kingslayer who was now charging at her.

To be continued......


Bruce Wayne The Line Book 1: SW Clone Wars #4



An hour passed as Thomas and Bruce told their respective stories, the sun was slowly setting and night was approaching. Bruce was supposed to leave for the Jedi Temple today, but his parents are becoming more and more reluctant to let him go.

"You cant be serious Alfred, he just woke up and you want us too send him away! " Martha screamed at the droid, she had always been the more protective of the two parents.

"Mistress Martha, Bruce's power's could get out of control again, the farther he is from Earth the safer he will be, we already have an alibi for him and no one will suspect a thing. "

Thomas sat on the edge of an open window, looking onto the Manor grounds, his thoughts were milesaway, while his droid and wife were arguing he thought about the days when Bruce was just a little boy, happy and without a care in the world, now he was being sent away to god knows where and for a very long time.

Bruce stood up from the chair and interrupted Martha and Alfred. "Mom! I know you mean well but you need to think about this, if this power of my turns up again I could kill some one and then we are all going to bescrewd! "

"You dont know that it will happen again. "

"We cant take that chance mom, you cant keep me locked up in this giant mansion for the rest of my life.... " His anger subsided, he lowered his head, then looked back at his mom. "You have to let me go. "

Those words felt like knives that were running into her heart, she wanted so desperately to protect her son from this, but then she remembered the one person who didn't speak up.

"Thomas, you need to back me up on this, you cant let him go, not yet. " Tears were in her eyes but she tried not to cry.

The aging master of the Wayne family walked up to his son and put his arm on the boys shoulder.

"If you do this Bruce, there is no coming back, we wont see you, we wont hear from you and you will need to grow up, even with Alfred there, you need to learn how to survive and fast, there is a war going on there and you're going to be on the frontlines, are you sure you're ready for that?

Bruce looked directly into his fathers eye, the man wasn't joking and Bruce knew it, he took a deep breath before finally answering. "Yes, I am. " Thomas simply nodded and placed his hand around Martha's neck, he whispered something to Alfred and left the room.

"Master Bruce, we need to pack your things, you'll be leaving within the hour. " Alfred and Bruce exited the room and took the stairs up to Bruce's room.

He packed his clothes with Alfred assisting him, time felt like it was slowing down, it seemed like he was in his room for an eternity when Alfred brought him back down to Earth.

"Sir.... its time to leave, the car is waiting for us down there. " Bruce exited his room, he turned of the lights and closed the door. As e walked down the stairs and exited the mansion, glimpses of his childhood flashed in his eyes, he reached the gates of it and found his parents standing there waiting for him.

"My little boy, please, come back to me. " Martha hugged her son not even trying to hold back her tears.

Thomas walked up to Bruce and handed him a photo, it was a photo of their trip to Illium, it was the first time he had left Earth and spent his entire summer there, he even had his first crush and break up there.

"Stay safe. " Thomas whispered into Bruce's ear, his son only nodded and smiled back at him, as he entered the car and it slowly went farther and farther from the mansion, Bruce took one last good look at his parents and home, little did he know it would be years before he would see either again.....

Bruce didn't say a word during the drive, he simply watched from the window the outisde world, he didn'tknow who he was meeting or where, but he honestly didn't care, all he wanted was to leave Earth, he didn'tbelieve Udina would just allow him to escape.

"Master Bruce, were arriving at the rendezvous point, just let me do the talking and everything should be fine. " Bruce simply nodded at him, he didn't even turn his gaze from the window.

The car landed on a large rooftop, Bruce saw a strange ship standing on the landing pad of it, it clearlywasn't from around here, its bulky design was a dead give away when most cars in the MWG were small and slick, it also had several pieces of military grade weaponry on it.

Alfred came out of the car first he quickly made his way to the center of the roof top, Bruce on the other hand was much slower, he carefully surveyed his surroundings, he also heard people sneaking around him, probably waiting in ambush if things went bad.

A cloaked figure approached the droid, it was clearly a female considering he could see part of her face, her skin was definitely orange indicating she wasn't human, he could also see white tattoos on the each side of her lips and her blue eyes were clearly visible even in the darkness. They're eyes met for a split second before Bruce turned away to see a sniper aiming at him from a nearby roof top.

"Are you sure you weren't followed? "

"Quite sure, the master has only awakened up a few hours ago and he may still be a little out of it, but I assure you he is quite ready for the journey. "

"I dont mean to interrupt, but you guys really need to work on your ambushes, I already know where all you guys are and trust me, if a teenager like me can figure you out, there's no way you could take on anyonewho's a real danger. "

The soldiers slowly started whispering to each other, they're cover was completely blown now. The cloaked girl gave them a hand gesture as a sign they could come out of the shadows. The soldiers wore white body armor that completely covered them from head to toe, they had long black riffles on their backs with one of them having dual blasters and blue markings on his helmet and shoulder pad.

"Huh, I didn't think you'd bring a dozen soldiers just to escort me to the Jedi Temple. "

The cloaked girl came up to him and took of the upper part of her cloak, it revealed a girl about his age, she had three head-tails, two running down the sides of her face ending at her shoulders with the third one running down the back of her neck.

She had two horns at the top of her head with a headdress in between them and white tattoos above her eyes, a replacement for eyebrows and two small square tattoos above those. She extended her hand to Bruce.

"My names Ahsoka Tano, its a pleasure to meet you mister Wayne. "

Bruce simply smiled at the girl and shook her hand, something told him they were going to get along just fine.

To be continued......


Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor: Agents of Asgard #2



Thor, Loki, Sif and Volstagg walked through a great hall, at the end of it stood giant golden doors to the throne room, as the doors opened they saw Odin himself talking with the Dwarven emissary, they'reconversation was interrupted as the group came up to them.

"Its so good of you to join us Thor, I assume you celebrated well? " Odin didn't even try to hide his sarcasm.

"Very well father, a shame it was.... interrupted by such a tragedy. " Thor lowered his voice, he didn't want to offend the dwarf standing near him.

"Indeed, everyone I would like you to meet Brokk, loyal servant of the deceased king and next in line of succession. "

The Dwarf took a good hard look at the Asgardians, he breathed deeply through his nose and then spoke. "You two smell like crap, really Odin, I thought you Asgardians would make a beer that didn't smell likeHellspawn shit. " The Dwarf laughed, while everyone was looking at him, they knew dwarves were blunt but they didn't expect that in the presence of the Allfather.

"Well now that the.... pleasantries are over with, I have a mission for the four of you, the council of Nidavellirhas asked for our assistance, that is why im sending you all there to investigate the murder, Brokk will oversee your stay there, I trust you will treat my sons and his comrades with the upmost respect sir Brokk? "

"Aye! " The Dwarf said as he hit his helmet with his axe, it was the Dwarven version of the salute. Odin gaveSif, Volstagg and Brokk a hand gesture to leave but he went up to his sons and whispered in their ears.

"This is a very important mission, but I ask that you be careful, this Kingslayer is unlike any assassins ive seen and I ask that you both be careful and not do anything that could make the situation worse. "

Thor and Loki just looked at each other, then at Odin and nodded at the king, he smiled back at them and watched as they exited the throne room. The group sat on their horses and galloped to the Observatory, the gate at the edge of the Byfrost that allowed instant transportation between the Nine Realms. As they approach the structure, there stood Heimdall, the ever watchful guardian of the Byfrost and the first line of defense against the Kingslayer.

"Hail Heimdall! "said Thor he stood at the forefront of the group.

"My princes. " The guardian bowed to them, and they bowed back. "So you're off to find the Kingslayer, I fear it may be a mission too great even for you. "

"What makes you say that? " Said Sif.

"I saw from afar what happened and..... I could not see the Kingslayer enter or leave, it was as if he was... invisible, a ghost, I ask that you be careful, this is powerful magic at work here, and I do not wish too seeOdin's sons dead. "

He lead the group into the observatory, he approached a large pedestal and jabbed his sword into it, from the blade massive energy was released, the observatory started spinning around and turning to faceNidavellir, Heimdall twisted his sword like a crank and released the Byfrost. The group immediately jumped into it knowing that if the Byfrost stayed open too long, it could destroy entire planets.

The group saw just bright flashes as they were hurtled towards the planets surface at an incredible speed, yet the Byfrost closed just in time for them to land safely. This was the first time in many years that Thor and Loki had gone to Nidavellir, the world may have been a barren wasteland on the surface, but below it was a massive complex of caves that made the planet impossible to ever conquer.

"Aahhhh" Brokk took a deep breath and a giant smile ran across his face. "Finally! Im back home! " The Dwarf sounded like he hated being on Asgard, it was totally out of the question since most dwarves aren'tknown for their grace or liking of the sun.

"This is the palace of kings, you should feel honored Asgardians, only a few outsiders are ever allowed to come here, its not as fancy as your golden buildings or your flying watchtowers, but this place atleast his personality! "

Loki looked at his brother with annoyance, he didn't like drunk imbeciles and he already knew he despised this bothersome dwarf. "If this fool doesn't shut up soon, I cant be held responsible for what I do to him. " Thor couldn't tell if his brother was joking or serious, but he just smiled back at him.

They entered the dining hall, the place was still ruined from the attack, the dwarves were surprisingly organized, they rebuilt what they had to and even left markers from the assassination, every important piece of evidence was there.

Volstagg could smell the fine beer of Nidavellir, the dwarves were renowned not only for their mastery weapons crafting but also their skill with the creation of alcohol. But he turned back his attention to the matter at hand, not wanting to annoy Loki who already looked like he was going to turn the Dwarf into a frog and stomp on him.

"So how did the assassin enter? " Said Loki breaking the silence while looking around the room.

"We were celebrating as the king finished his speech, then an explosion came up from above crushing dozens of dwarves, he took down 7 dwarves with his bare hand and seemingly teleported behind the king and cut his head off, then he set of more explosions to the support pillars and then disappeared again. "

Loki walked around the room, carefully examining the points of entry and escape. There was no physical evidence that of the Kingslayer so Loki had to try something else. He closed his eyes and whispered a spell chant, suddenly he could feel all the energy that was in the room, he recognized the dwarves, their equipment but when looking at the Kingslayer's energy he found something disturbing.

"Thor, I searched this place through and the Kingslayer used a phasing spell to disappear, basically he a spell that allows you to float and go through wall's, that's how he managed to quickly appear behind the king, teleportation spell would take too long to conjure, however his explosives means were.... something else. " Loki had a worried look on his face, he knew it couldn't be who he thought it was.

"Loki? You do not look well? " Thor snapped him out of his thoughts.

"The Kingslayer used Starks fusion reactors to cause the explosions! "

Sif, Volstagg and Brokk didn't even know what or who Loki was talking about, Thor on the other handcouldn't believe it, did Tony Stark his comrade on Midgard assist the Kingslayer?

"How is that possible? "

"When we met Iron Man a few months ago, I sensed the power in his suit and it was used here, however it was enchanted with something, the explosion on the ceiling created a hole that should have lead almost to the surface, that means some one or something took Starks reactor, enchanted it to gather magic like a black hole, and then set it on a timer and then BOOM! All the gathered energy would be released and whole underground kingdom would be brought down. "

"A good story, but it didn't do THAT much damage. "

"Yes..... It seems the Kingslayer sorely underestimated dwarven skill in architecture, I doubt he wanted to just kill the king considering the means he used, why not kill him like the Dark Elf lord? Just kill him in his sleep, no, this was probably some one different, some one who wanted to send a message to all the Nine Realms..... "

"I must go see Stark, Volstagg, you and I are going to Midgard. "

"Thor.... if Stark really did assist in this, you know what you have to do.... "

Thor looked away from his brother but silently whispered. "Yes, I know.... " Thor and Volstagg left the room leaving Loki, Sif and Brokk to continue searching for more clues, little did they know a cloaked figure was looking at them....


Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor: Agents of Asgard #1

Nine Worlds, Nidavellir

"The Dwarves, the blacksmiths of the Nine Realms, feared and respected with their skill and use of Uru metal, long have they been allies to the Asgardians, today..... that ends. " Said a female voice that looked on at the celebration from the shadows.

The Dwarves had not celebrated like this since the old days of the war against the Frost Giants, king Sindri had just returned from a successful campaign from the mountains, battling the Stone Giants that threatened his people for years, now they were but a bad memory. Now the king was preparing his royal feast, a pity it would not end well.

"Sindri! You look like hammered shit! " Said Brokk, loyal servant of king Sindri and his best friend. He was not happy to see him back.

"At least I wasn't sitting on my ass like you! " Said Sidri pointing his index finger at his friend. The both of them looked angry for a moment and the started laughing like madmen at each other, they hugged and welcomed each other properly.

"Its good to see you old friend, I hope the Giants kept you in shape, you're going to need it when thesebureaucracy kiss asses start swooping down like vultures. "

"Ah dont worry about me Brokk. " He took a large flask of bear and drank it all at once, then he smashed it against the floor and they both started laughing again, they were already drunk.

They walked up to the throne, Sidri took another flask, while Brokk sat down on the large table, it was completely covered by more flasks and all sorts of food from the Nine Realms, the Dwarves were not the only ones who were happy to see Sidri back, he was a very wise and respected man but a true soldier and a close fried of Odin himself. Sindri stood up and raised his hand, the entire dinner hall had become quiet.

"Friends! The path to victory was very hard and lost much, but now that the war is over, I know some of you here may have lost a son, a brother or a husband, but I promise you they're sacrifices were not in vain, and we shall honor them as the true heroes they are! And one day we shall fest with them in VALHALLA! " The dinner hall exploded, everyone started making even more noise than before and Sidri wouldn't want it any other way.

The party was interrupted when a large explosion occurred over the dinner hell, stone was falling on the dwarves, killing many of them, then a robbed man jump down on the table Sidri and his allies were diningon. The mans face was obscured, he wore armor from all the Nine Realms but his eyes were yellow and glowing, the assailant found himself quickly surrounded by 7 dwarves.

Brokk stood right in front of him, his two handed axe ready. "Do you think you can come in here and attack the king?! GUARDS KILL HIM! " Brokk charged at cloaked figure, he grabbed Brokk's axe with hes hand, spun him around, hitting all the dwarves sending them flying across the entire hall. His speed was incredible as he literally appeared behind Sidri, the king only took one last look at the figure as drew his dual swords, the kings head flew across the hall and landed right in the middle of it, his now cut neck was spewing blood likegeyser, the dwarves could only look in shock as their king died right in front of them.

"SIDRI! YOU BASTARD YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS I SWEA-" Brokk was interrupted once more explosionsoccurred all over the hall, the entire palace was crumbling, he had a choice pursue the figure or save the people, he bit his lower lip.

"Everyone follow me! We have to get out of here. " He looked back to the figure who was now gone, like a ghost he had vanished into thin air.....

Nine Realms, Asgard

A man in a green robe and black armor was walking down a hall, his hair was raven black and his eyes were ocean blue, he was deep in his thoughts when a female voice interrupted him, he turned around too see a female in Asgardian armor running up to him.

"Loki! Pant, pant, is it true? Is king Sidri really dead? " She was a close friend of Loki's, women were not typically allowed to join the army, but Sif had proven herself many times, and with the support of Thor and Loki she even became a part of Odin's elite guard, that didn't stop her from pestering them about an assignment, she still thought she had to prove herself to everyone.

"Hello to you too Sif, and I dont know, not yet anyway, if the rumors are I true I suspect the assassin was magic user. "

"What makes you say that? "

"From what father and the Dwarven emissary told me, he used several teleportation spells to get behind Sidri, cut his head off and to escape like a ghost. "

"A ghost? " Sif chuckled. "Dwarves cant be that superstitious? "

"Heh, you'd be surprised at how they fear magic and now this happens and they come to magician to help them, oh the irony. " Loki's sarcasm made Sif chuckle again, they reached the door at the end of the hall, there was a large golden table with empty plates and flasks, and on it slept Volstagg and Loki's brother Thor, snoring as loud as ever.

Loki sighed heavily, this wasn't the first time Thor had gotten drunk and if he was with Volstagg then it was much, much worse. "Come on Thor! Get up, you can do it! " Loki got his brother pack up, he then shook him with a little electricity to wake him up.

"Aaaaargh! " Thor screamed in pain, Loki never got tired of doing that to him and there was a satisfied smirk on his face. "Lllloookkiiii!!!! Brother of mine, why dont you join us, we were just celebrating the return of king Sidri! " Thor pated an unconscious Volstagg on the back, Sif was trying to wake him up when he jumped on the table.

Volstagg took the flask that was in his hand, drank the remaining beer in it. "This I like...... ANOTHER! " He smashed it against the table, it was a very common practice for drunks particularly in Asgard and Nidavellir.

"Volstagg, the parties over, just calm down and try to clear your head. " Sif talked slowly, Volstagg was always in a foul mood if some one interrupted him while he was napping.

"So Loki...... What news do you bring, you're in your armor so I assume something important has come up. "

"Yes, king Sidri is dead, he was assassinated last night. " Thor and Volstagg both snapped out of their hangover, they looked at Loki in shock and disbelief.

"A-a-another king dead? "

"Yes, it was the same cloaked man as before, the same on who killed the king of the Dark Elves, same tactic, same escape plan and not a shred of evidence as to how he did it. "

Thor stood on his feet and he walked around still trying to shake off the headache he was having. "What if he comes after father Loki? Can we stop him? "

Loki walked up to the window in the room, he looked out at the golden city of Asgard with fear in his eyes that soon all of it could be undone. "I dont know Thor, but our mission is clear, we must stop the Kingslayer, at any price. "

To be continued.....