Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor Agents of Asgard #18

As a badass once said..... IM BACK!!!!



Kohim sat in his office writing the paperwork related to the next Council meeting that would determine the military response the shadow beings, reports from the front lines continued to instill more fear into the hearts and minds of the aging Council of nobles, Kohim did not seem worried in the slightest for his thoughts were on the throne.

He had long desired it but could not attain his ultimate prize because of the royal family, now that they were all but snuffed out, and with the sole survivor Drirr still unable to gather enough influence over the noble houses, him being chosen as king was all but certain.

His patience would be rewarded very soon, he need only to wait a little while longer and it would all come to fruition, he smirked and enthusiastically continued to do the paper work, he took his quill and dipped the tip of it in ink and brought it on an official document, just as he finished writing his signature he heard a knock on the door.

Kohim: Enter.

The door opened and through it came one of Kohim’s personal guard.

Bodyguard: Forgive me for the interruption sir, but I have urgent news that requires your immediate attention.

The old Dwarf did not bother to raise his head to the man; he was too focused on the paperwork and could not be bothered to slow down the progress of its completion for anything.

Kohim: And what would that news be?

Bodyguard (nervous): It appears that.... several soldiers bearing the symbol of the royal house on their armor and weapons have been seen doing battle with the Carta forces throughout the city.... And Drirr has been seen commanding them in person.

Kohim’s blood instantly went to a boil as he snapped his quill in half and his left eye began twitching, there was a moment of silence before the old Dwarf roared like a beast at the top of his lungs and swung his hands across the desk, sending the dozens of papers flying all over the room.

The bodyguard was afraid, his master had a temper and he was known to severely punish those that caused his frustration, he put on a calm façade when his master looked at him and pointed his index finger at him.

Kohim (agitated): You! You are to inform the rest of the soldiers in the manor to prepare for battle, I want every able body man ready to bear arms outside the manor within the hour, and we march on Drirr.

Bodyguard (startled): Y-y-yes sir, I-I-I shall inform them immediately.....

Kohim (furious): Then stop just standing there like you’re shitting your pants and move or I will make an example out of you myself!!!

The guard immediately scurried off to spread the word to his comrades, Kohim stood there alone and in silence, he knew what the risk would be should Drirr discover his connection to the Carta but he wasn’t about to let his rival get the upper hand.

Kohim (thoughts): So boy, you dare fuck with me?! By the time im through with you, you’ll be cursing your own mother for bringing you into this world, that I can promise you!!!


Drirr in the company of 8 of his soldiers entered the base after successfully ambushing a company of Carta warriors outside, unlike the entrance from which Thor and Brunnhilda came through, this one was but a simple tunnel, albeit one that looked like it could collapse at any moment.

While the Asgardians would surely garner the attention of the bulk of the enemy force, Drirr knew that they would not be foolish enough to leave the other areas of the base unguarded and his suspicions were proven true as a patrol consisting of about 6 assassins had just spotted them.

One at the back of the group immediately ran the other way to warn his comrades while his group charged at their enemy, Drirr titled his head slightly to his right and whispered to an archer standing at his side.

Drirr (whisper): Shoot the fleeing coward, do not let him leave here alive.

The archer nodded and aimed his bow at the fleeing assassin; he smirked as the arrow flew across the room, past the heads of the still charging Carta warriors and hit the messenger in the back of the head, killing him instantly.

Carta assassins looked on as the arrow killed their friend in shock, Drirr and his group took their moment of hesitation and immediately charged at them, Drirr ran his sword through the back of an assassin before the rest finally snapped out of it and attacked them.

Their weapons clashed and cut into the flesh of their respective foes, Drirr swung his blade and in one fell swoop cut into the flesh of two assassins, blood sprayed from their chests tainting the walls and floor as they fell to the ground dead.

Drirrs troops had killed the remaining three with little effort, and still without as much as a scratch on any of them.

Drirr: We must press on, there will be more patrols like this without a shadow of a doubt, so be alert and do not let any of them message the main force, and am I understood?

Troops (in unison): Yes sir!

Drirr smirked and ran deeper into the base and into the belly of the beast, his followers hot on his heels.


Thor and Brunnhilda stood 50 feet away from the small army of Dwarven assassins clad in the armor of Kal-Shiroks army and bearing their weapons, all of which stood now stood in their path to the Carta leader, the first few ranks were equipped with 10 foot long pikes, the first line soldiers were in a semi crouched position and held the pikes upward into the sky while the four lines behind them held them in a straight line forward.

Behind the pike men there were several ranks of foot soldiers equipped with broadswords greater than the average height of a Dwarf (5'/152 centimeters) and finally the back ranks were equipped with cross bows that were now trained on them.

Before the two could strike the archers released a volley of arrows and the entire corridor was filled with hundreds of them, Thor charged forward and used what little power was left in his hammer and incinerated them in mid flight.

He then spun it in his hand once more gathering the power of the heavens and threw the mighty Uru hammer into the ceiling above the small assassins army, within moments all of them were buried under the rubble and the few survivors could still be heard crying in agony. He then charged at the newly formed cave in and swung Mjölnir with all his might breaking away the rocks thus clearing the path and taking care of any remaining obstacles.

Thor (amused): Did they truly think it would be that easy halting our advance?

Brunnhilda (annoyed): These Dwarves never learn to stay out of our way, its becoming rather bothersome.

Thor: True but they are quite persistent for being so very tiny.

Brunnhilda merely glared at him and walked past him deeper into the cave knowing that they were going to face the wrath of a most assuredly pissed off Dwarven assassins guild leader very swiftly.


Within the Carta headquarters command room sat the leader of the Carta herself, Svorta and she was in a faul mood, her men were reporting tha they were under siege from a Valkyirie and an Asgardian prince no less. The two had made a name for themselves in slaying Dwarves in particularly gruesome manners in the arena and they were among the last people she ever wanted to see attack her base. She cluctched her dagerr eager to hear what had happened with the force she sent to deal with the Asgardians.

An asassin appeared before her and he was seemingly carrying the message she was waiting for.

Svorta (angry): Well?!

Assassins (nervous/afraid): I-im sorry boss, it seems that.... That our strike force against Thor and the Valkyrie failed.... They are all dead.....

Upon hearing this Svorta immediately threw her dagger right in between the eyes of her soldier, she then took her sword and battle axe and prepared to launch another strike against them herself, and this time her enemy would fall no matter the cost.


Superior Spider-Man Storyline Analysis/Rant

In which I review the horribly written, poorly plotted out, contrived, rushed, Smallvile inspired and ultimately pointless change to the Spider-Man status quo, oh Dan Slott and Joe Quesada, you truly are the dynamic duo when it comes to butchering Spidey aren’t you?! Well if the first issue of SSM is any indication this nightmare will end quickly, I give it 3 to 6 months so standard Marvel reversion to old status quo time.

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Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor Agents of Asgard #17


Drirr stood on the edge of a rooftop looking down at the city of Kal-Shirok with 12 of his followers around him, as he watched the citizens below he could not help himself but feel disgust as they talked and smiled as if nothing was happening in complete denial, he closed his eyes and sighed waiting for the signal to arrive, as he opened them he noticed his archstone glowing, he took it off his belt and placed it near his lips.

"Thor, what news do you have on the Carta base? “

"According to our source, there are several entrances to the base hidden throughout the city however you can only open these doors with a special key handed to important lieutenants. “

"Understood, my men and I are in position and the attack will commence shortly, you two divert as many of them as you can, we will strike them from behind and trap the survivors in the middle of the base, then all of us will move in for Svortas head. "

"Very well, good luck my friend, may the Allfather watch over you. “

"And may the Ancestor watch over you Asgardian. “

And with that he lost connection with Thor, he pressed a small button on the side of the archstone that connected him with the various squadrons waiting for his signal to strike.

"Listen up all of you! The Asgardians have begun the assault, while the enemy is in disarray we are to cut down any of them left outside the base, show them no mercy for they will show you none! "

"Yes sir! “ Said the lieutenants in unison and with that the archstone stopped glowing, Drirr put his helmet on, drew his sword and with that, him and his men started descending down to the street level and onto their unsuspecting prey.


Thor and Brunnhilda stood before the entrance to the Carta base, Thor had kept his promise and promptly crushed the bastards skull with his bare hand, he knew they needed to be fast for even with all their centuries of skill, even they could not hope to battle an army of Dwarves and come out of it alive.

He started spinning Mjölnir in his hand and waited for the electricity in it to build up, Brunnhilda drew both of her broadswords, he placed the key into the door and titled it to the left, upon hearing a loud clicking noise he knew that his foe would be alerted to them, Brunnhilda looked at Thor and nodded at him, he responded with a nod of his own and with that kicked the door open.

An assassin standing before them turned around and drew his dual swords from the holster on his back and yelled. "Who the fuck are you?! “

Thor simply smirked as he threw his hammer at the assassin, it hit him chest and sent him flying across the air and in the middle of the room where dozens more Carta warriors were, as he landed on the floor Mjölnir released a massive stream of electricity that spread throughout the room killing several nearby Carta warriors.

The room was soon covered in smoke leaving the remaining assassins in disarray, they drew their weapons and tried to prepare for the next attack of the enemy, soon screams of terror and pain replaced the silence as Brunnhilda and Thor began cutting down their foes taking advantage of the smoke.

The pair of Asgardians cut, stabbed, slashed and decapitate the Carta warriors and upon the smoke clearing, leaving only a dozen mutilated corpses at their feet.

Brunnhilda looked around her and let out a long sigh as she placed her blades on her shoulders. "Well… That was easy enough. "

"I doubt we will have the element of surprise considering my first attack. “

"And whose fault is that? “ He gave her an annoyed look before turning his attention to a large pile of containers, he walked up to them and started examining their contents, his eyes widened in shock as he could see hundreds of piece of Dwarven weaponry and armor all of which were from the army.

Brunnhilda raised an eyebrow and walked up to him to see what he was staring at, she too was surprised to find all this in a place such as a Carta base.

"Do you think they stole this from the Dwarven military? “ He asked her.

"I don’t really see how could they smuggle all of this without anyone noticing, judging by the sheer number of these containers it would take them months or even years to steal all of this. “

"I will call Drirr, he needs to hear this. “ Thor placed Mjölnir in front if his face and whispered a command into it, a moment later it started glowing as it made contact with Drirr’s archstone.


On the mid level of Kal-Shirok, a group of about 8 Carta assassins ran frantically to one of the nearby entrances, a few minutes ago their commanding officers contacted them telling them the base was under attack and that all warriors must return to repel the enemy.

They were in such a hurry that they failed to notice Drirr and his soldiers, who had been tracking them for a good 10 minutes now, the assassins stopped in front of the entrance to the Carta base, Drirr paid close attention to the lieutenant who placed the key into the door, a loud clicking sound was heard and with that Drirr gave his men the signal to attack.

The assassins stood no chance as a volley of arrows attacked them from all sides, killing them swiftly and quietly, Drirr and his men ran to the corpses and slashed their throats to make sure there were no survivors, Drirr then took his archstone and got into contact with his lieutenants.

"One of the patrols has been dealt with what is the status of the remaining ones? “

The generals all gave them their status reports and from what he could gather, it was all going smoothly so far with no casualties on his side, he told his warriors to be prepare themselves as the true battle was about to begin.

Then he heard Thor calling out for him. "Drirr are you there? “

"Aye I am, me and my men are about to enter the base, what’s so urgent? “

"We took out a squadron of Carta warriors and searched some of their supplies…. We found thousands of Dwarven weapons and armor inside from the military. "

Instantly Drirrs blood started boiling in rage. "What?! How could these bastards steal that much?! Do they not know those are imperative to the war effort?! "

"It appears though they were no stolen, they are still inside the containers from the Dwarven base from which they came. “

"Then that means some one gave it to them, and I have a pretty good idea who. “

Suddenly the archstones light faded, severing the link between Drirr and Thor.


Down in the Carta base, Mjölnir felt the same effect as it to lost connection with Drirr. "What sorcery is this?! “

"It could be that the Carta placed a barrier severing our link with our allies above, at least that means that all of them are down here with us, we should continue the assault and make our way to Svorta.“

Thor nodded in agreement and the two of them ran to the door leading to the rest of the base, upon opening it they were meet with close to 500 Carta assassins clad in the stolen armor and equipped with the various stolen weaponry.

The front rows were stationed in a phalanx like position; the mid rows were equipped with massive swords, axes and shields, with the last row armed with crossbows already aimed at their targets.

"Well…. I certainly wasn’t expecting this….."

To be continued………….


X-O Manowar Volume 1: By The Sword Review

The beginning of the all-new Valiant Universe starts here! Aric of Dacia is a brash warrior and heir to the throne of the Visigoth people. He has lived his life under the heel of the Roman Empire, but now a far more terrible enemy has come to subjugate him. Taken from his home and family, Aric is enslaved aboard a starship belonging to a brutal race of alien colonizers known as The Vine. If he is to have any hope of escaping and returning to Earth, he will have to steal the Vine's most powerful weapon - a sentient suit of indestructible armor - and become X-O Manowar! This volume collects the first four issues of the acclaimed, breakout series by New York Times bestselling author Robert Venditti (The Surrogates, The Homeland Directive) and Eisner Award-winning artist Cary Nord (Conan)!

My review, I hope you guys enjoy it :)


Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor Agents of Asgard #16



The interrogation was swift as the assassin did not wish to test Brunnhilda’s patience, from what he told them, the Carta had established their main base of operations in slums of the City of Forsaken, home of the poor and downtrodden of Kal-Shirok.

The slums were, even before the war, filled to the brim with citizens at the very bottom of the social Castes of the Nidavellir, ranging from drunks to rapists to cast out nobles, they were always a breeding ground for the criminal and corrupt.

Now all those who fled from the Shadow Beings were taken here, left to slowly die in their own misery and desperation, the life of the Carta being the only means of escape, now lead by the ruthless Svorta.

A Dwarf who made a name for herself for with the blood of her foes, now she rules the entire criminal underworld of Nidavellir, little does she know that a son of Odin, a Valkyrie and a prince would come to her and claim her head as their trophy…..


Thor and Brunnhilda made their way to the City of Forsaken, as they grew ever closer to the lair of their foe, Kal-Shirok slowly transformed from the jewel of the Dwarves to a Gods forsaken pit of despair.

Drirr was still unable to leave his estate as Kohim, despite the urging of many Council members, refused to end his rival’s home imprisonment.

Upon reaching the entrance they were greeted by a foul stench, the pair turned their heads away in disgust in vain as the stench did not dissipate.

Thor looked in horror as he saw the origin of the stench, hundreds upon hundreds of Dwarf corpses all in a massive pile in a pit near the entrance of the City.

Brunnhilda walked up next to him.

"What’s wr…“

Her question immediately faded from her lips as she laid her eyes on the dead bodies below her, she looked at Thor and saw raw anger and hatred in his eyes, she placed her hand on his shoulder and said.

"Let’s go, you don’t have to see this. “

Thor took one last look at the site before lowering is head and whispering.

"May the All father guide you to the golden halls of Valhalla…“

He then turned around and walked away in silence, the Valkyrie following closely behind……


The City of Forsaken lived up to its reputation as the pair of Asgardians walked through its run down and rat infested streets, and the stench of fair and desperation plaguing the air.

The two looked around as they tried to make their way to a make a shift trading post near the center of the City, but it was a difficult task as the streets were crowded and their appearance attracted many beggars.

"Please help! “

"Spare a coin for an old war veteran? “

"My son is starving! “

"I beg you noblemen! “

The pair simply ignored them and continued walking to their destination, but neither could erase the cries of help from their mind, they both wondered how the Council, created to serve the people could forsake them and leave them to slowly die in a place such as this.

As they reached the trading post, they saw a similar situation here as on the surface, corrupt traders praying on the weak and desperate, even the Carta walked around freely knowing full well that this was their territory.

"Wow, a couple of Asgardian in Kal-Shirok?! And in the City of Forsaken, haven’t seen that in a while. "

The pair turned around and saw a red headed Dwarf woman sitting in a mostly demolished stone house in tattered clothes, only a small fire lay in front of her.

"You don’t seem to be surprised to see us here, unlike many others in the City. “ Said Thor.

"Considering your blonde friend over there attacked and kidnapped my nephew, no, im not surprised…. Tell me did the little idiot squeal? "

She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow the two, they walked into what was left of her home to answer her question.

"Indeed he did, he was most helpful too use, I hope we can say the same for you. “ Said Thor.

"Perhaps I could help you, but that all depends on the request…. And my reward of course. "

A wicked smirk formed on her face upon muttering that last sentence.

"We need access to the Carta base, we know there are several entrances here in the City, but we don’t know where they are. “ Said Brunnhilda.

"I suppose he forgot to mention that you also need a special key to open the door did he? “

Brunnhilda clenched her fist and let out a small growl, she promised to herself to make him pay once her main task was done.

"Guess not, well there’s this Dark Elf merchant who sells overpriced medicine around here; inside his shop you can find an entrance to the Carta base. "

Thor smirked knowing full well of whom she spoke off, he warned the bastard what would happen should he continue on his path.

"Since he brings the Carta that much money, I imagine he will be well protected, which is good since only the high level officers get the key you need. “

"How do you know all this? “ Asked Brunnhilda suspiciously looking at the woman.

"I used to be Svortas right hand woman, but while trying to complete a contract, I lost my leg in an explosion, so the bitch kicked me out and left me to die out here, which brings us to my reward, a thousand gold pieces and the bitches head. “

"You have my word, Svorta will die by my hammer and her Carta will fall this day, as for the gold pieces… We will bring those back shortly. "

The two walked off to find the Dark Elf merchant, it was an easy task as he stood out among the Dwarves, his yelling doing little too mask him.

As they approached the Elf, they were meet with a similar situation to the one at the surface.

"My children will die you whore son! You’re prices are maddening! "

The Dark Elf simply chuckled and responded with.

"I don't see anyone else selling you what you need, either pay up or piss off. “

"You will give me the medicine or Ill-"

Her yell was cut short as the Dark Elf drew his curved blade and placed it a mere inch from her neck, a sadistic smile appeared on his face as fear overtook the Dwarf woman.

Thor decided to intervene; he quickly approached the Dark Elf who didn't notice him until he was already next to the woman.

"That is enough! “

"And who the fuck are yo-"

The Elf turned around and once again saw the angered Odinson standing before him, his eyes widened in fear and shock as he realized that his days were numbered.

"This isn’t what it looks like……. “

Thor smirked which sent shivers down the Elf’s spine; he gulped as Thor raised Mjölnir above his head and prepared to bring it down on him.

He only managed to whisper. "Mother….." Before the blow was delivered, causing him to fall to the ground unconscious.

To be continued………………..


Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor Agents of Asgard #15



Word had spread quickly through the Dwarven city of Kal-Shirok of the blood bath that occurred in the Arena, the Asgardian warrior Brunnhilda had slaughtered twelve of the finest gladiators in the entire realm in the less than five minutes.

Drirr 's influence and power grew considerably as his pair of Asgardian champions carved their way through Kohim 's gladiator teams one by one, in a matter of days, he had no one left to send to battle his adversaries warriors.

Meanwhile the shadow invasion intensified as more and more covert reports were sent to the high ranking members of the noble families and the Council, the Dwarven armies continued to be decimated and the threat would soon arrive to the capital itself.

Drirr could wait no longer, it was time to break Kohim’s hold over the Council and take back his realm from the homicidal monsters that now ravaged it…..


Thor walked through the hallways of Drirrs home, he had been summoned to his office by a guard insisting that it was urgent, for days he thought of Brunnhilda and her battle with the Blood Seekers.

True he was a warrior and the sight of blood and battle was nothing shocking to him, but what truly frightened him was how she fought, like a feral beast with the sole purpose of murder and destruction.

He sighed and tried to erase it from his mind as he reached Drirr 's office only to be greeted by a large glass jug flung at his head, he narrowly dodged it as it shattered upon hitting a wall mere inches from his face.

"What is the meaning of this?! “ He raised his hammer, preparing himself for another attack, only to find an excited Drirr standing before him.

"Thor my friend! I have excellent news! Thanks to your victories in the arena in my name, the Council is finally considering the rallying our standing army and take back our land. "

Thor sighed and lowered his hammer.

"So does this mean no more Arena battles? “

"There probably would be, if you two left any of Kohim's warriors left standing that is. “

"So what is there left for us to do then? Simply wait for the Council to turn a blind eye to the war again? „ He crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow.

"Heh, of course not, the time has come for us to break Kohim’s hold over the underworld…. By destroying the Carta once and for all, once they are dealt with, support for our cause will grow a thousand fold. "

Thor smiled at the idea of finally ending this political squabble and going back to the battlefield to do what he did best.

"And I know how to find the Carta head quarters. “

Thor turned around to see Brunnhilda standing behind him with blood smears on her armored gloves and an unconscious Carta assassin in her left hand.

"I see you’ve been busy. “

"One of us had to be since all you do anymore outside the arena is drink whine and sleep. “

He scowled at her and gave her an annoyed grunt, she simply ignored him and dropped the unconscious Dwarf on the floor, and she looked at him for a moment before bringing her foot down on his stomach like a hammer.


The Dwarf woke up instantly choking and clenching his stomach in pain; he raised his head just enough to see Drirr standing over him, he merely chuckled at the Dwarf.

"Y-you fool, if you think I-Id tell you anything, you must be just a stupid as Kohim says you are! You ain’t shit! And you can’t scare me so how’s about you spare us both this crap and let me go?! "

A wicked smile formed on Drirrs face as he took a few steps back and told the assassin.

"Im not the one you should be afraid of, it’s her.

He pointed his index finger; the assassins looked behind him and saw an annoyed Brunnhilda towering over him, ready to stomp his face into the dirt.

"Wait, wait, wait, and wait! Im sure we can make a deal, just please for the loves of our Ancestors don’t let her have her way with me! "

He crawled to Drirr and clenched the nobles cloak in desperation and fear.

"If you want to leave this room alive, then you will tell us where the location of your head quarters is. “

The assassin froze as he knew that Branka would hang his corpse on her wall and use him for target practice, but Branka was not there, Brunnhilda was and he still had the images of the Blood Seeker slaughter fresh in his mind.

"Very well, I will tell you everything, just please…. Don’t cut me in half! I BEG YOU!!! "

Brunnhilda smirked as she grabbed the Dwarf by the collar and whispered into his ear.

"Now, let’s start from the beginning shall we? “

To be continued……