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@Onemoreposter said:

How competitive could Jen and Ben really get? Doesn't Thing way outclass Shulky in terms of strength?

Actually I think Jen is stronger than Ben.

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Characters should stay dead until there is a truly good story to tell with them alive. I think revivals are ok in general as long as there is something to be developed within the character still.

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@Loki9876 said:

@Eivion: They're probably going to kill the new characters.

Pretty sure most of the characters involved are established. And again they pretty much said there would be a lot of murder/death. Its not just going to be new characters dying.

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@Loki9876 said:

All these complaints and you guys haven't even read it.

Have you read the interview where they plainly state a lot of people will die? Its pissing some people off because they are flat out planning to kill characters they like in a bs storyline that is coming out of no where. It might be decently written, but its a pretty crappy thing to pull regardless.

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Wow, I think this is the first time any premise I've seen for comics since I started reading in the last few years has actively pissed me off. Pretty much no chance in hell I'm buying this.

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Honestly I hope it doesn't last longer than a year. Outside being the strongest man and woman in DC, they don't really match up well to me. I also don't think it meshes with what Azzarello has been doing with Wonder Woman which I find far more interesting than any relationship between WW and SM.

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I don't think Fantomex is need for Evan to be saved. If anything it would likely be harder due to the pain and anger Evan might feel for Fantomex's betrayal. Besides I liked the death Remender gave him.

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I actually though Daniel's run on Detective was good. He wasn't making the most memorable stories, but the wirting was generally solid at the very least. I'm a bit a bit disappointed he is leaving.

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@royale_with_cheese said:

@Dernman said:

I not a fan of them bringing back the Black Lanterns. We need less not more. If he does come for good then he should be the only one. Maybe skip the ring altogether and just have the power come from his hand.

I agree. This feels like two steps back. Concentrate on the Guardians as the primary villains and less on black/white lanterns.

The Black Hand Revenge arc is only running until the annual in August. The Guardians are still being built in the background of the entire Green Lantern line as the next big villians.

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@Doctor!!!!! said:

Steve Blum: The Only voice for Wolverine He's like the Kevin Conroy, but with Wolverine! Also the Amon! The scary badass.

I prefer Cathal J. Dodd (90's X-men) to Blum.