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Disagree completely about Bette's rescue of Alice. Its the main plot of this particular arc, and I didn't really feel it getting in the way at all. Honestly the action in general felt a little hectic and I think that was entirely the point as there is supposed to be a lot going on as they were diving into to the big stuff.

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@rick475069: Sort of. Thanos is kind of technically immortal at the moment, something that actually pisses him off quite a bit as he is literally in love with Death and she is the one who made him that way. He actually has died before.

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Wait, didn't the whole taking over the city thing happen before in No Man's Land? I may just check this book out to see how it is if I happen to find a comic book store that sells it. But hopefully I won't wind up being disappointed.

Its a good first issue. It seems to take aspects of No Man's Land and Knightfall.

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@trevel8182: This is the only Blight I can ever accept in my comics.

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Read this story a year or two ago. Its pretty good. On the Azrael side of things it actually served as a good move forward for JPV as he doesn't/can't rely on the brainwashed assassin side of him to take Bane on. Its one of my favorite favorite stories for both Bane and Azarel.

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I actually dug the issue and didn't find much fault in it. I thought the length was perfectly fine for the particular story they were trying to tell. They can easily go into further development on other aspects of Cheetah down the road. Oh and the FBI agent is the New 52 introduction of Manhunter (Shaw). He isn't really a big player so I wasn't expecting too much from him here.

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@undeadpool: I rather read Azzarello's take. I'm not a fan of the Villain event thing. I liked how the Wonder Woman comic wasn't connected to the rest of the New 52 titles.

Azzarello doesn't care much for WW's rogue's gallery or general cast. Its why he used practically none of them in his run. You can read Azzarello's writing with First Born next week.

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Really surprised that Kindt went in such a dark direction. Its amazing how bad DC's understanding of the character has been in the New 52. I just can't understand why they would go out of their way to alienate her fanbase with a more grim/dark/evil variation of the character to please a smaller section of fandom who want her more evil. It makes no sense. Was going to give Kindt's Suicide Squad a chance, but if this is how he writing Harley there is no way in hell I'm picking up his run.

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Does the print edition come out monthly?

Yep. It usually comes out the third week of each month under Batman Beyond Universe. The print version also features Justice League Beyond.

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@lightsout: They are all related. The 2011 series is a continuation from Hush Beyond (terrible story which you don't need to read). The first digital first series was a continuation of the 2011 series. This new series is also a continuation of the last digital first series. Its just a relaunch done to push the new creative team.